Breast Plastic Surgery or Three Paths to Perfections

Feminine beauty is surprisingly diverse and does not depend on your body type. We know that beauty is beyond standards and we should learn to appreciate our individual features, be it narrow or wide hips, round face or sharp cheekbones, a small nose or an aquiline profile. Still, “irregular” breasts are something that is hard to accept even for the most confident women. Modern plastic surgery allows fixing various aesthetic defects (asymmetry, ptosis, tubular shape) and increasing the size of mammary glands.

Today we’ll discuss why it is a bad idea to turn your breasts into melons, whether the implant rupture is indeed dangerous and whether fake breasts can serve as airbags in a road accident (yes, there have been cases of that), why is breast gel injection is hazardous and how safe is lipo-filling with the plastic surgeon, Andrey Andrievsky, M.D.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Boobs into Melons

Some women believe the bigger their breasts are, the better. Plastic surgeon Andrey Andrievsky, on the other hand, judges from his vast experience and claims that the bigger the breasts are, the higher the complications risk is. Even the celebrities known for their giant breasts weren’t able to avoid the associated aesthetic problems. Sharon Osborne faced back pains and found out one of her breasts was leaking. One of the reasons for Queen Latifah’s breast reduction was that she encountered certain cosmetic issues. Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson had enough of the implants and eventually underwent breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Andrievsky states that “If a patient wants to increase her breasts to reach size 6, for instance, I will refuse to perform such a surgery. First of all, such huge breasts don’t look natural. The implants are not only felt but are seen, i.e. their contour is visible. The breasts become apparently deform, and this can be fixed during a repeat surgery with considerable difficulties. Moreover, after inserting large implants, the breasts will sag faster, and back pains occur frequently”.

Some plastic surgeons insert overly large implants when performing a breast lift to avoid having vertical scars. However, Dr. Andrievsky believes that even in this case it is possible to do without large stents.

The doctor explains: “If you visit my web-site to view the results of my surgeries, you will see that I rarely resort to the round breast shape as I tend to opt for anatomically-shaped implants. I am an advocate of the natural breast look which is proportionate and symmetrical. Many surgeons insert 360 ml or bigger implants. As for me, I try my best not to use large-volume implants. In most cases, 245-300 ml are enough”.

Is Implant Rupture Dangerous?

People often associate breast implant damage with a catastrophe ranging from the total body intoxication to cancer development. Perhaps, this myth has spread because of the harmful polyacrylamide gel which was used to pump lips, buttocks, and breasts back in the 1990s. The procedure was quick and fast so that no one could imagine the terrors of the delayed effect. With time this gel began to “slide down,” migrate, cause inflammation and tissue deformation. Today this toxic gel is no longer used in plastic surgery, but its victims are obliged to contend with the aesthetic defects.

“I had to remove some polyacrylamide gel which a woman had injected over 15 years ago, – Dr. Andrievsky illustrates. – The breasts were severely deformed due to the spreading of the gel. If you look at the picture, you’ll see that the gel inside the right breast has migrated to the center, so we had to perform a two-stage surgery: first, we removed the gel, and after six months new implants were inserted.

Unlike the polyacrylamide gel, the silicone that the implants contain is inert, i.e. it does not enter into any chemical reaction and does not affect the human body. It is tough to damage the shell of a silicone implant, as numerous videos where people attempt to rip, hit or even run over the implants with a sports car – all in vain – can be found on the Internet to attest their firmness. Still, even if you cut an implant with scissors, as Dr. Andrievsky did once when broadcast, the silicone won’t spill inside your body tissues simply because there is no liquid whatsoever inside the implant. Underneath the shell there is a soft elastic material that has shape memory, i.e. it will regain its shape even if you attempt to squeeze it out of the capsule.

“Implant rupture can occur due to an accident or a serious injury. There have been cases when the implants served as airbags during road accidents and saved women from severe injuries. If you suffer from a breast implant rupture (that is visible on the ultrasound), of course, a repeat surgery can be done. But if the rupture does not bother you and the shape hasn’t changed, it is not necessary to replace the damaged implant. Nothing awful will happen” – claims Dr. Andrievsky.

Last but not least, the result of mammoplasty directly depends on the quality of the implants. According to Dr. Andrievsky, only well-known manufacturers are trustworthy as each implant should come with a warranty certificate: “I use only premium-class implants in my medical practice: EUROSILICONE (France), ARION (France), Polytech (Germany), Natrelle McGhan (USA). They all have a lifetime warranty.

Do you want to have beautiful natural breasts?

Many women are familiar with the feeling of regret when their body gains weight in all the wrong places. Lipofilling is perfect for those who want to make their body more harmonious as it ensures liposuction and migration of fat from problem areas to breasts.

“The main advantage of lipo-filling is that your own fat from your body that 100% matches your genotype is injected into your breasts. With lipo-filling, this fat grows in and becomes a part of you. It is crucial that no allergies or rejections occur.”

But in general, Dr. Andrievsky is convinced that it is not necessary to undergo a dangerous operation for a slight increase in breast size. If by nature the breasts have a beautiful shape, no plastic surgery is needed.