RunningTek Introduces Its New Facebook Brand Page

Ty Harris, the public relations manager for RunningTek, announced its social media presence on the popular site, Facebook, with its new brand page – RunningTek. The outdoor fitness product company has already begun building its audience there and plans to grow its presence by providing meaningful content and engaging posts. The RunningTek brand page will be used, not only to build its existing audience but also as a means to inform followers of announcements and offerings of its products. Discounts on future purchases are a common sight to their supporters.

RunningTek’s primary audience consists of runners of all kinds – marathoners, obstacle course racers, trail runners, or just casual joggers who are trying to get in a little better shape. It also includes others who incorporate outdoor exercise into their lives – cyclists, triathletes, mountain climbers, motor cyclers, etc.

The brand page is another in their continued efforts to communicate their brand and mission to the fitness world. RunningTek’s mission is to provide products specifically designed for the needs of outdoor athletes of all types, from beginners to the elite.

In keeping with that mission, RunningTek’s first product launch was the Reflective Running Vest, already available on This safety vest provides high visibility for runners, cyclists, or even motorcyclers by incorporating reflective strips on all sides of the jacket. Many runners and bikers prefer to exercise early or late in the day, during times of lowlight. Having proper reflective wear is critical, especially for those athletes that choose to work out on passable roads. The reflective safety vest is made of a mesh material keeping it lightweight, very breathable, and minimalist in design. The vest is bright yellow making the wearer highly visible during daylight and is intended for men and women. It is offered in three sizes (small, medium, and large) which are themselves adjustable.

The company plans to grow its online presence through other social media outlets as well, including Pinterest and Twitter. RunningTek also continues to provide active outreach to its customers (and potential customers) through its website at

About RunningTek

RunningTek was started by a small group of sports and fitness enthusiasts. They are providers of sports and outdoor specialty products specifically made for outdoor athletes, from beginners to the elite. The Reflective Running Vest is an example of a product specifically catered to runners who work out during non-daylight hours and require safety apparel to suit their needs.

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