Travellers Seeking Ways To Circumvent Ban Have Ally In SpecsPro

As the United States and Britain ban devices on flights from over ten countries in response to ISIS terror fears, many consumers have been left scratching their heads over what devices are allowed—and which ones will be consigned to the dangers of the cabin hold and less-than-delicate baggage handlers.

“It might seem trivial to many, but the simple fact is that many people who travel to, from and through these nations are international business travellers,” said Jen Kravt, the founder of SpecsPro, a tech specs comparison website. “Even something as simple as a cell phone being too large will fall foul of this ban. There is only one way to avoid the inconvenience—and that is having a device that does not fall foul of the newly disruptive ban.”

SpecsPro is rapidly becoming one of the best sites to compare mobile phone specifications and prices—and it also includes the dimensions of the phone, letting browsers know if the phone fits their needs (and those of the new ban) entirely. With up to seven comparisons allowed at any one time, users can quickly find the right cell phone.

The site features up-to-date lists, and doesn’t just cover cellphones: users can also compare cameras, TVs, laptops and tablets prices and specs side-by-side online.

For now, passengers are protesting at the thought of long flights without simple devices to hand—while people in business are griping about the lost ability to work on international flights.

“The new ban is going to affect many innocent travellers who just want to get from A to B,” said Jen. “However, with SpecsPro, they can quickly find a secondary cell phone to take with them on flights to and through these nations. Is it ideal? No, but the option is there, and we make it easy just to find the right device.”

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