VITALS PRO announced launch of Medical Grade Heart Health Monitoring wearable device which can Alert users hours before a Heart Attack, Stroke or a Cardiac Arrest

VITALS PRO happily announced the launch of their product which is a wearable device which can alert users before a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke. This device method can help a lot in the prevention of such cardiovascular diseases.

The company has said that it is the first device inside the healthcare industry which can provide real-time clinical grade heart health insights and it could save millions of lives every year from stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest.

This product has been named VITALS PRO which is now available as a smartwatch and a wristband. This product is now completed research and the first prototype ready. As of now, clinical trial, as well as web application development, is going on. The product is available for pre-order on their website and should be shipping to medical professionals by May 2017.

Vitals Pro is offering the effortless way of monitoring cardiac health which fits the modern lifestyle. This is the globe’s first wearable device which is available as a wristband and smartwatch which can give medical grade real-time overall clinical grade cardiac health insights anywhere and anytime. VITALS PRO remains passionate regarding helping cardiac patients and people across the world to enhance their cardiac health and then prevent critical cardiovascular diseases through early detection, positive recommendations, and clinical grade monitoring. This company cares about the safety and welfare of everyone, especially those who are sick with any cardiovascular ailment that can attack anytime and anywhere, leading the patient to suffer and worst, death. VITALS PRO is guaranteed easy to use and is made using the latest technology, making it easy to use. It comes with great features that every customer will surely love. The company assures everyone that VITALS PRO will always work efficiently, giving them and their loved one’s peace of mind.

VITALS PRO is now inviting medical professionals, cardiologists, and heart patients to visit their official website to learn more, pre-order and review the quality and accuracy of Vitals Pro’s clinical grade bio-sensing features around the world. VITALS PRO is a revolutionary device that helps monitor the cardiac health of a person. It sends automatic alert signals if there is a possibility of a heart attack, stroke or hypertension. A product of the newest technology, VITALS PRO is claimed to be the first of its kind.

VITALS PRO is a start-up company headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company’s research and development team was led by V. Pathak, well known IT engineer and inventor, and VITALS PRO is the first product of this series and company is passionate to bring new updated version of VITALS PRO with new features in coming years. Learn more at