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Go Epic Health Acquires American Retail Alliance

San Diego, CA — April 8, 2016 – Go Epic Health, Inc., announces the acquisition of American Retail Alliance (ARA) a product distribution company located in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.

James Price, President/CEO of Go Epic Health stated, “this acquisition of (ARA) notes the beginning of an aggressive roll up a strategy for Go Epic to manufacture, market and distribute its proprietary list of natural/organic dietary supplemental products and other exceptional nutritional product lines.”

Price continued with, “the company will be relocating its corporate headquarters to the Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Florida area. Our flagship product, ‘Cholesterade ®’, was created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, creator of Gatorade ®. Cade himself lived in Florida and worked for the University of Florida where he created Gatorade ®, Cholesterade ® and several other products. Due to the ARA acquisition and other targeted acquisitions in the area, demographics, and historic relevance of our flagship product being created here, it makes great sense to be headquartered in Florida as well.”

About American Retail Alliance

American Retail Alliance Corp. (ARA) positions companies, inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs having to market ready products with a quick and inexpensive means for national retail distribution. Once consumer ready, ARA markets and distributes new and innovative consumer goods through the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain stores, independent drug and health food stores, multi-level organizations and product specific catalogs. For further information please visit

About Go Epic Health

Go Epic Health is a nutritional product holding company which owns the intellectual property and worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights to Cholesterade ®, a natural cholesterol reducing product created by the late Dr. Robert Cade, creator of Gatorade ®. Go Epic’s wholly owned subsidiary, American Retail Alliance, markets and distributes Cholesterade ® as well as new and innovative consumer goods through the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain stores, independent drug and health food stores, multi-level organizations and product specific catalogs. For further information please visit and coming soon our updated corporate site

Forward-Looking Statements Disclosure:

This press release may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the federal securities laws. In this context, forward-looking statements may address the Company’s expected future business and financial performance, and often contain words such as “anticipates,”believes,”estimates,”expects,”intends,”plans,”seeks,”will” and other terms with similar meaning. These forward-looking statements by their nature address matter that are, to different degrees, uncertain. Although the Company believes that the assumptions upon which its forward-looking statements are based are reasonable, it can provide no assurances that these assumptions will prove to be correct. All forward-looking statements in this press release are expressly qualified by such cautionary statements, risk, and uncertainties, and by reference to the underlying assumptions.


Woody Junot, COO

Go Epic Health, Inc.

Blue Kangaroo Launches Price Alert and Price History Services Helping Shoppers Save on Millions of Products

Blue Kangaroo, the leading Big Data-driven personal shopper app with more than 2 million US users, recently added two new features that make it easier for consumers to find the lowest prices on top products for themselves, their families, or their homes.

Price History

Holidays, seasonal trends, supply, and demand or overstocked – there are many factors that affect the selling price of a given item. For consumers to ensure they get the best deal every time, viewing product pricing trends is key. With the new Blue Kangaroo Price History feature, anyone can see the rise and fall of retail prices for millions of products from clothes to toys, shoes, tech, appliances and more. Shoppers can quickly compare the current price to the price over the past few months to evaluate pricing trends for a given product before they decide to purchase.

Price Alerts

Consumers are always looking for the lowest price, and with the new Price Alerts feature, shoppers can easily customize their Price Alert settings for any product. The Blue Kangaroo Price Alerts feature will automatically send an email notifying shoppers that the price on a specific item has dropped below their preferred price.


Using Blue Kangaroo Price Alerts:

  • Click the Price Alert bell icon on any product page.
  • Fill in their email address along with the maximum price they are willing to pay for that product.
  • A Price Alert email will notify them if the price drops, so they can shop with confidence knowing they are getting a great deal every time.
  • When users receive their low price notification, they can combine it with Blue Kangaroo coupon codes or Free Shipping offers from that retailer to save even more.

The new Price History and Price Alert features are available on both the Blue Kangaroo website and mobile apps, so shoppers can find low prices on their favorite products wherever they go.

“We are excited to provide consumers with price history and price alert features on millions of products”, said Laurence Marks, CEO of Blue Kangaroo. “We believe that these new price features along with our data-driven personalized shopping service provide the best shopping experience for consumers on both desktop and mobile.”

About Blue Kangaroo
Founded by recognized Big Data innovators, Blue Kangaroo is the leading Big Data-driven personalized shopping service. Blue Kangaroo users benefit from unparalleled shopping personalization, product and deal discovery, sharing and wish lists, and options for connecting with their favorite brands. The company’s unique approach to establishing new and deeper relationships between brands and consumers creates new business opportunities for advertisers and rewarding experiences for consumers. Blue Kangaroo is available for smartphone, tablet, and desktop PC users.


iPhone App:

Android App:

Don’t End Up Being Only a Number, Be Visible At All Times

CHESTER, NEW JERSEY, MARCH 18, 2016 – Car crashes and accidents can be a big problem, especially because it’s never something expected, people don’t think about it until right before the moment it happens. The best way to avert a car crash or an accident is to be well prepared, which means ensuring that the car being driven is in perfect condition and plus the driver always keeps an eye on the road while driving. This is only ensured by making sure that regular maintenance is performed on the car, such as oil changes and tire rotations, to avoid car trouble, sometimes auto problems can’t be avoided.

More than 2.35 million people are injured during a car accident in the US alone, according to a report issued by the NHSTA in 2014 around thirty two thousand people died in a motor vehicle related crash. Similarly the same report mentions that both pedestrians and cyclists alike were affected, rather the total deaths associated with cyclists is around 726, compared to the number of pedestrians the nation lost, which is approximately around five thousand in 2011 alone a pedestrian was killed every eight hours on the road and injured after every eight minutes in a car crash – the difference may be staggering but hits at a common problem. But for that we need to look into the segmentation, for instance if we only focus on injuries, it’s fair to say that the consequences of said injuries can vary, there is something quite scary, being in the middle of nowhere or stranded on the side of the road with no light. One simple tool can help tremendously here: a viable headlamp which helps in making a passerby or a pedestrian on foot visible while on the road to a vehicle which is passing by.

Another statistic shows that approximately a 40% of deathly car accidents happen at night, in this scenario having a headlamp around can be useful to inspect the car for damage and perhaps even change a tire. Use the headlamp to signal a driver to stop for help. Being stuck with no visibility can be very worrisome and stressful but it can be possible to take off walking to look for help with the illumination of the headlamp.

In actuality and from statistics mentioned above it can be deduced that it does indeed pay to have a headlamp around. LuxoLite, a company based in New Jersey has taken extra care to craft a durable, reliable headlamp that can be carried inside the car and used at a moment’s notice. Offering an adjustable beam, dimmable lights, and a red flashlight for night vision, the headlamp acts as an all-in-one lantern for all situations. The lamps are even waterproof, which means that visibility is possible in all types of weather conditions.

Learn more at:

About LuxoLite

LuxoLite is a premier U.S. based company, owner and only authorized seller of LuxoLite Headlamps brand.

Once Upon A Life, In Time, In Spirit & Flesh

Once upon a Life in Time, in Spirit, and Flesh is LuCretia Crump’s inspirational and heartfelt offering to those of us on the ever-evolving and challenging journey of life.

Writing from her own struggles, experiences, and insights, Crump has compiled a beautiful and evocative collection of verse for those struggling with life, love, loss, and self-worth.


These pieces are eloquently woven together in an honest and full-color story of the human experience – a story of triumph by way of positive transformation, self-healing, patience, and understanding. It’s a beacon in the night for those who have, at one point or another, given up hope, lost their way, lost their voice, lost a loved one, or just need a gentle reminder of their blessings and how grateful they should be.

Once upon a Life in Time, in Spirit, and Flesh offers readers the opportunity for a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration, helping you find your way and nourishing your soul a spirit.

©2015 LuCretia Crump (P)2016 LuCretia Crump

Available now on Audible

Keep purses organized and easy to find

A lady’s closet is a unique place, and most ladies have a place for everything in the cabinet. Sadly, many times the place is a heap on the floor in a corner – handbags in particular.

It is no longer an issue with the Tote Hanger from Jacki Easlick. Now, all handbags, purses and evening clutches can be easily hung and out of the way.


Each heavy duty hanger slips over a standard rail in a regular closet. It makes the handbags easy to see, reach and keep from cluttering what could be an already full closet.


Easlick stated recently, “With my business, I had to have some way to keep my personal handbags in good shape and within reach at any time. It is why I invented the Tote Hanger. Now, all I have to do is take a quick glance and grab the perfect bag to match my day.”

Easlick listened to customers when designing the Tote Hanger. It comes with a 90-degree turn, making the bags take less room than before, something any lady with a full closet appreciates.

“The number of responses from women who have purchased the Tote Hanger is incredible. Most are wondering how they survived without a Tote Hanger,” said Easlick. “As word spreads, people are finding out they can hang more that just a handbag or a tote. It’s incredibly versatile. Hang just about anything from it and save space at the same time.”

The Tote Hanger is available exclusively online. Visit or for details. Sold at the Container Stores.


Desouvre captures the complexity of the human spirit in this fictional, yet realistic culturally relevant mystery


Everyone is invited to this virtual book launch party on Facebook and celebrate with Yanatha Desouvre on his birthday April 16th, 2016 the release of his long-awaited debut novel “To Whom Much is Given” Goodman Chronicles Book One. For A Limited-Time Only just $0.99 Pre-Order your e-book copy

“Engaging and impossible to put down,” To Whom Much is Given, is Yamaha Desouvre’s debut novel which readers have described as “James Bond meets Luther; with a dash of Marvel’s X-Men and Mission Impossible sprinkled with Haitian hot sauce.” Among action packed cliff hangers, Desouvre captures the complexity of the human spirit in this fictional, yet realistic culturally relevant mystery is brimming in believable and intentionally broken characters, leaving you wondering what is next for this witty and courageous crew.

Childhood friends Grayson and Amara, along with Dominique, Amara’s closest friend join together on a dangerous pursuit to rescue Amara’s nephew Jason. Little do they know where this quest will take them and how dangerous are the forces behind this kidnapping. The darkness of the past haunts these brave friends as they embark on this journey. Will they be able to save Jason in time?

Yanatha Desouvre, a prolific author, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Philadelphia, P.A. Desouvre has written eight books, titled, “Walk Through this Journey: Volume One and Two (The Next Step Forward);” “A Family Affair;” Savor the Moments, An Essential Guide to Windows 10 and his best-selling children’s book “Big Sister, Little Sister, (also available in French, Spanish and Haitian Creole)” available now on Desouvre released the “Walk Through this Journey: Volume One” and Savor the Moments audiobooks, now available through iTunes. Desouvre has also created several successful mobile apps for iOS and Android devices


ObamaNation Video Game Satires Obama — Boldly Goes Too Far

APP Designs, a new digital entertainment company has released ObamaNation Part One – the 1st true political satire video game.

April 15, 2016: APP Designs has released the 1st true political satire video game. The game is called ObamaNation Part One and deals with the race to the presidency of Barack Obama. The game is a funny mix of Obama’s past, several modern conspiracy theories and a bit of actual controversy added in for good measure.

The game is being released first on the Android platform and then later may be released for Apple products.

The game begins with Satan giving his son an important job –to bring about “The New Word Order”–a reference to a famous conspiracy theory. The child magically transforms into Obama and must decide what to wear. Players can choose outfits including a clown, a pink cowboy, a Zulu Shaman and Baphomet—an ancient figure associated with Satan.

The player must battle characters including parodies of John McCain dressed as a red demon; Ron Paul, as a sith warrior named Darth Paul and Ben Bernanke (Former FED Chairman) as the kingpin of the Federal Reserve, who holds a red shield and attacks the player with bubbles. On bonus levels, the player must bow at the waist and kiss the behinds of banker bosses.

The player must battle patriots, zombies, and sheeple. Powers include throwing unlimited Bulls%^t, “Hope and Change ”- hypnosis and a “YES WE CAN” super jump that helps the player dodge issues, avoid pitfalls and evade a large Kenyan Birth Certificate.

Some of the bonus items include—a giant joint that magically whisks Obama back to the 70s in a gold jumpsuit and afro; and a limousine from “Larry Sinclair Svcs” where the hero appears to receive sexual services for a “POWER UP.” There is also a giant bill of rights that the player can urinate upon to gain “corporate sponsorship.”

When asked, Joseph Kordan, the CEO of APP Designs said, “We knew this would ruffle a few feathers, but it also is an excellent way to deal with real issues that affect us all in a funny and irreverent way. We do not feel that the game has gone too far, instead the real problems: things like lack of a genuine democracy and unlimited bulls%^t from our elected officials, these things have gone too far. We have received such an overwhelming response from people. People like what we are doing, they are tired of the BS, and they like to laugh—and we show them just a little bit of the truth. I’d say, that is a good thing.”

ObamaNation Part One features an all original soundtrack mixed by Tantu Beats of the Netherlands

About APP Designs

APP Designs produces exciting, fun and timely digital entertainment. The company strives to make the future inspiring and free. It has plans for some fun and exciting video games and other resources of entertainment, however, with its newest video game ‘ObamaNation Part One’ the company has entered into the world of controversy.

For Details Contact

Angie Ransome-Jones Earns Critic’s and Readers Praise For Her Latest Book

Businessperson, philanthropist and author, Angie Ransome-Jones’ first book entitled “Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a loved One” is receiving wide aclaim in the short time it has been on the shelves. The book chronicles her journey of finding peace after the devastating and sudden loss of her beloved father. Now she has made it her mission and ministry to help all those who going through the death of a loved one by providing emotional and as well as much needed financial advice, to cope.

After undergoing what she refers to as “the process” of laying a loved one to rest, Angie soon discovered that there is much more to death than putting a person to rest and that not knowing how to handle financial matters on top of the grief can add stress and confusion. With this in mind, Angie provides a comprehensive guide in Path to Peace, which yields advice from the professionals she worked with, including her attorney, financial advisor, and grief counselor. The path to Peace is one daughter’s story of reclaiming her life, realizing her purpose and finding inner peace along the way.

Despite its recent launch, the book has managed to draw praise and appreciation from early readers and critics. Critics have praised Angie for incorporating much needed financial guidance in the book to help those who have the responsibility of dealing with the affairs of the deceased.


The self-help book has been recognized as a “Good Read” by the Arkansas Times and featured in their 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and is now in the Central AR Library System. Also, Angie has been listed as a featured author in many prestigious platforms. Furthermore, Paradise Funeral Home in Pine Bluff, AR has put her book in their funeral home package. Angie was on the Lady Wisdom Talk Show in NY in March and featured in the March/April edition of Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine

She has also posted this comment on Facebook: “I am excited to announce that I will be a Featured Author at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta this summer! Special thanks to Curtis Bunn for the opportunity to be featured along with such an accomplished group of authors. As a brand new author, I’m incredibly honored and humbled!” The 14th Annual NBBC will take place on July 29th, 2016.

“Path to Peace” is available at Connections bookstore in Dallas, TX and Pyramid Arts, Books, and Custom Framing in Little Rock, AR. It is also on and available via Angie’s website Readers and fans can also join Angie’s newsletter mailing list by texting PATHTOPEACE to 22828 to get started (message and data rates may apply).

About The Author: Angie Ransome-Jones is a wife of 20+ years and mother of two young men, all currently residing in Texas. A banking Vice President and MBA, Angela has her own non-profit (501C-3) organization, Magnifying our Mothers (M.O.M.), which she founded in 2010, in memory of her mother, who lost her battle with cancer years earlier. In her spare time, Angela enjoys serving as a volunteer in her church and community, along with practicing and teaching yoga, and she is an active member of both Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Toastmasters International.

What this Amity nursery kids did for their teachers is truly heartwarming. It will melt your hearts!

What is the best gift you can ever give your teacher? A bagful of memories to last a lifetime? Well, that’s exactly what little Kyra Kanojia of Class I H, Amity International School Noida did.

As her last day of kindergarten approached, she came up with the idea of saying ‘thank you’ to her teachers, via a video. So, with the help of her mother, she made a heartwarming ‘I love you Ma’m’ video featuring her along with her classmates, and presented it to their class teachers Tanya Ma’m and Pallavi Ma’m on the last day of Class KG. And guess what? The teachers were overwhelmed with emotion, with tears of joy streaming down their cheeks at the sight of their little ones saying ‘I love you, and I’ll miss you Ma’m’ with dewy eyes and cute expressions.

It was a touching moment for both the teachers as it was for the first time, such little children had expressed their gratitude and love for them. The unforgettable moment will remain etched in the memory of little Kyra and her friends, forever.

Kyra is also an avid youtube. She runs a youtube channel called ‘Kyrascope’ where she unboxes toys and reviews them. She loves to emote and is a natural in front of the camera. At a time when most children her age are busy playing with toys, Kyra has managed to carve a niche for herself in the online world.

To catch her videos, log on to: or

Aquino Sergio Productions Presents the Inaugural Release

No control, the first release from Portuguese pop sensation Laura Mendes under Aquino Sergio Productions. The mini album contains six singles, and can be downloaded through iTunes.


Paris, France- April 2016—French-born from Portuguese parents, Laura Mendes was raised in a multicultural environment which enabled her to embrace a variety of sounds that she would later incorporate into her music. Mendes had been performing locally in Paris and built up a Facebook following of fans who enjoyed her music. It was on Facebook that she discovered by music producer Sergio who immediately realized that her vocal performances and work ethic created the potential for her to someday be a European pop star. According to her producer, Mendes has a vocal and stylistic range that will enable her to create standard pop songs, as well as, Latino and R&Bsingles.

Her sound has been likened to Demi Lovato, something that Mendes appreciated wholeheartedly. “I feel so grateful to see my album go public and compare to my idol, Demi Lovato,” says Mendes. “Suddenly, it seems like all my hard work is paying off. This album gave me the opportunity to not only showcase my voice but put sound to my thoughts and feelings.“

No Control is Mendes’s favorite song on the new album because it showcases her vocal range, but also one that incorporate soulful piano melodies that mirror the passion she has within her. The song is in English and is sure to be a hit with the UK and American audiences who have shown their appreciation for smooth ballads in the past.

Sergio Aquino Productions is a Paris-based production and event company who works with new artists to showcase their talents, and help them enjoy the possibilities as Indie recording artists. The company has help artists like Mendes gain recognition and access to venues. This May 28th Laura Mendes will be performing at the Festival National Twirling Baton in Lucon, France. Tickets are available through the website (

We have worked with other artists in France to develop their unique sound so that they can achieve the type of recognition they deserve. Laura Mendes has not only an incredible voice, but a work ethic that will help her to not only grow her talent but also her fanbase. What many don’t realize in this business is that the more hard-working you are, the easier it is to get gigs and show. She’s gorgeous, talented, and brings with her that hunger and fire that you see in artists like Lana del Ray or a young Stefani Germanotta. ~ Sergio Aquino

Fans and others who are interested in listening to the music of Laura Mendes may follow her on Facebook ( ) , Youtube : LauraMendes, Deezer,
Spotify, etc …


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