Dutch invention: A great ‘Plop’ with every bottle you open

A great sound. That nice hard plop when you open a bottle of champagne. That great plop can now be heard whenever you open a bear or a coke. Thanks to the Plopr. A dutch invention that has been worked on for several years. As of today Plopr is listed on Kickstarter to crowdfund money for a first production.

Johan van de Pol (27) from the Netherlands, is the inventor of the Plopr. He says: “Five years ago during a party a friend of mine opened a bottle of beer with the backside of a lighter. It opened with an amazing ‘Plop’ sound. Later that evening after several tries I finally succeeded to open my bear with a ‘Plop’ using a lighter. I learned that every human movement can be replicated using a machine or a tool. I promised my friends that I would invent something that would be easier to use than a lighter. I still hear them laughing at that statement. That event made me even more determined to invent a tool with which everybody would be able to make that great ‘Plop’ sound.”

Bookshelf Bracket

Johan has been busy for a number of years developing all kinds of prototypes that look nothing like how the Plopr eventually came out. In the summer of 2016 he finally achieved a breakthrough. Nothing other than a bookshelf bracket eventually formed the inspiration for the working prototype that Johan developed with his brother-in-law, who is an engineering student. They invested thousands of hours and as a result, everybody is now able to open his bottle with a ‘Plop’. And a great side-effect is that the cap flies through the air. Don’t you want to plop it? You can also use the Plopr to open a bottle the ‘old school’ way.


Starting today, the Plopr can be found on Kickstarter with the goal to fund €10.000. With this starting capital we can produce and distribute the first openers and we can search for a distributor. The Plopr can be personalized on orders consisting of a minimum 100 pieces, making it a great personal gift to use for promotional purposes for brands.


For more information: Johan van de Pol, jvandepol@innerva.nl