Top Celebrity Beauty Master Nadia Afanaseva Celebrates Success on Instagram Showing off her World Class Eyelash and Eye Brow Work

While there are many beauticians, the number of world class beauticians is a much smaller number. NYC based, international award winning Nadia Afanaseva is that in every sense of the word. In exciting news, she’s also quickly become one of the top beauty bloggers for follow on Instagram, sharing amazing photos of her work and deep insight on the beauty world.

February 4th, 2017

Nadia Afanaseva is a very rare individual have earned her status as a top celebrity beauty master both in her native Russia and across the world in one most highly competitive spaces for the industry New York City. Owner and lead technician at her two NYC Eye Design New York acclaimed beauty salons, Nadia recently celebrated her achievement of becoming one of the top beauty bloggers to follow. Her Instagram becomes more popular every day, showcasing her salon’s stunning work, and it’s clear her status as being one of the top Instagram beauty bloggers has been very well earned.

“I’m passionate about beauty, and so are all the women who work for me,” commented Nadia about her two salons. “It’s wonderful my Instagram has become so popular it’s a nice way to stay connected with our customers and help inspire new ideas in a wide range of different beauty areas.”

According to Nadia, despite her reputation as a top celebrity beauty master, and one of the top beauty bloggers for following, she and her fellow experts at Eye Design New York, show just as much interest and attention to their regular clients as they do the stars. Everyone who comes through their doors is considered a valued client and can expect the best in service.

A skilled teacher, Nadia often holds professional training programs, on subjects like six methods of volume application; the microblogging standard technique; 12 eyelash extension effects; and the shadow permanent makeup process.

Nadia Afanaseva’s Instagram has been met with very enthusiastic feedback.

Christine C., from Brooklyn, recently said, “I’ve been going to Nadia for my eyelash extensions after seeing her beautiful work on Instagram. Five stars all the way!”

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