SQUAREGAL: DIAMONDS ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND German-based Jewelry Aims to Transform Diamonds into Everyday Accessories

Munich, Bavaria, Germany – February 12th, 2017 – Marilyn Monroe may have once sung that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but now one jewelry startup, Squaregal, aims to change that perception by reinventing their image through modern new styles and redefining prices to be more affordable for everyday wear.

Squaregal: diamonds aren’t just for evening soirees, but also for everyday wear such as jeans and t-shirts

“For too long, diamonds have been caged up as a prestigious stone, only to be worn on special occasions and kept locked away when not,” said Audrey Cheng, founder of Squaregal. “At Squaregal, we want to change that—we believe beautiful things should be on display as chic, fashionable accessories that are perfect for every outfit and every mood.”

Founded in 2016, the company’s available prices (with prices ranging between €80 and €600) are a result of a direct partnership with a Hong Kong manufacturer specializing in gemstone jewelry. With a new collection launching every month based around a different “theme girl,” the company is already showing that diamonds are a limitless stone—and one that can be shaped to fit any girl’s personal identity.

For more information and to see Squaregal’s current collection, please visit http://www.squaregal.com. For media inquiries, please contact at (+49) 163-214-5116 or email at assistance@squaregal.com.

About Squaregal

Squaregal offers handcrafted chic jewelry, perfected with authentic diamonds and gemstones at highly affordable prices. Each month, the company releases a freshly limited edition. For more information, please visit Squaregal’s website.

Website: https://www.squaregal.com/

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