DAT Solutions LLC to start up Online Subscription Business – Peer Intelligence

As the company provides financial data analytics with focus on Key Performance Indicators trends

Mark Haunsen, the CEO, and founder of Peer Intelligence is happy to announce his intention of starting up the online subscription business with the aim of providing financial data analytics. This company is set to ensure focus on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) trends for US public companies through a subscription to the online portal. Peer Intelligence can also build a custom offer for you by developing and making the required KPI algorithms for your own business or any complement of your peers for a tailored running of your portal.

Peer Intelligence has just been launched a few days ago and has got some 3-month subscribers already through launch rock platform. According to Mark, this is what he said “I had just launched this site yesterday, but I’ve got some 3-month free subscribers already through launch rock platform which I used while the site was under development. Accountants and businesses are welcomed to partner with us.”

About Peer Intelligence

Peer Intelligence is an online subscription company that offers historical financial data and KPI trend analyses for US Issuers and helps you build a custom portal for your business with their best strategies;

ORGANIZE- This Category identifies your data and organizes it into a database of your choice. You can also get your local and remote data, from cloud services, or from your local databases.

STRUCTURE- This category will add rules and transforms to ensure that all data are properly cleaned up for a better visualization and insights.

KPIs- This part is responsible for developing and building the required KPI algorithms for your own business or any complement of your peers.

PORTAL- Using all organized and structured data, Peer Intelligence will bind the data and get the visualizations just right for you and then follow your corporate identity or that of your clients

DYNAMIC– Peer Intelligence will active filters and drill down so that your users can manipulate the portals and get their answers. Filter data by user or teams.

WEBSITE– And then, finally, Peer intelligence will build a custom website or intranet site for your business and can also limit access to it with your access rules and permissions for your users

Contact information

Contact Peer Intelligence for your online subscription services through their contact details;

Email Address: mgt@analyzexbrl.com

Address: 301 Route 17 North, Suite 800 # 12-40, Rutherford NJ 07070

Phone Number: 732-390-4960