Dieting Based on Personality Type is Key to Health, Says ‘Nutrition Facts’ by Oscan Mendez

What is the ideal diet for the modern man? This question has become one of the hottest and most debated topics. Shedding some new and scientific light is the new book by author Oscar Mendez, ‘Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type.’ As suggested by the title, no one ‘ideal’ diet can be prescribed, but one based on the eater’s personality.

Among all the nutrition facts, the one least discussed is what diet is right for a given personality type. According to health and dieting research, it is the personality type that determines the overall health. There are sixteen personality types, and ‘Nutrition Facts’ offers a detailed analysis of some of the major ones, along with plenty of information on their eating patterns and dietary advice.

‘Nutrition Facts’ uncovers some interesting food based personalities that are known but never explored before. The following night eaters are introvert, enough, loner or reserved. The impulsive eaters tend to be spontaneous, adaptable and flexible. The regular eaters, the most popular personality type, are extrovert, average, adaptable and flexible. The extreme dieters are well known, and they are usually an introvert, skeptic, and thinkers. Finally, there are the controlled grazers, who are perceivers and outspoken, and the traveling eaters, who come out as adventurous and fun loving.

These personality types cover almost every eating pattern, and ‘Nutrition Facts’ goes on to delve deep into their eating habits, diet plans, facts, tips and suggestions and what they ought to do and what not. The book ends with discussions on food that improve metabolism and the views and opinions of industry experts on personality based dieting. Among other things, readers can also find useful information on dieting vital statistics and the difference between healthy eating and dieting.

Personality types have hitherto been known to influence various aspects such as career, relationships, and social life. Diet too is one core element that complements one’s personality. Dieting remains a secondary topic on discussions of personality types. ‘Nutrition Facts’ by Oscar Mendez will prove to be a useful and essential addition to anyone who wishes not be too weighed down by one’s body and uncover the best diet plan for oneself. The book is now available on Amazon and as a Kindle edition.


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