PAYG PAY AS YOU GO APPS: APP Development and financing company.

PAYG, app financing and development company designed to provide a 12-month payment plan with a 3 to 12-week app development and launch feature for all interested startups and businesses, this week officially unveiled their services for every entity intent on having an expertly optimized and fully functional app live in the App Stores this year.

Borne from a passion for providing a first-ever payment model for custom mobile and web applications, PAYG is making it possible for every sized entity, startup, and millennial entrepreneur to have a fully functioning, visual app right in the Google Play and Apple Stores.

PAYG’s goal for 2017 is to sign up 300 new businesses. They are already 33% of the way there. Currently, their financing model does not require any credit score minimum.

“For everyone who has pondered the question, ‘How do I finance my app development cost?’ our PAYG service is here to provide the sustainable solution,” said Anshul Bagai, Founder, and Owner of PAYG. “This is a unique, 12-months payment plan that is risk-free, affordable, and includes one year of support and three upgrades.”

To get started, site visitors need to fill out a free quote with the platform for providing the desired app needs, requirements, and objectives with the PAYG Business Analyst. Alternatively, site visitors can also use the free App Calculator on the PAYG website. Users then pick from a unique payment plan curated specifically for their project. From there, they are officially prompted to sign up with particular project schedules by the payment plan and make their very first payment on the PAYG automated and seamless finance processer, equipped with a customer service associate. PAYG then gets to work building and optimizing the app, and after only 3 to 12 weeks, launches the app live right in the App Stores or over the web.

After that, users are covered for one year of maintenance including three upgrades with PAYG, including cosmetic changes, bug fixes, browser compatibility, and OS updates. When the contract is completed, PAYG transfers the required documents, source code, and other project related items back to the client in a downloadable link and flash drive.

PAYG Apps is first and the only company to finance any scope of app development, build it out, and present it back to the official owner.

For more information, or to get started with a PAYG app today, visit:


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Paul Gray – Relationship Manager