Norwalk Integrated Medical Center Offers Non-Invasive Treatments for Acute and Subacute Low Back Pain as Recommended by the ACP

The American College of Physicians’ new guidelines recommend non-invasive treatments to combat abuse of pain medication, and iMed Center in Norwalk is leading the way for local treatment.

Norwalk, Connecticut—The American College of Physicians (ACP) released new guidelines in February 2017 to control symptoms of acute and subacute low back pain. The guidelines emphasize noninvasive treatment over addictive medication prescriptions. Their recommendations include Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Exercise, Spinal Manipulation and Prescription anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants. Integrated Medical Center (iMed) in Norwalk offers each of these treatments to aid patients in reducing low back pain without the use of medications.

“It’s great that The American College of Physicians created these guidelines emphasizing conservative non-pharmaceutical treatments for low back pain,” said Dr. Diego Murcia of iMed Center. “This will help fight the current epidemic of dependence to pain medications while still assist the patient in getting pain relief.”

An epidemic of abuse and addiction to pain medication sparked the ACP to put forth these new guidelines, and iMed Center of Norwalk offers their recommended non-invasive treatment plan in house. The ideal treatment plan will eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by acute or subacute low back pain without exposing patients to highly addictive substances.

The Norwalk iMed Center specializes in massage therapy, physical therapy, spinal manipulation, and exercise. They also have highly trained physicians that can careful analyze each situation to determine whether prescription medications are required for further treatment.

People suffering from low back pain can get more information on the iMed center’s website or visit iMed Center of Norwalk at 365 Westport Ave, Suite 3, in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Norwalk Integrated Medical Center offers a conservative approach to low back pain which involves massage therapy, exercise therapy, and spinal manipulation. If prescription medication is required, our medical doctors are available to help manage the condition.

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