CRE-Finance rolls out The Business Finance Suite

CRE-Finance LLC has finally rolled out their much-anticipated Business Finance Suite.

CRE-Finance LLC has released a first of its kind cash and credit access system which provides business owners easy access to financing options for all sorts of their businesses.

The Business Finance Suite has thousands of funding sources and more access to money than any other stand-alone system in the world. The finance suite also provides the access to the largest supply of financial products that is available today.

“Access to money has always been one of the biggest challenges a business owner faces,” Todd Tretsky, CEO of CRE-Finance LLC.

“Through the finance suite entrepreneurs can quickly access the cash and credit they need to grow their business.”

The Business Finance Suite provides unprecedented access to money for business owners. Virtually every type of known legitimate financing source is available through the suite.

Business Credit is one of many funding options available. The Business Finance Suite provides access to the largest database of vendor and revolving account sources who offer business credit, all with no personal guarantee required.

This means business owners can access credit for their business without the personal liability of a personal guarantee.

Plus business credit is available with no personal credit check. So, even business owners hit hard by the change in economy will still qualify.

“Our clients can quickly be approved for well over $50,000 in business credit within their first six months using the finance suite. And this credit is with major merchants business owners frequently use including companies such as Apple, Target, even Wal-Mart,” says CRE-Finance LLC CEO plus business credit is only one of many financing options available.

SBA loans including SBA 7a and 504 loans are available as well. Factoring loans, equipment loans, credit lines, merchant cash advances, 401k financing, securities based lines of credit, and many more financing options are all available through the Business Finance Suite.

“Now business owners have access to all real cash and credit sources for their business in one place,” says Todd Tretsky.

The finance suite also helps business owners with the initial steps of setting up their business to ensure they are approved for financing.

Business owners can even acquire an excellent business credit score right through the finance suite.

And, business owners can secure new financing with one-click access and easy online approvals. Plus one of the main benefits of the finance suite is concierge coaching which is provided by a Certified Business Advisor and Finance Officer.

CRE-Finance LLC has coaches who help business owners access the cash and credit they need to grow their businesses. These advisors commonly have two decades or more experience in helping business owners obtain capital and build confidence.

And, this concierge coaching includes helping business owners all the way through the approval process to ensure they get approved and quickly receive their money.

The Business Finance Suite has finally given business owners access to the funds they need to grow and expand their businesses.

To learn more about the exclusive Business Finance Suite, you can visit or call us at 732- 559 – 0500

Successful new life enhancement app Deal Yourself In helps people move forward in a positive direction

In a fast-moving world, it is often difficult to stop and hear good advice. Fortunately, some tools can help. Deal Yourself In is a 54 playing self-help card app winning praise for helping users take the small steps to see real positive change. Free and fun, the app’s creator recently celebrated the enthusiastic response Deal Yourself In has received from users worldwide.

Deal Yourself In certainly has a long and fascinating history. Created by Bob Hotz in 1994 as a self-help card game with its special 54 card deck, the game won a significant amount of praise for helping players stay motivated and moving in positive directions, even in difficult times. Reborn as a free life enhancement mobile app, Deal Yourself In is perhaps even more relevant today. Taking advantage of technology that makes playing quick and straightforward, Hotz and Deal Yourself In recently celebrated its launch and the outstanding reviews it has received worldwide.

Our card game was great, but Deal Yourself In as a mobile app is much more useful in all the best ways, commented Hotz about his creation. Right now Deal Yourself In can be used at a party or event, during travels, out with friends, in a hospital bed, almost any time or any place. We are triumphal to hear about the great value Deal Yourself In is bringing to people’s lives. It’s a dream come true for us.

To play Deal Yourself In, the user simply draws cards and responds to their questions or suggestions. One or more people can play, and there’s no limit to how many cards can be drawn or how often the game can be played.

Some of the benefits Deal Yourself In has been credited with include helping the user achieve goals, acting as a stress reliever, improving attitudes, breaking boring routines, and just being plain fun.

Deal Yourself In is available at and the Apple and Google app stores.

Ego Soleil Fashion Label Unveils Hollywood Actress Cody Kennedy as New Brand Ambassador

Ego Soleil, a top New York-based contemporary fashion house, has revealed that Hollywood actress and model Cody Kennedy has joined the team as a Global Brand Ambassador.

New York, the United States – Ego Soleil, a leading New York-based contemporary fashion label, has today confirmed that Hollywood actress and model Cody Kennedy has officially become a new Brand Ambassador for the company.

The film and television actress is renowned for a diverse range of roles on the big and small screen from recently starring alongside James Franco in Memoria to much sought after roles in CSI: NY, The Muppets, the Disney Channel, viral internet sketches with Ironman movie franchise producer and actor, Jon Favreau as well as starring in Jason Reitman’s Casual which was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series.

“This truly is a very special moment for me,” expressed, Cody Kennedy. “I am delighted to work alongside a great team at Ego Soleil. It is an incredible honor to be so closely aligned with a terrific brand.” The actress has appeared in videos for some of the biggest names in the international music industry from Justin Timberlake to Miley Cyrus and Leona Lewis. Her face has been seen in global advertising campaigns for FORTUNE 500 giants McDonald’s and Sears Holdings.

“Cody Kenney is the perfect choice for our new Brand Ambassador,” asserted, Del Addison, Founder, Ego Soleil. “She is a woman who embodies the ethos of our brand. Cody is the quintessential Ego Soleil woman and the ideal face of fashion for the company.” Since 2012, the team of Ego Soleil’s highly skilled fashion industry professionals based in New York, Los Angeles, and London has built up a loyal global customer base with a particular focus on the North American and European markets.

No stranger to the fashion industry, Cody Kennedy has been modeling since she was just two years old. She has been featured in Teen Vogue magazine and hosted shows at LA Fashion Week.

Ego Soleil sees Cody Kennedy as a representative for strong, sturdy and fashionable women everywhere. The company is proud to name the actress and model its, “Ego Soleil Face of Fashion.”


Ego Soleil was established in 2012 to disrupt the international fashion industry with collections encompassing superior quality and attention to detail at affordable prices. Explore more: and follow the super talented Cody Kennedy on Instagram where she has made her new Ego Soleil Brand Ambassador role official:

WENDU – Control your climate, Wear the Future

Leveraging technology for your comfort

Wendu is a uniquely innovative piece of apparel making a revolutionary break into the world of wearable technology. At its core, it is a shirt that can be temperature regulated with your phone, tablet, or smartwatch so anytime you feel hot; you can opt for it to cool and anytime it’s too cold, you can make it warm!

Hot or cold, you remain at ease at all times!

With the help of thermal conduction technology, Wendu became a reality. With a working range of 20 degrees Celsius/ 36 Fahrenheit, Wendu can switch temperatures from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius in just a couple of minutes – that means you can be completely comfortable in just a few minutes! You may not be able to control the weather around you but with Wendu, you can maintain the optimal temperature at your comfort and ease.

Wendu – keeping you warm, keeping you fresh

Wendu has been optimized not only for comfort but also durability and user’s convenience. The wearable tech product features a powerful battery that can last up to 5 days on a single charge. The shirt is also easy to care for, being washable and completely reusable. All in all, Wendu is much like any shirt you love – comfortable and high quality, but with the bonus of being able to keep you warm and cool as you please!

Team Members

The creators behind Wendu are an innovative bunch of tech geeks who are always looking forward when it comes to technology. With Wendu, they envision a lot of applications, ranging from everyday use for people to different healthcare applications. In the future, they also hope to make Wendu submersible for water consumption.


Nashville Pianist Chris Nole To Release Dynamic New Studio Endeavor, ‘It Be What It Be’

Nashville, TN – On Tuesday, August 2, acclaimed pianist Chris Nole will release his first studio album in a decade. Entitled ‘It Be What It Be,’ the new collection of songs has been described as a ‘rousing celebration of vintage blues, rock, and New Orleans-style piano and song.’ Elegantly transcending genre with masterful musical tact, the new record marks Nole’s relevance as an American songwriter and performer in a contemporary music scene.

Chris Nole Press Release

Nole’s career has been a remarkable one. He’s toured and recorded with notable artists the likes of John Denver, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, The Oak Ridge Boys, Don Williams, and Shelby Lynne. His versatility on the keys has kept in demand within the Nashville music community for over two decades, ever since he arrived from New Jersey in 1987. ‘It Be What It Be,’ however, is Nole stretching his chops as a solo artist penning original music for the first time in years.

An album like ‘It Be What It Be’ must be built upon a firm foundation of inspiration and influence. Nole’s piano performance takes a cue from legends like Professor Longhair, Randy Newman, Ray Charles, Dr. John, and more. Old school boogie, blues, and rock pianists had an immeasurable impact on Nole as he began to perform and write music. In particular, he was fascinated with the music scene of New Orleans; a sound represented poignantly in his new release.

‘It Be What It Be’ is an excursion through Nole’s creative musings and passions. His skill for a boogie, blues, and New Orleans piano is infectious, and his presence on each track is wholly authentic, perfectly harnessing a variety of great American music styles into a cohesive, impressive collection of songs.

Before its release, fans can preview tracks off the record on Chris Nole’s official website. The release is due out on the main digital music platforms on August 2.


Ubik Announces the Launch of The World’s First Infrared Photography App – “#INFRA”


The new iOS application, which seeks to reestablish the unique appearance of various novelty films, is certain to be a favourite for enthusiasts who would like to capture exotic, dreamy, and quite often surrealistic images

MIAMI, FL, July 25, 2016 – Ubik, a fast-growing international startup based in both in the US and France, announced today that it’s launching the world’s first infrared photography application – “#INFRA.” The introduction of the ios app is part of Ubik’s persistence for using its infrared emulation technology to not only produce amazing photographs with dreamy appearances that will grab viewer’s attention but also democratise Infrared Photography as a whole. Ubik is currently seeking to crowdfund for #INFRA, and its Kickstarter project is now taking donations at Kickstarter.

“We’ve been able to push the limitations of exactly what could accomplish with imaging on mobile platforms. Our app enables a new generation of people to uncover the inherent beauty of Infrared Photography without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive rolls of expired film or modified DSLR cameras,” stated Kevin Veitia, Ubik’s founder. “#INFRA seeks to bring the unique look of various novelty films, including Kodak’s Aerochrome, to cellular devices and is sure to delight enthusiasts who want to capture exotic, dreamy, and often surrealistic images.”


#INFRA’s proprietary algorithm can emulate the effect which Infrared cameras obtain when they capture near-Infrared light, a transparent portion of the light spectrum whose radio waves has longer wavelengths than those of visible light. Ubik has meticulously designed the world’s first infrared photography application and will allow iPhone users capture the world around them in a truly incredible and unique way.

Infrared photography describes a particular type of photography, which uses films, which have infrared light sensitivity and it is developed primarily for use in aerial photography. By using infrared lights in a photograph, one can bring special effects like false colours in a simple portrait. The process was used to penetrate haze during the chaos of WW1 and to spot elevated troop positions. During its heydey, Kodak Aerochrome was the brand name which the military used in its film cameras. Eventually, a group of photographers outside of the military discovered the film, and its unique effect and the film gained a cult following amongst 1960s counterculture featured by Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Donovan, and The Grateful Dead on various albums. It has also have been used by big-budget TV and Film productions such as Alexander (2004) and Beasts of no Nation (2015).

The #INFRA team concluded, “While the home consumer is our priority, we’re also exploring the possibility of reaching out to cinematographers, professional photographers, and other professions which would benefit from having Infrared Photography readily available at their disposal.”

To discover more about #INFRA, check out Kickstarter.


Company offers travel opportunities across Asia

Those looking for an exciting and unique travel opportunity that will not break the bank now has an established company to seek the best offerings across the board. D Asia Travels is a Malaysia and Indonesia based company that offers ground tour arrangements in many of the beautiful and exotic countries in Asia.

In business for six years, D Asia Travels offers several packages for everyone from families to honeymooners and everyone in between. Based in Malaysia, they have special tours for the country. Mr Arshad, tour and ticketing manager, said in part, “we have our transportation group and facilities to cover major cities in Malaysia including Langkawi, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak.”

One area the company specialises in honeymoon packages. The company offers worldwide honeymoon getaways that include Bali, India, Jakarta and more. Couples can choose between snorkelling and scuba diving, visiting mountains and ancient ruins or travelling into exotic cities. The only limitation is the desires of the happy couple.

Makati Skyline, Metro Manila

The Kuala Lumpur city tour is another popular choice. Mr Arshad explained, “this has more to do than most people can dream of doing. We have a boat, helicopter and walking tours. Also, visitors can see fireflies and the many beautiful species of birds we have in Malaysia.”

Those who are arriving in Malaysia will have no problems when booking with D Asia Travels. The group will meet the party at the airport and take care of all the details from there. Luggage, tickets, transportation – all is taken care of and covered by the team.

Additional opportunities, including cruises and more, are available on the website. Visit D Asia Travels to learn more or to book a trip of a lifetime.


No.75 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Level 4.01
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60321 453699 / +60321459699 /

Chef’s Character Spices up Business with Free Shipping Promotion on orders over $49 for its Professional High-Quality Stainless Steel Garlic Press and Brush Set on Amazon

The company made the announcement to allow its customers enjoy the amazing benefits of the fantastic garlic press kit which features a gift box with a uniquely elegant design, making the product perfect for a gift

July 19, 2016 — No kitchen is complete without a few accessories all developed for the sole purpose of extracting the delicious flavour of garlic, an incredible antibiotic which have lots of health benefits. Notwithstanding an individual’s decent, whether an Italian food lover, a professional chef, or a regular person who likes the taste of garlic, the proper garlic tools are necessities and particular garlic gadgets can make the cloves easier to press. However, sourcing for a quality garlic press kit that will be made available for an affordable price can be such a daunting task for some individuals.


For Chef’s Character, a renowned company selling on Amazon that specialises in kitchen accessories, business is holding strong, and wanting to shake things up and allow its customers enjoy the amazing benefits of the fantastic Garlic Press Kit, the company has introduced their free shipping promotion on orders over $49.

With an excellent team of professionals, Chef’s Character has used their vast experiences in the culinary industry to produce the best possible product for the kitchen usage.

The fascinating feature of the Professional heavy duty garlic press kit is its gift box which has a uniquely elegant design, making it perfect for a gift. Besides, Chef’s Character has added a practical double side brush and dishwasher safe material to aid faster and effortless cleaning. Highlighted below are other amazing features of the products:

  • Lifelong Durability: the professional garlic press is made of solid stainless steel with a heavy duty construction
  • Minimum Waste: the product is constructed to allow users get the most goodness out of their garlic rather than throwing it away
  • Simple Pressing: The garlic press comes with handles that are designed considering ergonomics, which makes its operation easier for people with smaller hands

Chef’s Character professional high-quality, stainless steel garlic press and brush set, aims to mince and infuse garlic so that the taste can be effectively added it to users” favourite dishes. According to the company, they want their customers to maintain healthy lifestyles by bequeathing to them a unique garlic press kit that can finely dice and crush garlic’s cloves.

For more information about Chef’s Character heavy duty garlic press kits and to check the Amazon listing, visit

To learn more about Chef’s Character, visit or

Irrigation Listings Announces Launch of New, Commission-Free Marketplace for Commercial Agriculture Irrigation Parts and Equipment

irrigationlistingslogoIrrigation Listings has just announced the release of their new online source for parts and equipment unique to the commercial agriculture irrigation market.

Putting the Seller in Control of the Sale

Irrigation Listings offers access to an online marketplace that is secure, inexpensive and easy to navigate whether you’re a farmer or a dealer. Unlike its competition, Irrigation Listings is unique because it operates without a percentage-based commission on either side of the transaction. With other sites, charges can range from 9% – 11% and the seller is obligated to sell the item regardless of what price the auction fetches. These commissions are in addition to other, often ‘hidden’ fees that aren’t immediately visible to the seller. There are even fees associated with selling equipment at a price that deemed too small by the auction site.

Someone looking to sell a handful of gearboxes might end up getting stuck with a bill including the 9%-11% commission and a penalty fee for low-selling. This frustration are eliminated with the release of, a website 100% dedicated to the commercial irrigation industry. Another feature of the site is its function as a networking platform; dealers in the industry can easily connect with other dealers to share inventory, making for overall better business.

A One-Stop Solution

Searching for hard-to-find irrigation parts on removes the need to go anywhere else on the web. It translates into time saved by not having to sift through potentially thousands of irrelevant search results. And, because of the Mobile Upload feature, farmers can use their cell phones to post pictures of their gear quickly for sale; the entire process takes mere minutes.


The benefits of using Irrigation Listings don’t stop there. Because the site is industry-specific, chances are much higher of selling a niche irrigation part at a fair price. Sellers will like this, and buyers know they’ll be able to spend less time searching and more time focusing on other, more critical parts of their businesses. For sellers who want to distinguish certain listings, Irrigation Listings offers Featured Listings. For a small fee, the seller can bring their listing above others on the site, adding to the already-high success rate for selling their product.

Driven by Membership

The business model behind is based on user memberships. Instead of paying a scaling commission per sale, members pay a low, monthly rate for access to the site. It frees them up to run their auctions however they like, without worrying about how much they’ll end up paying in commissions. also stays out of any money handling, allowing auction participants to manage purchases on their own. It This saves time and gives site users confidence in their transactions.

Irrigation Listings is currently advertising with multiple sources to cover as much ground as possible. Radio ads for the site can be heard on KRVN, KTIC, and KRBX. Irrigation Listing is also a proud sponsor of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and runs ads in the High Plains Journal. Representatives from will have a booth in the diversified building at Husker Harvest days as well.

The value in using lies in its affordability, ease of use and broad access to niche irrigation products. Visit the site today to learn more or to sign up as a seller and start moving inventory.

About Irrigation Listings

A fixed cost provider of advertising for irrigation industry specific pivots, parts and equipment. Irrigation listings serve mainly Valley, Reinke, and Zimmatic dealers nationwide as well as many independent buyers and sellers of all sizes. It is a one-stop shop for irrigation dealers, irrigation contractors, buyers, and sellers.

You may also connect with Food Online Ordering Systems on Facebook (

FitMate Social App Brings Fitness Enthusiasts and Gurus Together Based on Shared Activities

Find a fitness partner for any activity or fitness level and discover expert-written fitness guides

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for like-minded people to participate in activities with, FitMate Social provides an interactive platform to explore others in your vicinity that enjoy the same activities you do and connect with professional fitness instructors. From golfing and tennis to marathon training or walking, FitMate Social’s Friend Finder locates people near you based on shared fitness, sport, and outdoor activities.

I started FitMate Social because I always like staying active. Throughout my career, I moved several times and with each move came the same slow process of meeting people that shared my fitness interests whether cycling, hiking, golf or running. I found it shocking there wasn’t an app that would quickly connect me with people nearby so I could have someone to do these activities nor was there a centralized place I could get information on all facets of my fitness lifestyle. I believe active is an important part of a healthy and productive lifestyle and having a fitness partner is the best way to stay motivated. That’s why I quit my job to pursue building this for us, you, your family and people who love this lifestyle. We are proud to say it’s finally a reality. We can’t do it without you, though. We need your feedback, we need your suggestions, we need your help to make this the best it can be.

-Luke McKey


For everyday fitness lovers, FitMate Social allows you to follow sport, fitness and nutrition personalities and receive updates straight to your phone. Whether it’s a favorite instructor or your personal trainer, you can receive exclusive workouts, diet tips and more directly from fitness personalities like trainer Wes Okerson, WWF Wrestler Nick ‘Magnus’ Aldis, Ninja Warrior Sam Sann, Stuntgirl Audrey Lazzara, Crossfit trainer Allyson Vastano, MMA trainer Brittney Leeb.

FitMate Social is not only for fitness enthusiasts. Instructors and gurus will find value in the platform’s ability to host workouts and fitness materials and provide them directly to their clients. Also, instructors can sell their premium workouts directly through the app.

Studies show that working out in a group is more motivating, holds people accountable and results in better fitness achievements. However, it can be difficult to find others interested in your specific workout activity that also meet your daily schedule. In a time where people are constantly on the move and their daily workouts could change in an instant, FitMate Social’s GPS capabilities can quickly locate those nearest you so you’ll never be without a workout buddy again.

Connecting those interested in fitness with high-end content and direct access to some of the most well-known fitness instructors and gurus in the industry, FitMate Social provides a roadmap to a happier and healthier lifestyle. FitMate Social is currently available for Apple iPhone and is coming soon to Android:

About FitMate Social

With Fitmate Social, you can find people near you that do the same thing you do. Looking for a golfing buddy while on a business trip? How about someone to train for the upcoming IronMan, or a couple to play tennis matches with? Select what you do and FitMate provides you with a selection of events to choose from! FitMate isn’t a dating app; it’s an app – it’s an app that lets you find a workout partner anywhere, for any activity.

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