Pharmacist publishes book on health

Most heard health and healthy living and immediately assume a massive tome that will cover several hundred pages on only a few topics. Each subject will be filled with various information, tips and often, jargon from the medical field.

Hesham Elsayed is a pharmacist and professional. He grew tired of the many different books and ebooks that promised solid information but failed to deliver. Instead, he created his own.

Pharmacist publishes book on health

The health eBook: A Guide to Better Health is one of complete aides available to anyone looking to get healthy, remain healthy or fight off possible health situations before they begin.

The ebook covers over 20 different topics of health. It is also 34 pages long.

“Many people were baffled when I told them about my book, topic and the length. They did not think it was possible to create something comprehensive in that few pages. I proved them wrong,” said Elsayed.

The topics covered in the book are relevant and necessary for the best possible healthy living choices. Elsayed covers some of the more common issues such as smoking, but there is much more to it that many will never consider.

“Folic acid is essential during pregnancy, but most women never learn why. I go into detail on this,” said Elsayed.

The ebook is available for the Kindle eReader from Visit the site for additional information or to download: