Qualovefy Dating Site Sets New Standards

February 7, 2017 – Rock Hill, South Carolina – All matchmaking sites work the same way—until now. At Qualovefy.com, users can build their own
matches from head to toe, a one-time process that takes about five minutes.

Most dating sites allow users to browse profiles or look for pictures that are attractive. Others leave it up to the Website to find compatible matches.
New startup Qualovefy, LLP, set out to do things differently. The owners and algorithms do not presume to know who might be the best match for each member
. Instead, the company believes users should set their own standards then design their own dates.

Finding Internet love is now socially acceptable, even to those who still have their reasons for avoiding the process. Qualovefy co-owner Kevin Douglas,
46, asks, “What’s not to like about having the power to create the ideal match?”

While some dating sites use questionnaires, Qualovefy.com eliminates the process with clickable options. Other easy-to-use features include photo uploading, cropping, and rotation; blocking and reporting site violators; instant messaging, sending Q-Love, or blocking contacts based on subpar match scores. The dashboard page has a link to a video that demonstrates the site’s major features.

At Qualovefy, a member must first build a profile. Clicking the Lifestyle button brings up other options for selecting things like education, strong
areas, heart & mind, stability, etc. Then, touch a sexy mannequin to begin building a physical profile. For example, touch the Head & Face area then choose brown eyes, green eyes, medium lips, etc. Touch any part of the body to build that area of the profile.

Creating a date works the same as creating a profile, but here the site gets more interesting. Click any option until it turns green to make it a
qualifying, necessary element. In other words, “Think of any personal niche for this site,” says Douglas. “Qualovefy becomes every dating site, but none of them can do everything that Qualovefy does.”

More important, member discovery is only possible when a date is built, and a match is found based on specified standards or options. Membership is permanently free (no credit card requests) for those who sign up before Valentine’s Day, and this includes the use of all site features.


Contact: Billy Sims