What this Amity nursery kids did for their teachers is truly heartwarming. It will melt your hearts!

What is the best gift you can ever give your teacher? A bagful of memories to last a lifetime? Well, that’s exactly what little Kyra Kanojia of Class I H, Amity International School Noida did.

As her last day of kindergarten approached, she came up with the idea of saying ‘thank you’ to her teachers, via a video. So, with the help of her mother, she made a heartwarming ‘I love you Ma’m’ video featuring her along with her classmates, and presented it to their class teachers Tanya Ma’m and Pallavi Ma’m on the last day of Class KG. And guess what? The teachers were overwhelmed with emotion, with tears of joy streaming down their cheeks at the sight of their little ones saying ‘I love you, and I’ll miss you Ma’m’ with dewy eyes and cute expressions.

It was a touching moment for both the teachers as it was for the first time, such little children had expressed their gratitude and love for them. The unforgettable moment will remain etched in the memory of little Kyra and her friends, forever.

Kyra is also an avid youtube. She runs a youtube channel called ‘Kyrascope’ where she unboxes toys and reviews them. She loves to emote and is a natural in front of the camera. At a time when most children her age are busy playing with toys, Kyra has managed to carve a niche for herself in the online world.

To catch her videos, log on to:
youtube.com/kyrascope or kyrascope.com