Legal XM Aims to Bring Proficient Legal Advice to Mobile Devices Around the World

San Diego, California – January 21, 2017

Legal XM is a mobile app currently in development that aims to help anyone with a smartphone obtain legal advice while on the go. The app is backed by an intuitive artificial intelligence system to help users get the best results possible.

The app connect users with attorneys, private investigators and security experts in their local area to help them get the advice and guidance they need. The creators of the app have already built up an extensive database of legal service providers, many of them within the Legal XM network, with more coming.

Brutal simplicity. Surprisingly advanced, with promising results. The Intelligent Shield is the perfect balance between helping and protecting clients and managing legal providers without the expected intrusion.

The key benefit of using the app is connecting users to real legal professionals, eliminating the risk of inaccurate legal advice associated with online searches. With so much misinformation available, the value is in knowing that the information came from a qualified professional.

In addition to providing users with answers to their questions, Legal XM assists those with ongoing court cases, reminding them of important tasks and upcoming court dates. Users can even program the app to alert their loved ones of missed check-ins. This feature can be especially useful when traveling in potentially unsafe environments, both at home and abroad.

To help bring the app to market, Legal XM’s creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the project. The project has a funding goal of $50,000 to finish coding and an expected release date of August 2017.

The campaign has a flexible funding goal. This means that the creators will receive the funds regardless of whether or not they hit their target allowing them to scale back features as necessary. If the full value is not reached, they promise to still move forward with producing the app, albeit with fewer special features.

Contributors to the campaign get a free initial case evaluation for donations of at least $25. For donations of $500 or more, backers will be listed as sponsors on the app’s website and within the app. At the $1,000 contribution level, donors will receive full-page profiles of their businesses with links back to their company websites.

You’re now officially invited to be a part of it. Legal XM Team is thankful if you considering backing them, and share the news with friends, family, and colleagues.

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