French Nerds Presents Beauty Line Featuring Duo Cleanser, Brushes and Wipes

There appear to be endless choices when it comes to the wide-ranging and expanding market of cosmetics; Making finding a brand that works for the ever-evolving lifestyles of the average consumer can be daunting. For example, the choice to establish and maintain a vegan lifestyle is a preference many customers are quite passionate about. The guarantee that one’s cosmetic brand is vegan can be difficult and a bit tedious. The Growing brand French Nerds has chosen to tackle this important niche market and has made it their priority to present consumers with vegan-friendly products. Their vegan-friendly Brush Cleanser Duo Kit is one of their cornerstone products that demonstrates this goal.

The French Nerds’ Brush Cleanser Duo Kit is a specialized vegan-friendly cosmetic cleanser that contains multiple items. The brush cleanser contains a fresh scent and utilizes ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, jojoba. Just a drop or two of this cleanser allows any makeup brush to be revitalized and maintain its soft bristles after numerous uses. The Duo Kit also contains a cosmetic brush egg which absolves the need for one to use a complicated brush cleaner kit for brushes. Fitting snugly on two fingers, the brushed egg helps remove all residue and keeps your brush collection spotless. The brush egg is perfect for use at home or while traveling and was designed to outlast make brush cleaners such as mat products and sponges.

The French Nerds Cleanser found in the Duo Kit features a 2 oz. Bottle while the Brush Egg allows the makeup cleaning process to be effortless. The Duo Kit is available for purchase on Amazon and is backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

French Nerds is a vegan-friendly business created to help unify beauty, eco-consciousness, and pop-trends into the safety of one cosmetic brand.

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