Motrac Motorcycles Announces American Launch Offering Street Legal 125cc Motorcycles and a Very Customer Friendly Business Model

Insiders agree the interest in 125cc motorcycles is impossible to deny. One of the leading forces in the space in Europe and Asia, Motrac Motorcycles have stepped onto the American scene to a large amount of excitement. Built to the highest standards, all of their 125cc motorcycles are fully street legal, set at attractive price points and backed up by a warranty that protects a customer’s interests.

January 21, 2017

There’s no doubt at all for many people’s lifestyles, sense of comfort, choice in style and budget, nothing beats a 125cc motorcycle. Enthusiasts for this style of the motorcycle have a excellent reason to be happy, with one of Europe and Asia’s leading manufacturers of 125cc motorcycles now emerging on the American scene, Motrac Motorcycles. With their headquarters based in Florida, Motrac Motorcycles recently announced their American launch and are bringing the same level of quality and customer service that have made them a fast success in Europe and Asia to the American arm of their business.

“With our online and showroom business model, we are revolutionizing the industry by not working as a conventional dealer,” commented Roberto Giusti, CEO. “This has allowed us to provide a more personalized after sales service to our customers. With this service called Motrac & You, we will provide at your home services, something that has never been done before.”

According to the company, at launch, their American line features five 125cc motorcycle models, with one likely to meet most customer’s needs. All built to the highest standards; the line currently consists of the Motrac MX, Motrac M6, Motrac M5, Motrac M-OX Extended and Motrac MOX. All are available in different colors, to help a rider make the motorcycle truly his or her own. Additions to the line are expected, as the company grows, with 500cc and 800cc Supersport models coming later this year.

An area where Motrac Motorcycles truly sets themselves apart from competitors is in the way they have structured their business to be as customer friendly as possible. The company call this the “Motrac 7 Advantages”, which include: confidence in their workmanship to the degree they provide a 3 year warranty; price points that are between 30% and 40% less than competing brands; loans at 0% interest if paid within 24 months; no down payments required; always free shipping; home delivery in seven days; and a commitment to the highest level of customer service.

Motrac Motorcycles are available directly from the company online or at one of their Florida showrooms in Dadeland Mall located in Kendall or Town Center at Boca Raton. The company plans to expand in America at a steady pace, with plans to open 40 service centers, and 240 showrooms in the most prestigious malls in the United States within the next three years, eventually having a presence in 50 American states.

For more information or to order be sure to visit or call 844-668-7228.