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Gontus, Inc.

San Francisco, March 14, 2017

Gontus, Inc. (https://www.gontus.com) is a socio commerce platform dedicated to connecting pet service providers with pet parents across the globe.

Gontus is the first of its kind global search-engine-cum-marketplace — #searketplace for pets and animals — that helps connect pet parents with pet service providers.

Incorporated in the USA on January 2017, Gontus’s mission is to enable every pet owner to find a wide variety of products, services and other amenities to care for their beloved pets. Be it veterinary services, food, accessories, grooming needs and more, Gontus is the way to go.

Users can use the online platform by logging in free at www.gontus.com to post their needs and select from offers by service providers to match their wallet and requirements. So, whether your pet is a dog, cat, turtle, parakeet or a gecko, help is only a few clicks away. Similarly, Gontus Blurbs helps service providers to display their products and services to millions of users through cognitive computing.

One of the most interesting aspects of Gontus is that it can help users to find the perfect mates for their pets. An algorithm-based search will automatically assist users in finding the best match for their pets once the details have been provided.

Gontus will go the extra mile to make the world a better place for animals. By connecting animal lovers with zoos and animal parks across the world, Gontus will connect and mobilise volunteers, and work closely with not-for-profit organisations to prevent animal and pet abuse. Pet parents will be encouraged to adopt abandoned pets and animals looking for forever homes.
User-created content including blogs, statements, pictures, suggestions, online help is all part of the Gontus experience.
No matter what the issue, “if you got a pet, simply Gontus it!”


Abhijit Adhya

USA : +1 6464545493

IND : +919820985380

Email : abhijit@gontus.com

Partnership: CEMERGING & GBRI

New York City, New York, U.S.A, 4 April 2017- Two of the best online education platforms, CEMERGING (CEM) & Green Building Research Institute (GBRI), are about to enter into a partnership; bringing Architects, Engineers, building professionals and students the best of continuing education courses at an affordable rate and excellent quality. The Online courses will be in a vast variety of sustainable topics including LEED v4, WELL Building Standard, UN SDGs, Daylighting, BIM, Energy Modeling, Sustainable Olympics, Corporate Sustainability, Climate Change, Biotechnology, Data Centers, Green Tech, Public Transportation, Automobile Industry’s green hands to name a few.

According to a CEM Spokesperson, “AE Professionals shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get the best of AIA and GBCI approved continuing education (CE) courses with this partnership”.

Through this partnership, CEM will be able to offer GBRI courses that are high quality (hand selected industry experts), affordable (starting at $19.99 per month), stress-free( CEM will take care of paperwork for professionals by offering complimentary auto-reporting to GBCI and AIA), pre-approved ( courses are pre-approved by GBCI and AIA, so professionals are guaranteed to receive the credits to renew their LEED and AIA credentials), best of all is convenience ( courses can be accessed online 24/7 at the comfort of desktop computers, laptops or tablets).

The date for the partnership is 5th of April 2017 at CEMERGING online platform.

According to GBRI – “If you desire to get the best of AIA and GBCI continuing education courses at a very affordable rate?, then you need to take advantage of this partnership happening on the 5th of April at CEmerging.com.”

About CE Merging

CEMERGING is a professional establishment that offers you the best LEED and AIA continuing education courses, LEED project experience opportunities, LEED exam preparation and much more. With a partnership with GBRI and other entities like Redvector (2014-15), The Exam Prepper, CEMERGING is truly the best place “where the best of continuing education comes together”.

To learn more about CEM and GBRI, please visit their websites:

CEM – http://www.cemerging.com

GBRI – https://www.gbrionline.org


Partnership: CEMERGING & GBRI

Location: NYC

Telephone: (202)670-5143

Email: clientcare@CEmerging.com

URL: http://www.cemerging.com/

New Men’s Underwear Brand Aims to Provide Innovative and Stylish Underwear Exclusively for Men!

Vin’s Answer is launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring comfortable, supportive and attractive underwear for men to the market.

At the time of this press release, the project has funded over 50 % in less than 24 hours.

March 30, 2017—Brand Vin’s Answer is releasing their line of men’s underwear built specifically for the male physique this March. The company is seeking funding through their Kickstarter campaign to bring their first products to market. Owner Alper Hafif developed Vin’s Answer as a response to the market’s lack of attractive, high quality, and supportive underwear specifically for men. His goal is to change the market with uniquely designed undergarments that both men and women can appreciate.

“I got inspired by Victoria’s Secret but knew from my experience that men don’t care for sexy underwear in the same way women do,” said owner Alper Hafif, “so comfort had to be the key word for men and sexy for women. It’s a hard thing to do, but I truly believe we have done it.”

Vin’s Answer is seeking $4,400 USD through their Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their first design in two different colors—Black and Blue.

The underwear is made from 92 percent MicroModal and 8 percent Elastane—materials. The combination aims to be skin-friendly and is three times softer than cotton as measured by the Kawabata method.

The waistband is a blend specially made by Vin’s Answer and is one of the most elastic waistbands on the market, if not the softest. Embossed into the waistband fabric is the brand’s logo in the front of the underwear.

The u-shaped design in the front supports active men, while the overall design remains flattering. A triple-stitched waistband is applied to the underwear to reduce the risk of tears and premature degradation. It is fortified to retain its appearance after washing, meaning it looks attractive for far longer than traditional cotton underwear.

To help bring Vin’s Answer to life, visit their Kickstarter campaign on March 30, 2017.

For more information about the brand and its creator, visit www.vinsanswer.com/about-us and www.vinsanswer.com/people/alper-hafif

Kickstarter link: http://kck.st/2oepUUY

For direct questions, please contact Alper Hafif at:

Email: Alper@vinsanswer.com

WhatsApp: +46 (0)70-778 46 33


Los Angeles, CA, (April 1, 2017) Berkshire, England-born actress Victoria Summer, best known for playing Julie Andrews opposite Tom Hanks, Emma Thomson and Colin Farrell in the Oscar Nominated film “Saving Mrs. Banks” and known most recently for her breakout role as Eleanor Morgan alongside “American Pie” alum Chris Klein in “Game of Aces” will be playing the title lead role in the upcoming indie thriller “Alexis Colette”.

This ingenious film, which was conceived and co-written by creative auteur Anthony W. Johnson, a published poet and prolific writer in his right, is set during the McCarthy era 1950’s America and takes place inside of the now infamous Eloise Mental Asylum.

The story, which centers around a young, passionate journalist named Eric, who seeks to discover whether the legendary mysteries surrounding the hauntings and several unexplained deaths at the Asylum in the 1950’s were as the result of natural causes, murder, or the results of risky, then considered, ground-breaking methods like electroshock therapy, mind control and lobotomies.

An elderly Guide, not only escorts the young reporter throughout the abandoned building, but helps steer the buried history, and mysteries of the eerie asylum, including that of the young Alex, and a vibrant showgirl named Alexis Colette. Alexis, who is married to the successful doctor that heads the Asylum, begins her journey as a product of her time, where women often dressed and acted like dolls.

Moreover, not only may she possibly be the culprit, she furthermore, but could also be the ghost that currently inhabits the Eloise Mental Asylum to this very day. When asked why he was so determined to land Victoria Summer for the lead title role of Alexis Colette, Anthony W Johnson responded, “Aside from her apparently extraordinary and timeless beauty, I was immediately drawn to her acting prowess… her sensibilities; also, the role requires a triple threat talent with dynamic vocal and acting range such as Victoria, whom also possesses a perfect blend of gut instinct and classical training”. Johnson went on to add, “I have also been so fortunate to have co-written the script with an amazingly gifted writer Louiza Zouzias, who brings lots of clarity, precision and discipline to my work”.

Executive Producer and owner of Samaco Films, Franco Sama, who has executive produced over 20 successful independent feature films starring the likes of such notable stars as Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, Dane Cook, Thora Birch, Kathleen Quinlan, Chris Klein, David Arquette and Vivica A. Fox, and has partnered with Laughing Man on Fire Productions, helmed by the films’ creator Anthony W. Johnson, to produce and provide funding for the project, which is currently in the late stages of development and is slated to enter into pre-production in the first quarter of 2018. The filmmakers are currently in talks with several high-profile directors and plan to enter the final stages of the principle casting phase by the end of this year.

Alexis Colette is destined to become the next “Sixth Sense” as moviegoers will want to conspire to keep a deep, dark secret and will want to watch the film over and over again to discover what they missed the first or second time around.

Contact Information:
Samaco Films www.samacofilms.com


PHNOM PENH –Maybank Foundation, the Corporate Responsibility arm of Maybank Group (Malaysia), together with MoneyTree Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore) has introduced the Maybank Foundation CashvilleKidz Financial Literacy Program to Cambodia.

The program which started with the first batch of students ofWestline School, Phnom Penh, received good response from the students and staff members of the school.The program evolves around the international award winning animation series “Cashville Kidz” is based on the four main characters of CashvilleKidz; Sens Andola, Penny Wise, Suzy Spendamore, and Barry Maveric.

The CashvilleKidz Financial Literacy program which was developed and produced by MoneyTree, was a success in Malaysia, having reached approximately 150,000 kids in more than 700 schools. The programalso won two International Awards, namely the Efma – Accenture Innovation Award 2013 in Paris, and the Global CSR Award 2014 in Bali.

Through the introduction of this program in Cambodia, Maybank Foundation aims to increase the level of Financial Literacy amongst school going children.The program is part of the ongoing comprehensive initiative by Maybank Foundation todevelopfinancially savvy children across the entire ASEAN region.

The pilot phase in Cambodia will be conducted in eight schools, reaching out to 800 students in Phnom Penh. This program is aimed at children between 9-12 years of age.It is expected to run in Cambodia over the next three years and reach out to a total of more than 10,000 students.

The Maybank Foundation CashvilleKidz Financial Literacy Program, was jointly launched byHer Excellency CheaSerey, Director General, Central Banking, National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and the CEO of Maybank Foundation, MrShahrilAzuarJiminon 6December 2016. The program will run over the next few months, and will conclude with a CashvilleKidz Grand Finale, in which the best students from their respective schools will battle it out to claim the title of the “CashvilleKidz Champion” and walk home with attractive prizes.

Mr Shahril, in his opening speech of the first CashvilleKidz session at Westline School said, “We are excited to be introducing and rolling out the CashvilleKidz Financial Literacy Program in Cambodia. CashvilleKidz is a Flagship Program of Maybank Foundation, which has been taught to more than 150,000 students in Malaysia over the last 3 years. This move is our first overseas expansion of this hugely successful program which we intend to expand regionally, and represents a significant investment in Cambodia’s students, and displays the commitment of Maybank in enriching the communities it works with.”

As part of the program, MoneyTree trained teachers in the schools to conduct class sessions using the animated series and provided the schools with a CashvilleKidz Tool Kit created specially to increase student engagement. The CashvileKidz Tool Kit consists of a Teacher’s Guidebook and Manual, Implementation guides, CashvilleKidz Series DVD, and a Financial Profiling assessment that would track the progress of the students in the class.

This collaboration between Maybank Foundation and MoneyTree to promote Financial Literacy amongst students in the ASEAN region is the most comprehensive initiative of its nature in the region.


About MaybankCashvilleKidz (CVK) for Cambodia

The Maybank CashvilleKidz Financial Literacy Program is a flagship program under Maybank Foundation.In Cambodia, the Maybank CashvilleKidzFinancial Literacy Program is a joint initiative of Maybank Foundation, Maybank Cambodia and MoneyTree Asia Pacific to promote and raise the financial literacy level of students in Cambodian schools.

About Maybank Foundation

Maybank Foundation exists to positively impact communities in markets that Maybank operates, in doing so, we aim to humanize financial services by:

  • Providing people with access to financial services at fair terms and pricing
  • Advising them based on their needs
  • Being at the heart of the community

We continue to focus on the following core pillars:

  1. Education – We empower future leaders in the finance community
  2. Community Empowerment – We ensure inclusiveness of those in our communities with our progress together
  3. Healthy Living – We promote community compassion
  4. Arts & Culture – We promote artistic creativity of our youths
  5. Environmental Diversity – We help protect our planet’s diversity for our future generations
  6. Disaster Relief – Mobilizing our employees together with our partners in disaster situation locally and regionally

About MoneyTree Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

MONEYTREE ASIA PACIFIC (MoneyTree) has been promoting, delivering and implementing proprietary Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship programs to schools, enrichment centers and institutions of higher learning via a face-to- face approach since 2009.

Currently the leading Financial Education Provider in Asia, MoneyTree has been developing a series of online products and tools.

MoneyTree provides content, programs, games & teaching tools to help kids and youth aged 6-22 acquire Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship knowledge to better plan their future.

For more details, kindly contact:

Maybank: MoneyTree Asia Pacific PteLtd :

Qazreen Chan Abdullah Evelyn

qazreen@maybank.com.kh evelyn@moneytree.my

+855 16 201234 +6012 3717038

Rising Beauty Brand Bella and Bear Celebrate Their High Quality “Plucker” Tweezer Set Being Featured in ELLE UK Magazine

All beauty accessories are not created equal, by any means. Small and independent beauty brand Bella and Bear are more noticed everyday for their passion in releasing high-quality product options backed by superior service. In exciting news, ELLE UK Magazine recently featured and gave remarkable feedback to the brand’s new “Plucker” Tweezer Set.

March 28, 2017

The difference between using a pair of cheap poorly made tweezers and high-quality ones can be more than dramatic, something which any woman seriously about looking her best can certainly appreciate. This has been the fuel to the strong quick growth and continued the rise of small beauty accessories brand Bella and Bear. In the most recent breakthrough, Bella and Bear recently announced their Bella and Bear “Plucker” Tweezer set had been profiled very favourably by ELLE UK Magazine, one of the fashion world’s most important and vital voices.

“We love that our products are creating such a buzz around the world,” commented a spokesperson from Bella and Bear. “It shows when you are devoted to quality, keeping prices fair and treating customers like they are members of our extended family nothing, but good things can happen. We’re looking forward to what our bright future holds!”

According to the company, in addition to their traditional “plucker” tweezer set, other popular products on the Bella and Bear line include the Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush; The Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler; The Iberian Lynx Brow Brush; The Serval Angled Eyeliner Brush; to name just a few. More quality products are added to the line all the time, after passing the Bella and Bear team’s rigorous quality testing.

Feedback for the Bella and Bear line continues to be entirely confident.

Jennifer T., from Illinois, recently said in a five-star review, “I adore my new plucker tweezer set from Bella and Bear. I heard about them in ELLE UK, and now I have a new favourite place to shop! Thoroughly recommended.”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.bellaandbear.com.

Kelly Campbell



Longshot to Save Wantagh for Sewage Breakdown

The Wantagh Cedar Creek Sewage Plant now give the PC name of South Shore Water Reclamation Facility has a history that we cannot forget, During Superstorm Sandy, the plant, which sits just yards from the bay, was knocked out of service for two days after being hit with a 9-foot tidal surge. It dumped an estimated 2 million gallons of raw sewage and 2.2 billion gallons of partially treated sewage in the bay waters in the 44 days after the storm — the worst sewage overflow in New York state and the second-worst in the Northeast, according to scientific researchers at ClimateCentral.org.

Now part of the plan to try to reduce the problems we have from the methane gas smell and the risk of having raw sewage in our backyard there is a plan to use an 110-year-old, right water pipe that runs under Sunrise Highway as a possible conduit for treated waste from the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant. All to try to safeguard the very venerable Wantagh Neighborhood and Bay.

The Plant Opened in 1973, mgdWantagh NY, Nassau’s Cedar Creek sewage plant, tucked away behind the scenic waterfront picnic areas and playgrounds of county-run Cedar Creek Park bordering Wantagh and Seaford, performs a critically necessary function for Long Islanders. The 70-acre facility is permitted by the New York State (NYS) Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to receive and treat up to 72 million gallons per mg) of sewage and wastewater sent from the drains and toilets of countless homes, businesses and hospitals spanning the Suffolk County border on the east to Freeport on the west and parts of the North Shore.

But is It Safe?

The fact is Flush the toilet, pretty much anywhere within these parameters and its contents will end up in some shape or form at this plant. The problem is the plant is aging and could be in need of great repair, part of the question is, why build this plant so close to children’s play grounds and schools when clearly it is releasing orders from methane gas produced from treatment of human waste. The fact is this plant processes everything from, Oils, to paints, blood is something you would think would be located far from kids or any housing.

The Concern

As the plant has gotten older the neighborhood has noticed more and more times when you can smell the methane gas even all the way to the tip of North Wantagh, And even greater concern is if the plant stopped working or had an explosion or malfunction. Base on previous reports this could lead to sewage in the streets. It could result in sewage in the basements of people’s homes and backyards.
Further investigation will be forth coming to find out want can be done to end the intermittent problems of the sewage smell in the Wantagh area, as well as find out what plans are in place if the plant would face a 100 percent shutdown or worst case explosion as of now most home owners know of now evacuation plans or ways to be notified.

SableCRM+ Security Business Software Released

Offers a complete, comprehensive, end-to-end solution for companies of all sizes

Lewes, Delaware: Sable, Inc. d.b.a. SableCRM+ is happy to announce the official launch of SableCRM+, a SaaS business platform for the alarm industry. Decades of experience in the sector has to lead us to create a fully integrated and highly automated one of a kind, new cloud based platform that will add unprecedented efficiency to security companies.

“Unlike other SaaS options, SableCRM+ is not merely an out of the box solution for business management,” says Craig Metzger, President and CEO of New Jersey based GuardMe Security, “It is a powerful, intelligent and customizable software platform that is built to grow along with our business.”

SableCRM+ is equipped with three customized levels of service. The core CRM+ subscription includes enterprise CRM, fully integrated accounting, powerfully recurring billing, and healthy inventory control for office staff and management. The mobile tech portal empowers technicians to notify clients of arrival times, register new accounts, check signals, and activate systems without back office support. The sales portal is a mobile tool for sales representatives to complete the sales process from credit check to e-contract completion.

Steven Hayes, SableCRM+’s Vice President of Sales and Development boasts that “SableCRM+ is built and managed by alarm professionals with decades of experience, giving us an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of a complex industry.”

The target customer for SableCRM+ is alarm companies seeking to grow their business without growing their back office. SableCRM+ integrates directly with some of the leading service providers in the industry, including Moni Smart Security, Alarm.com, Zoho, Transunion, RingCentral, and Docusign. These deep integrations allow alarm companies to run their business with great efficiency and great reporting that is built to scale with growth. SableCRM+ will officially launch April 1st, 2017.

About SableCRM+: SableCRM+ is Complete SaaS Business Security Software by Security Experts.

For more information visit www.sablecrm.com or contact Steven Hayes at steven.hayes@sablecrm.com

8 Kitchen Remodel Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook!

Are you thinking about remodelling your kitchen this year? If so, you’ll want to read up on the hot trends taking over the kitchen remodelling niche.

At Lottare, we’re excited to see how design trends dictate buying trends, but what we’re more interested in is seeing how you decide to change your kitchen. Check out this 8 kitchen remodel trends before you invest in any kitchen products this year.

Stainless Steel is In—But Keep it Low Key

Metal is a key design feature in kitchens this year. Despite being a modern metal, stainless steel will change from being front and centre to a background feature. You might even see details like bronze faucets and metallic hoods. Think accent instead of a focal point, with your stainless steel metal features.

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens have recently become popular with home builders, and homeowners are now starting to join in on the fun. Contractors often find themselves knocking down walls for consumers who want to see well into their kitchen. Consider this trend if you want to encourage family time, but be sure to keep the small details like cabinetry in mind when you do.

Au Natural Color

Gone are the days of bright yellow kitchens (thank goodness). 2017 is all about muted, natural hues that blend seamlessly into a variety of appliances and metals themes. Whether you add a coat of paint to your cabinetry or want to switch the colour on your walls, go with natural hues to stay on trend.

Quartz is In!

For a good long while, Quartziano has offer quartz products, and we’re happy to say that 2017 will be the year for quartz. It will become the hottest countertop material, closely followed by granite. Even in our store we’ve noticed a significant uptick in quartz product purchases. Check out our selection to find something perfect for your new kitchen.

Mixed Hardware Finishes

Forget about the monochromatic stainless steel design features. Homeowners in 2017 are opting for appliances and accessories that have mixed metal hardware fixtures. An eclectic, but a wholly unique kitchen, is the final result.

Hidden Appliances

No more modern tools. 2017 will have homeowners searching for hidden devices that easily blend into their overall design theme. They provide the perfect added touch for your kitchen, without forcing you to spend tonnes of money on large stainless steel appliances.

Diverse Kitchen Lighting

No more recessed lighting or overhead kitchen lamps. Homeowners are now reaching for complex lighting arrangements that are 100% original. Natural light is always highly sought after, but bringing the outdoors in with unique lighting is all the rage. Think lit up cabinetry and series light fixtures. Those will lead the way in 2017.

Beverage Counters

More families are creating kitchens that are designed to entertain. This means integrating unique features like beverage centres. Keep your family and friends happy with a brand new beverage centre that has everything you need to treat the right way.

Wrapping it Up

No matter what design trend resonates most with you, our team at Lottare can help you identify the perfect item to complement your vision. Whether you need Granite composite sinks or are opting for something more muted, we can help. Make this the year you get the kitchen of your dreams, and use these trends as a jumping off point for your ideas.


Travellers Seeking Ways To Circumvent Ban Have Ally In SpecsPro

As the United States and Britain ban devices on flights from over ten countries in response to ISIS terror fears, many consumers have been left scratching their heads over what devices are allowed—and which ones will be consigned to the dangers of the cabin hold and less-than-delicate baggage handlers.

“It might seem trivial to many, but the simple fact is that many people who travel to, from and through these nations are international business travellers,” said Jen Kravt, the founder of SpecsPro, a tech specs comparison website. “Even something as simple as a cell phone being too large will fall foul of this ban. There is only one way to avoid the inconvenience—and that is having a device that does not fall foul of the newly disruptive ban.”

SpecsPro is rapidly becoming one of the best sites to compare mobile phone specifications and prices—and it also includes the dimensions of the phone, letting browsers know if the phone fits their needs (and those of the new ban) entirely. With up to seven comparisons allowed at any one time, users can quickly find the right cell phone.

The site features up-to-date lists, and doesn’t just cover cellphones: users can also compare cameras, TVs, laptops and tablets prices and specs side-by-side online.

For now, passengers are protesting at the thought of long flights without simple devices to hand—while people in business are griping about the lost ability to work on international flights.

“The new ban is going to affect many innocent travellers who just want to get from A to B,” said Jen. “However, with SpecsPro, they can quickly find a secondary cell phone to take with them on flights to and through these nations. Is it ideal? No, but the option is there, and we make it easy just to find the right device.”

For more information or to compare devices prior to making a future tech purchasing decision, please visit https://specspro.net/. For media inquiries, please email at specspro.contacts@gmail.com

About SpecsPro

SpecsPro lets its users compare up to seven devices for their technological specifications at a time, along with expert reviews. Users can also leave their reviews on a variety of devices, making the community the first stop for those researching a potential purchase the smart way. For more information, please visit SpecsPro’s website.

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