The North America Association of Coaches and Counselor (NAACC) launched on February 14, 2017, and will help find top rated coaches and counselors near you.

Atlanta, US, (February 14, 2017) – The North America Association of Coaches and Counselor (NAACC) helps connect people to counselors and coaches near them. The members of NAACC are trusted leaders in their niches. NAACC makes it easy for people to search their reliable network and find top-rated counselors and coaches from the same. The organization is launched on February 14, 2017 (Valentine’s day).

NAACC was established due to a couple, both of whom are certified and licensed counselors and coaches. The couple developed the website as a solution for people who kept looking for a single platform that blended counselors and coaches and assisted them to get qualified clients. It was set up as a solution to the problem.

The corporate office of NAACC is based in Atlanta. A private corporation, it presently has five staff members but is growing. The organization offers certification and training to aspiring counselors and coaches. Mentors and coaches can be listed free of cost, and begin to get clients at the official website of NAACC. People can quickly search for a top rated counselor or coach close to them.

The official website of NAACC also offers blog posts on a broad range of related medical topics, such as the best apps to find a coach or counselor, advantages of working with a coach or how to find the best therapist. These posts and helpful articles are highly assistive for users.

About NAACC:

North America Association of Coaches and Counselor (NAACC) is a private organization based in Atlanta that helps people to find top rated counselors and coaches. It also provides certification and training to budding counselors and coaches.

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North America Association of Coaches and Counselors (NAACC)

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