Freddie Achom joins the board of Vivid Technologies as Non-Executive Chairman

Vivid Technologies has named Freddie Achom as its new Non-Executive Chairman as part of the company’s plans to expand into the Middle East Telecoms sector.

Vivid Technologies are very pleased to announce the appointment of Freddie Achom as its Non-Executive Chairman. The appointment follows a recent joint venture exclusive agency distribution agreement with Kuwait-based Media Phone Plus that will serve the Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq region of the Middle East. Freddie Achom comes with a wealth of experience within the Private Equity and Venture Investment sector; he is the CEO & Founder of Rosemont Group Capital Partners an offshore based venture capitalist group who last year announced a seed investment in the company. Achom has joined Vivid Technologies’ team to help navigate the company’s expansion into developing markets.

Omer Khan Founder and CEO of the Pakistani-based customer services technology platform, Vivid Technologies says, “with a wealth of experience and knowledge Freddie’s contribution to the team will be of insurmountable importance. This appointment undoubtedly will help take the company to the next level by drawing on his wealth of experience in assisting businesses to scale up. It marks a significant milestone for Vivid Technologies to have such an accomplished visionary on board at this juncture where the company is going from strength to strength. With his addition, we are another step closer to achieving our goals.”

The company previously incubated at Plan9 and accelerated at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, before joining Microsoft Ventures London and BlackBox Connect (sponsored by Google), last year completed a seed-stage funding round, with investments from Sunbridge Ventures, Telefonica, Conrad Labs and Rosemont Group Capital Partners.

“The Vivid team has made real inroads into the telecom sector, with a particular focus on the Middle East and I believe the technology is much needed to move the old IVR technology into the new age. I am pleased to join the board and keen to assist in road mapping and implementing growth strategies within the region,” said Freddie Achom. “Of course safeguarding our investment is always paramount, but we are also very excited to be active in bringing this groundbreaking technology to the forefront.”


Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC is an early stage venture capitalist firm co-founded in 2003 by British Entrepreneur and venture investor Freddie Achom. Its portfolio is as wide ranging as digital technology, biotechnology, solar technology, financial services, land, and property development to more high-profile ventures in the entertainment sectors. Rosemont groups headquarter in London with international offices in New York and Mumbai.

Rosemont Group is actively seeking interesting ideas, concepts, and businesses to invest in and should be contacted via their website:

We are social: @RosemontGroup #RosemontGroup

Vivid Technologies is a next generation voice platform which is integrated into your smartphones and device, allowing users to access information more efficiently with an optical feature, replacing regular client service which is trouble-free to obtain with a touch screen experience and making inquiries much quicker to deal with and reducing queue time. The technology also gives users the privilege to view how long queue times may take and do a face to face video chat.

Vivid Technology is an intermediary firm with its global presence in the United States and the UK. Since its launch, the company has been able to raise investments from leading companies like Telefonica, Sunbridge Ventures, and Microsoft UK from the countries across the globe that include the US, UK, and Japan.

Vivid Technologies recently made a deal with Telenor Pakistan, a move that will help boost Telenor’s customer experience. Vivid Technologies is a USA based company which has set a benchmark by introducing visual navigation IVR to enhance the client experience. Armed with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, the company aims at improving customer services by making them cost effective, engaging and interactive.

Currently, Telenor Pakistan has a total subscriber count of 38 million and has 27% SIM market share. Vivid seeks to reduce enterprise call center costs by 26%; improve customer satisfaction by 65%; and help to reduce incoming call traffic by 30-35% making it cost effective, engaging and interactive. The IVR technology will save customer time ten fold and optimize staffing efficiency by 12%.

Integrating the technology with their contact centers, Vivid will be introducing this entire setup for Telenor customers through their 345 helplines by early 2017.

The deal with Vivid Technologies was finalized in November 2016, and as part of the deal, Vivid will also be moving to other Telenor business units in the Asia-Pacific region such as Myanmar and Bangladesh.

This is one of the major milestones achieved last year after Freddie Achom joined the board of Vivid as Chairman.