Savvy Green USA Announces Exciting Launch of Online Market Featuring Eco Friendly, Organic and Gluten-Free Foods and Products

Shopping for eco-friendly, green foods online doesn’t have to be time-consuming or break the bank. Savvy Green USA is a new online store offering a wide selection of organic, natural and environmentally conscious products of all kinds, set at affordable price points. Health conscious shoppers couldn’t be happier with the news.

There’s no doubt at all that the interest in healthy, natural foods is very much on the rise. That said, many shoppers are left disappointed when it comes to prices on quality products of this nature, put off by both the challenge of finding quality eco-friendly products on line and then the prices when they are discovered. Fortunately, Savvy Green USA, a new online shop focused on organic and natural foods and products, recently announced their grand opening to high anticipation. With a stacked catalogue featuring some of the biggest names from the natural foods world, the new store is off to a very quick start.


“We are doing our best to truly deliver a superior shopping experience, which covers the quality of the products we carry, the prices they are offered at and the service our team provides,” commented a spokesperson from Savvy Green USA. “We are happy to be able to say our prices are lower than Amazon, we ship accurately and quickly, and we add new product choices very often. Come check out Savvy Green USA and see a big difference first hand.”

According to the company, some of their best selling product categories include: allergy-free choices; baking essentials; breakfast foods; drinks; baby products; pet supplies of all kinds; grocery items; vitamins; and much, much more. All the goods pass a dark look at quality from the Savvy Green USA team who have the mission of only offering products that they trust and would personally use themselves as a matter of policy.

Savvy Green USA ship all orders placed very quickly making the site a very credible alternative to other online markets who often are unable or unwilling to meet. All the key payment methods are also accepted, including PayPal, a favourite of many online shoppers, which they fail to use at some of Savvy Green USA’s chief competition. All signs point to these more customer friendly features as being likely to open doors for Savvy Green USA that may otherwise have been left closed.

The spokesperson from Savvy Green USA remarked, “It’s important to us to do shopping here as easy as possible for our valued customers. We appreciate the business and treat every sale like it’s the most important, whether large or small.”

Judging by the early feedback, which has been positive across the board, these policies along with the company’s attention to detail in other areas is quickly paying off.

Chris C., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “I follow a natural, Paleo style diet and that means food shopping can get expensive. A friend recommended Savvy Green USA, and I’m glad they did. On every order, I’ve been saving money, and they are completely reliable in all the best ways. Thoroughly recommended.”

For more information be sure to visit

The Breakup Agency Helps Those Who Are Stuck in Dead-end Relationships

Breaking up is hard to do, so we do it for you.

New York, September 21, 2016: The Breakup Agency has two questions for you. Are you stuck in a dead-end relationship and are unable to let your soon to be ex that it’s over? Also, are you ready to leave your job and give your boss the proverbial middle finger with style? Then, The Breakup Agency is the place for all your relationship extraction needs.

At The Breakup Agency, we pride ourselves on providing the greatest care for our clients in their most emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically trying times of their lives. At our company our customers know and receive the utmost confidentiality when they use our life changing services.


Our Relationship Extraction Agents are professionals in every sense of the word. Only after our prospective employees pass a polygraph (by a certified government official) and a whole national security level type of background investigation are they allowed to be put on a six-month employment probation and be shadowed by a current Relationship Extraction Agent. Our Relationship Extraction Agents are on the front lines of the emotional and mental battlefield for our clients.

Our Personal Item Recovery Specialists are the one’s who will get your things back for you, because if you ever have left some of your most personal items at your ex or soon to be ex’s place of residence. You know the importance of getting your most prized possessions back. We only initiate a personal item recovery after our clients show us proof that they are the rightful owners of said items.

Some of the services we offer are:

Put Them On Blast

This is a combination of the email and phone call packages. But with a full twist. If you have pictures, videos, emails, notes, etc. of them breaking the rules of your relationship. We put their “transgressions on social media and physical print blast. This package can get pricey depending on what and where you want to bring them on blast. You can choose to put their business in front of millions on TV, on billboards in physical newspapers, etc. Some of these means of dissolution can take a few weeks to implement. So a little heads up are needed to plan it out. But we promise this package is well worth the planning.

Email Breakup

We send an email from our secure servers that can either be pre-formatted. Where you plug in your soon to be ex’s name. Or for a nominal extra fee we discuss in an open forum with you, your reasons and put them into an “exoneration notice.”

In-person Delivery Notice (with you) w/ Bodyguard protection

This package is a “lighter version” than the “Ike and Tina” package. This package provides no personal items removal. But still, leaves no doubt why you are leaving this relationship. But what differs this package from the other one is the in-person aspect. We surround you in a “hedge of protection” where you make your declaration of dissolution.

Their Worst Fear

This package is one of most popular ones. This one is a combination of the “Process Server Delivery” package. If you know, you’re soon to be ex’s worst fear. We don’t exploit that because that is wrong. We explore and expose that. This package is designed to bring a few laughs to your heart and soul. If they have a phobia of clowns, spiders or what have you. We use that to our advantage in delivering the most epic “breakup notice”.

Process Server Delivery

This is one of most entertaining packages. With your permission, we travel (for a nominal fee) to your soon to be ex’s residence, place of work or wherever you want them to be served a notice of dissolution. We put on disguises (doctors, pizza delivery, etc.) and serve them in a fashion that will bring a smile to your face and closure to your heart.

Disguised Phone Call Breakup

Just like the email package only with a twist. You can either make a call using our secure phone line like yourself. Or we make the call and stick to the script you designate.

You Better Bring an Army Deluxe Delivery

This package is what you would call the “all inclusive” package. You get to take all of the best aspects of all the packages for a discounted rate.

Take This Job and Shove It

Does your current job suck? Do you want to change directions in life and want to stick it to your boss in an imaginative and impactful way? Then this service is for you. We provide a long lasting impression on you soon to be a former employer by letting them know they lost out. We are open to suggestions of how to encapsulate your departure. But trust us when we say this, we have what you need.

If you specific needs and don’t see them listed above. Contact us by email with your contact information and a representative will set up a consultation for our services. As always, The Breakup Agency is here for you.


Brian Steuber

CEO and former client of The Breakup Agency

Twitter @BreakupAgency

Instagram @TheBreakupAgency


City, Hong Kong (September 23, 2016) – Michael Andrew Law, a renowned contemporary art artist, announced a public apology to all art journalist in Hong Kong for being the only one Mr Kapoor discussed and took a picture with after they have anxiously awaited the arrival of the world-famous artist, Mr. Kapoor at the Anish Kapoor show opening.


Michael Andrew Law was at Anish Kapoor show opening at Gagosian Gallery on 12 September 2016, While all art journalists were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr Kapoor, Michael Andrew Law as a big fan of contemporary art, understands the importance of Mr Kapoor, probably more than anyone else in the room. Assured Mr Kapoor will share a little insight on making art; He boldly approached Mr Kapoor with his artwork. Mr.Kapoor took Michael Andrew Law’s work, taken up almost three minutes of Kapoor’s time out of the 10 minutes he spent on the venue. They discussed the artwork Michael Andrew Law presented to Mr.Kapoor, took some pictures together, and Mr.Kapoor left without further explaining his art to the other art journalists, which is entirely understandable.

“I think Mr.Kapoor liked my art, and I do believe it is why we have that connection right away. because Art does bring people together.” Said Michael Andrew Law. “it leads me as a fan of contemporary art and Mr.Kapoor­My artistic hero together at that moment; that was my happiest moment of this year.” He added. However, Michael Andrew Law feels sorry he took up much time and that no other art journalist could interview Mr.Kapoor before he left. Knowing it cost quite a bit of trouble and anger by the other art writers since they had waited so long for Mr.Kapoor to arrive, He feels responsible for this incidence.

Michael Andrew Law also said. “I cannot guarantee anything like that would not happen again. However I apologise to all art journalist in Hong Kong and art fans who wanted to ask Mr.Kapoor more about his works, but as he said in most of his speeches and artist talks, he has nothing to say as an artist. Moreover, I think I am the one who understood exactly that. So as a fan of contemporary art, I can offer more insight on art and philosophy of making art to all art journalist in Hong Kong.”

The Kapoor show will still be on until November 5th this year at Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong (7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong. Phone Number +852.2151.0555).


Woman writes about ex: Offers engagement ring as Indiegogo perk

You can own her shattered dreams and support an indie film with diverse cast including transgender actor playing transgender character

Lorraine Portman is a twice-divorced independent filmmaker. Her current project, “Falling South,” is about a woman who was married very young. She leaves her husband and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

Lorraine is raising money to make the film on IndieGoGo.

The husband character is based on both of Lorraine’s ex-husbands. As a perk, Lorraine is offering her antique diamond engagement ring. Her ex-paid $3,800.00 for it, and it can be yours for $3,000. The diamond is a carat, and the white gold setting has sapphire accents. Her diamond and sapphire band and an antique garnet ring are also up for grabs.


You can own her shattered dreams and help Lorraine make her film.

While big Hollywood may be slow to embrace diversity, this movie, which is being directed by a woman, has hired women into key roles and is casting diverse actors. Supporting this film supports women filmmakers creating strong roles for various actors.

Marlyn Mason, who was Elvis’ leading lady in “The Trouble with Girls” plays a woman who owns and runs her fernery. The lead is played by Madeline Barr, a recent NYU graduate.

Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Eric T. Miller, and John Byner are also in the cast.

There is a transgender woman character. Producers are casting a transgender actor to play the role. Which is also an idea big Hollywood is slow to adopt, continuing to cast men to play transgender women? Nick Adams wrote a recent article in Hollywood Reporter after Matt Bomer was cast to play a transgender woman.

Other perks include unique, beautiful; handmade holiday wreaths and garland. Grown on the farm that is one of the locations the film will use.

Lorraine is an award-winning filmmaker, playwright, and screenwriter. She taught Screenwriting at Flagler College for ten years and is offering feedback on screenplays as another perk. For less than the standard charge for coverage, writers can get extensive notes on their screenplay and solid suggestions for solutions to problems.

Please check out the “Falling South” IndieGoGo:


fb_img_1460722724243-300x169Clearwater, FL – Bridge Pursuit has entered the outdoor equipment industry because they see a need to get kids and families away from in front of the TV and outside into the great American outdoors.

It has been proven that after spending time outdoors in nature, both children and adults find it easier to concentrate and pay attention. Outdoor play is imaginative, stimulates creativity, promotes problem-solving and leadership skills. Every age group benefits from outdoor activity, plus it’s fun.

Being out exploring the great American outdoors helps to develop respect for nature and other living things. Observing creatures in nature, like bugs, birds, and squirrels living in their natural habitat reduces anxiety and promotes a feeling of pride and respect for the environment.


“Many adults enjoy the serenity of spending time in nature as a way to escape the stress and craziness of everyday life. Not only can fresh air and natural scenery have a positive impact on adults, outdoor activities for children can also improve the overall quality of kids’ lives.” – South University

“Remember playing outside until mom called you in for dinner? Today’s kids probably won’t. In the last two decades, childhood has moved indoors. The average American boy or girl spends as few as 30 minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day, and more than seven hours each day in front of an electronic screen.

This shift inside profoundly impacts the wellness of our nation’s kids. Childhood obesity rates have more than doubled the last 20 years; the United States has become the largest consumer of ADHD medications in the world, and pediatric prescriptions for antidepressants have risen precipitously.

Our kids are out of shape, tuned out and stressed out because they’re missing something essential to their health and development: connection to the natural world.” – National Wildlife Federation


Derek Greenwood, co-founder of Bridge Pursuit, stated, “watching my grandchildren grow up mesmerized with cell phones, tv and video games and no knowledge or experience in the outdoors was simply shocking. I asked my granddaughter if she would like to walk down to the lake with me and her response was “No, there’s a hill.” I asked my grandson if he wanted to take a tent and go out in the woods and spend the night. He was like “Ah no, its dark.”

With this shocking revelation, Bridgue Pursuit decided to create the Go Back Trail line of outdoor products. These are quality items that people can trust to keep everyone safe and having fun. The first product is a compact, high-quality, lightweight headlamp so that kids and adults can walk around in the dark at night yet still keep both hands free for safety reasons. It is the Go Back Trail Camo LED CREE Headlamp available on It is small enough not to get caught on branches and things but bright enough to shine the length of a football field,

The second product is a waterproof pouch designed to keep cell phones and electronic keys safe and dry even when playing directly in the water. Also, they come with special pouches for credit cards and money so prying eyes can’t see in. The Go Back Trail Waterproof Pouches are also available on and come in several colors.

The next two products are a hydration backpack for taking long walks or hikes and an outdoor themed bear picnic blanket to make it beautiful eating outdoors. Both are designed to get families out into nature and enjoying it safely.

The Go Back Trail website was created to be fun and informative. It talks about and shows great adventures in life that would interest anyone. There are recipes for picnicking and ones for backpacking plus all kinds of tips on equipment from the Go Back Trail expert backpackers. Also, there are articles on what can be done with kids to keep them entertained in nature.

Go Back Trail is about quality and the enjoyment and care of nature. It is about families, adventures, and fun. It’s about cooking hotdogs over an open fire and learning how to make s’mores. Everyone used to camp, let’s not forget where we came from. So, GO BACK TRAIL, explore!


Imagine a backpack with extraordinary features like a battery only noticeable when needed, hands-free lighting, and a solar panel to power it all. Now imagine it looks ordinary enough to take in public.


KAUKAUNA, WI – September 15th – The new Omnipack being launched on Indiegogo, is the brainchild of Alex Mahnke and the Labs’ team. Since the age of 16, when he launched the original Omnipack that shipped to 13 different countries, Mahnke has been refining the design of the pack through small test runs to receive consumer feedback for the team’s latest pack design.

Several electronic backpacks have been released since 2013 when Mahnke started his quest, so what makes the Omnipack the trailblazer?

To start, the Omnipack combines textiles and technology, into one harmonized entity. This means, there are no dangling wires, USB cables, or rogue power banks inside the backpack. Nothing that could be damaged or get caught on the user’s luggage. The solar panel is not the only source of power, the built-in battery has the capability to charge a regular smartphone two times. The pack also illuminates the night, with lights located on both the shoulder strap and back side of the pack. Say goodbye to bringing a flashlight or draining your phone battery with the flashlight app. With the click of a button, the Omnipack provides the user with hands-free lighting. In addition to these useful features, the Omnipack also uses grade ballistic nylon with a rubber coating on the backside, making the fabric waterproof and more rip resistant. Finally, when it comes to the bulk of electronic backpacks, they have priced anywhere from one to a few hundred dollars. The Omnipack is being offered at a modest price that reflects what an average person could justify paying. Find it on Indiegogo for a limited time at $79, with the first few early bird backers getting the pack for $69!

It can be found here-

About Mahnke Labs:

Mahnke Labs, LLC headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin and established in 2012 is a technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics that are both efficient and sustainable.

Mahnke Labs, LLC

Kaukauna, Wisconsin, United States

Alex Mahnke

+1 (435) 767-7225

The World’s ONLY Star Trek Themed Orthodontic Office filled with Screen Used props from all of the Television Series and Motion Pictures is NOW OPEN for Your Orthodontic Experience!

Located in downtown Aurora, 15185 Yonge Street started out as a bank/ financial institution. After decades of use in this capacity, it has been converted into an orthodontic office.


Within the confines of these walls, you will find a broad range of screen-used movie props from ALL of the Star Trek Television Series and Motion Pictures. In your experience at my office, you will encounter Federation, Klingon, and other alien weaponry and technology, medical devices, PADDS, Borg Drones and Alcove, concept art, ships, and yes, even Tribbles, all of which are screen used. Different movie props will be rotated periodically.

Our goal is to provide our patients with exceptional orthodontic treatment and customer service in a fascinating and fun environment. Don’t forget to look up, and see views from the Hubble Telescope and Chancellor Gowran’s screen-used Starship, the I.K.S. Negh’Var model screen-used ship on Deep Space Nine!

The collection that you see at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics represents the following films and television series.


  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
  • Star Trek: The Search for Spock
  • Star Trek: The Voyage Home
  • Star Trek: The Final Frontier
  • Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country
  • Star Trek: Generations
  • Star Trek: First Contact
  • Star Trek: Insurrection
  • Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness

Television series:

  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Star Trek: Enterprise

Contact Information:

Dr David Hirsch



Twitter: Dr David Hirsch@AuroraBorOrtho

Phone: 416-300-1189

Armies of Ants

Armies of Ants can and will attack the home on the hunt for nourishment.Will it be Do-it-Yourself methods or call in the cavalry that would be a Pest Control Professional?It just may be Sugar Ants, little black ants, kitchen or bathroom ants or moisture ants. Whatever you want to call them.


Ant Extermination Average Costs for one-time treatment by an exterminator might cost $150 to $600 depending on the type of ant carpenter ant treatments tend to be more expensive, the property size, the severity of the problem, and the methods used. A one-time treatment may come with a guarantee

Armies of ants can and will infiltrate the home or other buildings very quickly. The pests are on a quest for the most important thing, and that is food. The pesky pests are always on the hunt for favourites such as sugary foods and sweet liquids. The pests also love greasy food such as scraps of cooked meat. BBQ bones are a favourite and what better place to find all of this than in the kitchen. But knowing what type of Ant that is infiltrating the home is key. There are different methods of elimination for various
kinds of ants. Which helps to prevent and battle the Ant Infestation.That’s Where the deciding factor can be made to give it a go with doing it yourself products that may or may not work. Or maybe it’s best to call in a Pest Control Exterminator to eliminate the problem.

Learn how to identify ants with the help of the Integrated Pest Control or Management:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is economical, effective as well as health and environmentally-sensitive.Pest control develops and analyses information on current pesticide use and pest management practices within settle, supporting a competitive grants program.

sugar ants control service/Exterminate Both Inside and Outside:

Although the Sugar Ants measure only about one-eighth of an inch or smaller, the pests are armies of common home invaders. The pests are little stinky ants that can be counted on to show up in the Spring. Watch out because the home can be a prime target for an ant invasion. The troops will be happy to set up base camp in the kitchen. Ready to attack the counters filled with spills, sinks with leftovers stuck in a drain, uncovered food and the list go on. All the while the army is leaving behind scented trails to lead the troops back to the nest. The Ants know the drill. But again will the decision be to try elimination at home or contact the Professional Exterminator.

Killing Pavement Ants:

Pavement Ants can be about one-tenth of an inch long and brown to black in colour. Pavement Ants will love setting up an army base that is in proximity to driveways and patios. Scout ants will then be sent out to search for food located in the home or even in open garbage cans. The ants will attack full force in the kitchen. But make no mistake as the critters will be a nuisance outside also. Because anywhere there is food left out on counters, dishes with scraps left on living room coffee tables or trails of spilt sugary drinks are prime pickings. The pests love to eat meat, greasy and fatty food and even seeds. The Pavement Ants will also make enjoy a meal of live or dead bugs. It is critical to keep in mind that Pavement Ants will bite and sting if bothered. If the do it, yourself products are to be used then keeping in mind that there may be several nests to be located. One treatment may not cut it. An Ant Infestation can grow leaps and bounds in a very short time. It may be best to notify a professional Pest Control Service to exterminate the pests.

Ants exterminators Get Rid of Ant Infestation

Ant armies start outdoors and will find entry points into the home. In particular through cracks, gaps, crevices and even under bottoms of doors.These entry points will attract the pests and provide access into the home. Whether the ant infestation is in or outside the main thing to do will be to locate the nests. Finding the sources is a priority so treatments may be applied directly on the nests. Yes, there are several types of home remedies and over the counter, products to try to eliminate the ants but not always successful. An excellent Ant Pest Control expert is the ticket, and AMPM Exterminators are the professionals to call. With years of experience and thoroughness of services the technicians will Exterminate the Ant Infestation.

Ants control service Professional pest control experts Kill Carpenter Ants, Sugar Ants, little black ants in your kitchen house building.The ants you’re probably having trouble with are Pavement Ants and Pharaoh Ants, we will refer to both Pharaoh and Pavement ants as sugar ants.What do they eat? They eat sugar, sweets, and other scraps of food. This is why we call them sugar ants.Little black ants have also garnered the name “sugar ant,” though their real name is, well, Little Black Ants. Not a lot is known about Little Black Ants, except that they eat just about anything (including other insects), and they like rotting wood and dark spaces. Getting rid of little black ants, however, despite how little is known about them from a biological perspective, is as easy as getting rid of sugar ants.Find answers to questions about cost facts, information, and discover pest control tips, It is much easier, faster and cheaper to get rid of any pest.Every home is different repair costs may vary.After years of experienced inspections, customised Client customised solutions for their pest problems. Call AMPM Exterminators for all pest control needs.


Caroline Cartagena’s announces the launch of brand new holiday beautiful flower décors to add life, color and style to your events and homes and the decision to donate one dollar from each sale to the diabetes association and Domestic Violence Association in the spirit of the season

Caroline Cartagena, a renowned name in the circle of coral designers and event stylists, owns the leading flower store and offers one of a kind floral arrangement for events and home décor for all seasons. She is promoting her brand new holiday designs available online at With frequent sales throughout the site, Caroline features a broad range of beautiful and unique flower decors in remarkable and stylish designs; from Red Berry Christmas wreaths to centerpieces and wedding ring boxes.

There are flower designs to suit any occasion, weddings, the prom, cocktail parties, graduation or home decoration. Each piece is uniquely designed to bring visual appeal and style to your home/occasion. There are flowers in different forms like floral arrangements, Wreaths, Weddings, Gifts and Decorative Cloth pins.


Caroline Cartagena in its bid to give back to the community is donating every one-dollar made from the purchase of any products that contains a citrus peel flower to the Diabetes Association and Domestic Violence Association. Contribute to this kind gesture by buying a citrus peel flower from her Etsy store at or from Cohabitate at

Apart from supporting the Diabetes Association and helping save lives, you’ll be benefiting from an on-going free shipping promotion within the USA. New items are continually updated, and Caroline Cartagena is presently the only one that offers flower arrangements for gift and weddings theme.

To find out more about Caroline M Cartagena, follow her at @cartagena65

The store also available at Esty at

About Caroline M Cartagena

Caroline M Cartagena has 30 years of experience as floral designer and Artesian. When she was 12 years old, she started creating handmade wreaths, garlands, floral arrangements, and centerpieces for all season. She has created beautiful floral designs for corporation’s special events, weddings, with fresh and dry flowers. For some reasons, she has a natural intuition when it comes to creating a custom design for her customers. Probably, because she love what she does, and it sounds crazy, flowers gives her energy and peace around her house and her studio. When it comes to new ideas, she creates her designs. The nature mother earth and customers are inspirations to her. Her customers are critical to her and her goal is always to have 100% customer satisfaction.

Delta Carbon Yachts, the U.S. division of Swedish yacht builder, Delta Powerboats, announces the U.S. debut of the company’s flagship 88 all-carbon fiber luxury sport yacht

Miami, Florida – Delta Carbon Yachts, the U.S. division of Swedish luxury yacht builder, Delta Powerboats, announces the U.S. debut of the company’s flagship 88 all-carbon luxury sports yacht.


Miami-based Delta Carbon Yachts signed the contract for Hull #3 of the 88 series with an American client in 2015. The yacht was delivered in July and will make her stateside debut at the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in November.

Hull #4 is sold and under construction and will deliver to another American owner in summer 2017. Hull #5 is under negotiation.

The 88 Carbon Sports Yacht was first introduced in 2013 and represents Delta Powerboats’ entrance into the megayacht arena. As the largest in a series of all-carbon fiber sports yachts, the 88 Carbon features joystick-controlled Volvo IPS propulsion, which drives the 80ft hull to a top speed of 38 knots while allowing for superb maneuverability and effortless owner/operator handling. Lightweight construction, an efficient hull design by Lars Modin, and triple Volvo IPS 1200s afford a fuel efficiency that is up to 40% less than that of comparably sized yachts. The balance of luxurious styling, fuel efficiency, and seakeeping led the 88 to be awarded the title Motor Boat of the Year for 2015.


The 88 Carbon Sports Yacht features a world-class Scandinavian-designed interior that’s is highlighted by exceptional visibility, high-end finishes, and generous storage. Designed for owner/operators or to run with a small professional crew, the 88 Carbon accommodates up to ten guests. Accommodations include a full-beam king size master suite, a VIP and two twin cabins below deck. There are quarters for three crewmembers situated aft. The large, versatile cockpit and spacious exterior deck areas efficiently facilitate any on-the-water activity, from fishing and diving to swimming and sunning.

“Buyers in the American market recognize the exponential benefits of carbon fiber-built yachts,” says Chapman Ducote, Delta Carbon Yachts’ Director of the Americas. “To have a ship that is constructed of the strongest, most efficient material coupled with the best propulsion system in a size range that is sought-after by American yachtsmen is unique. We are thrilled to present to our U.S. buyers a yacht that simply is like no other.”


For more information please visit



Brittney Palmer
Tel: 407-797-5709 (c)

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