MIRAFX Announces Launch of MockupUI to Bring High-Fidelity UI Prototyping to the Desktop Software Industry

MockupUI, a user interface prototyping software built on Qt technology, today announced that it had launched its desktop UI mockup tool for developers. The new MockupUI software provides tools for drawing desktop GUI mockups with unmatched fidelity. Individual developers and companies are now welcome to integrate MockupUI in their software development workflow.

MockupUI ($173) enables users to draw both desktop UI mockups and wireframes, and it’s among the few available tools on the market that produce high fidelity mockups for Windows desktop environments.

MIRAFX Announces Launch of MockupUI to Bring High-Fidelity UI Prototyping to the Desktop Software Industry

The MockupUI team has developed a tool based on Qt technology which for the first time can be used by software designers and developers with no programming knowledge to create and share digital UI mockups for everything from business, engineering or educational software to entertainment applications for the desktop. With the launch of the software, individual developers and enterprises are now welcome to use the tool to create high-fidelity UI mockups or wireframes and integrate them into functional or design specifications.

“We are very excited about the potential for MockupUI’s design tool to speed-up the process of prototyping desktop user interfaces,” says Eugen Fernea, developer of MockupUI. “MockupUI has made the task of creating and data populating of UI prototypes accessible to anyone involved in software product development, from UI designers to business analysts and product managers.”

The benefits of using MockupUI are endless. It makes it easier to prototype user interfaces with no programming involved, helps to communicate and evaluating UI design concepts, elaborate requirements, illustrates use case scenarios and eventually be more convincing in front of stakeholders and clients.

The MockupUI editor comes equipped with some design tools ranging from standard desktop widgets to tables, trees, and graphic shapes and allows users to switch from wireframe to native visual styles in one click. It makes it easy to add data to widgets and designs can be annotated with descriptions and notes.

Integrating mockups into specification documents is as simple as copying and pasting them into Word, PowerPoint or other document formats. MockupUI also offers the possibility to compile designs and annotations into specification documents and to directly print or export them to Word, HTML or PDF files.

About MockupUI

MockupUI is a user interface mockup and wireframing tool for developers and enterprises providing a straightforward and easy to integrate solution for designing desktop user interfaces. The tool is built on Qt technology, the modern multi-platform framework. MockupUI is available now and can be downloaded from mockupui.com. It is compatible with any PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Available versions of the software include 32 bit and 64 bit.


Notes to editors

Media files, product description, examples, screenshots, and logos can be downloaded from http://mockupui.com/press.html



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