ObamaNation Video Game Satires Obama — Boldly Goes Too Far

APP Designs, a new digital entertainment company has released ObamaNation Part One – the 1st true political satire video game.

April 15, 2016: APP Designs has released the 1st true political satire video game. The game is called ObamaNation Part One and deals with the race to the presidency of Barack Obama. The game is a funny mix of Obama’s past, several modern conspiracy theories and a bit of actual controversy added in for good measure.

The game is being released first on the Android platform and then later may be released for Apple products.

The game begins with Satan giving his son an important job –to bring about “The New Word Order”–a reference to a famous conspiracy theory. The child magically transforms into Obama and must decide what to wear. Players can choose outfits including a clown, a pink cowboy, a Zulu Shaman and Baphomet—an ancient figure associated with Satan.

The player must battle characters including parodies of John McCain dressed as a red demon; Ron Paul, as a sith warrior named Darth Paul and Ben Bernanke (Former FED Chairman) as the kingpin of the Federal Reserve, who holds a red shield and attacks the player with bubbles. On bonus levels, the player must bow at the waist and kiss the behinds of banker bosses.

The player must battle patriots, zombies, and sheeple. Powers include throwing unlimited Bulls%^t, “Hope and Change ”- hypnosis and a “YES WE CAN” super jump that helps the player dodge issues, avoid pitfalls and evade a large Kenyan Birth Certificate.

Some of the bonus items include—a giant joint that magically whisks Obama back to the 70s in a gold jumpsuit and afro; and a limousine from “Larry Sinclair Svcs” where the hero appears to receive sexual services for a “POWER UP.” There is also a giant bill of rights that the player can urinate upon to gain “corporate sponsorship.”

When asked, Joseph Kordan, the CEO of APP Designs said, “We knew this would ruffle a few feathers, but it also is an excellent way to deal with real issues that affect us all in a funny and irreverent way. We do not feel that the game has gone too far, instead the real problems: things like lack of a genuine democracy and unlimited bulls%^t from our elected officials, these things have gone too far. We have received such an overwhelming response from people. People like what we are doing, they are tired of the BS, and they like to laugh—and we show them just a little bit of the truth. I’d say, that is a good thing.”

ObamaNation Part One features an all original soundtrack mixed by Tantu Beats of the Netherlands

About APP Designs

APP Designs produces exciting, fun and timely digital entertainment. The company strives to make the future inspiring and free. It has plans for some fun and exciting video games and other resources of entertainment, however, with its newest video game ‘ObamaNation Part One’ the company has entered into the world of controversy.

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