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Author K.N. Smith Releases Audiobook Version of Her Gripping YA Novel, “The Urban Boys”

Debut adventure novel called “Beautifully mesmerizing and wonderfully addicting!” by insiders

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 19, 2016 (Google News) – Author K.N. Smith announced today the release of the highly entertaining audiobook version of her gripping action-adventure debut novel, The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses (ISBN-9780989474757, 292 pages, $12.95; e-book $3.99). The audiobook (ISBN-9780989474771, $19.95) is narrated by famous voice-artist Daniel Baker and carries the mysterious and intriguing tone of the print version amongst the detailed, cinematic-level action within the story. Embraced by mature readers as well as the young adult community, The Urban Boys has been called “The Hardy Boys for this generation,” and “By far the best YA paranormal I have read in a long time,” by bloggers, teachers, reviewers, and everyday readers. It offers a rich, lyrical read, unlike many YA novels saw today, and stretches the imagination of those seeking a deeper reading experience.

Established in the Young Adult and Adult Action-Adventure categories alike, The Urban Boys is an action-adventure/paranormal story about five teen boys who are mysteriously exposed to a foreign energy source that gives them extremely heightened senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become hypersensitive gifts that forever change the world. The story exposes the testing of their deep bonds as the boys face furious battles while on an individual journey, but they must find a way to embrace their fate. A lurking, dark stranger seems to know their plight and a strikingly beautiful yet fearless girl lends way to heightened confusion. Shocking details about these two characters, and Truth, the evil antagonist, twist and grind the story even further.


“The Urban Boys hits the ground running and never looks back. Author K.N. Smith uses her mastery of the written word to weave an entrancing, yet compelling tale of bonding, loyalty, and adventure that keeps you turning pages in an unquenchable desire to find out what happens next. The author’s excellent prose details cinematic fight sequences and fully developed characterizations especially in a final, stupendous scene that will take your breath away and leave you limp with spent emotions. Five stars for this imaginative and inspiring story!” said Don Sloan of Publishers Daily Reviews.

In addition to the launch of the audiobook version, the e-book version of The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses, available at,, the Apple iBookstore and other e-book outlets, goes on sale today for $0.99 for a limited time. The saga continues with the next book in the series available in the spring of 2017. For media inquiries, please contact K.N. Smith at (916) 288-8466, via email to, or visit

It’s Time To Consider A New Approach!

Not Only Street Recording Artist Blocka, a rapper and videographer from Kansas City, Kansas. His genre of music mostly consists of hip-hop, rap, and jazz.

His mentor told him that he is actually destined for the career path he has chosen. Just be positive and ignore any negativity is the new approach, which is Blocka’s movement that pushes his lifestyle and impact onto entertainment society.

Currently he is developing his newest album, “A New Approach,” and behind the scenes working with other artists and producers from Not Only Street Records. Blocka just released his new music video for “Say It Ain’t So,” a crazy single off his latest mixtape on DatPiff, “Mix Sumin in My Cup” hosted by Hysteria Mixtapes and also DJ Kansas. Blocka was coming off from the tour last year, and he’s looking to push hard already for 2016.


Blocka has also worked with numerous local independent artists, and his current goal is to spread into the mass audience and target fans that attract towards his unique brand.

Creating clothing apparel to promote and merchandise his music so that everything ties back into “A New Approach” so the movement has a continued positive outlook on life that removes any and all negativity from individual habitats.

Some of Blocka’s past recognitions include mentioned artists like Jadakiss, Trina, Webbie, Bobby V, Kutt Calhoun, Rich Homie Quan, Post Malone and Waka Flocka Flame.

A New Approach will be available at major online stores, sold as part of a new deal with Not Only Street Records. The remarkable creativity in which Blocka can create tracks


Reasons to book a limo

A lot of people think they need a special occasion to rent a limousine. That’s not entirely accurate, according to the owner of North Star Limos.

“You can get a limo any time for any reason,” said Nav, owner of the company. “Yes, a lot of people do like to have one for a wedding or to attend a formal event. Limos are very popular for high school proms. But you can get one for more reasons than that.”

Make an occasion. Any time people can get together, especially with friends they have not seen in a long time, a limo makes a perfect ride. It is the perfect way for everyone to sit together and not have to worry about the road.

This is the beauty of a limo. The driver handles the journey while the group enjoys themselves with good laughter, a drink and a chance to unwind in style.

Just show up in style. Nothing says style like a limo, Nav said.

There is no particular reason for a limo. Taking a date out to a movie sounds bland and boring. Show up in a limo, however, and the time takes a sharp turn for the better.

Several different options are available from a classic stretch Lincoln to a modern SUV. Pictures and additional information available on the website. Learn more or how to book a limo ride in the Surrey area, visit

HiWayFX stands Out as a Provider of Industry-leading Promotions

HiWayFX, the leading forex market rewards its clients with the most competitive promotional offers in the forex market. The broker offers 3 attractive bonus schemes, each presenting a set of lucrative opportunities to both novice and experienced traders.

The 100% Bonus Offer rewards its clients with bonuses equal to 100% of their deposit(s). This bonus offering automatically applies on the client’s initial minimum deposit of $100 or more into one of HiWayFX’s live trading accounts. The maximum cumulative bonus that can be earned is $10,000 (or currency equivalent) and can be credited within 24 business hours provided certain conditions are met. Clients can boost their trading by taking advantage of the broker’s 1:1000 leverage.

With HiWayFX’s 35% Bonus Offer clients can secure a tradable bonus equal to 35% of their first and subsequent deposits to their Standard account. Clients may earn up to $3,000 (or currency equivalent) in the bonus that can be withdrawn within 24 business hours provided certain conditions are met.

HiWayFX also offers generous rebates, giving back $15 per lot traded. New clients can benefit from this promotion by registering and applying for the rebates scheme. Existing clients simply need to register or log in to myHiWayFX.

Happy Goon: Next Generation Interactive Greeting Cards that Make a Lasting Impression

Buy these high-quality greeting cards online anytime, send them anywhere, and watch them come to life with the Happy Goon app.

New York, NY April 20, 2016 – Happy Goon has taken the age old tradition of sending and receiving greeting cards and given it a digital upgrade. This online greeting card company offers customizable, interactive greeting cards that come to life when paired with the accompanying app. Happy Goon cards can still be enjoyed by those who are not technologically inclined, because they look and feel just like a regular greeting card, but the real magic happens when the person receiving the card downloads the app, points their phone at the front of the card, and the add-ons appear. Personalized notes and even video messages can be added to the card creating a truly unique experience for any special occasion. Thanks to the Happy Goon scheduling feature, these special days will never be missed.

The system is very simple. To buy a card, a customer visits the website to select a card, creates the message they would like inside the card (or opts to deliver it to themselves for a handwritten note), and chooses the date that the card should be given. As a recipient, they download the app from the website, point their phone at the front of the card, and watch as it transforms in front of their eyes.


Of the several extra features, Happy Goon offers, one that stands out is the delivery service in which the customer can schedule their entire year’s worth of cards in a day. There are also countless ways to personalize the cards to make them one-of-a-kind and a perfect fit for their recipient. Any text can be added to the front or inside of the card in handwritten fonts, pictures and videos can be upload, and this is all seamlessly integrated with the overall experience.

“The greeting card market has been declining over the last few years. In America alone the industry has reduced in size by around one billion dollars since 2008. This is mainly due to the introduction of smartphones and the acceptance of online media alternatives like e-cards. What we are doing with Happy Goon is making it, so you get all the joy and sentimentality of receiving a physical card in the mail, but making it more convenient and enjoyable, like their E-card counterparts.” explains CEO and co-founder, Colin Hughes.

Hughes has worked as a designer for many years and is particularly interested in taking new technology and implementing it in a fun, dynamic way. Together with co-founder and CTO, Tim Mutlow, he has spent the last year developing the Happy Goon greeting card collection, website, and app. What started as a class project at Pratt Institute, now has a live website and its first selection of cards that has been tested and proven to work with the Happy Goon app. Hughes is now ready to make Happy Goon available to the public.

As a way to raise funds to expand the selection of cards available and add even more customization features, Hughes has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Happy Goon greeting cards and Happy Goon greeting card subscriptions are just a few of the exciting rewards available for preorder until May 14, 2016.

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High Quality, Reusable Hot Dog Roasting Sticks Are Now Available

The Roasting Sticks Offered by Hell Forks Come with Several Useful Features

April 27, 2016: Those who are looking for high-quality hot dog roasting sticks may be happy to know the news that Hell Forks is offering these sticks. These Hell Forks Marshmallow and Hot Dog Telescoping Roasting Sticks provided as sets of 5 pieces. The sets provided in a practical canvas bag that is closed by Velcro.

Hell Forks points out that the hot dog roasting sticks they are offering are reusable and that they are easy to store as well.

Why should consumers opt for the hot dog roasting sticks they are offering?

The foremost reason is that those who want to relax and enjoy their day by choosing to go on a picnic can use these sticks, prepare delicious meals at their chosen picnic spot and have a great time with their loved ones.

The roasting sticks they are offering are closer to nature because they do not contain plastic or any other type of synthetics. They are made only with stainless and hardwood. Hell Forks emphatically says that their hot dog roasting sticks are unique, thanks to their luxurious elaboration and design.


Hell Forks continues to state that they are using high quality and premium stainless steel for the production of their roasting sticks because they want to avoid melting of the sticks due to heat.

Further, they have ensured that the sticks they offer are of suitable length. Additionally, their sticks are telescoping and so, can easily be pulled out.

Users will find it easy to clean them also, says Hell Forks. They have just to unscrew the last pointed section of the roasting sticks so they can wash them manually or in a dishwasher.

Hell Forks says they accord utmost importance to the safety of the users and hence, they have made their hot dog roasting sticks with 32 inches length. It means users can roast their foods even by remaining away from the fire.

About Hell Forks

Hell Forks is offering high-quality hot dog roasting sticks assets of 5 pieces. The sets provided in a practical canvas bag that is closed by Velcro. The company uses high-quality stainless steel and wood for making these sticks and so, they are reusable. These sticks are easy to clean as well.

For Media Contact:

Company name: Hell Forks

Tyrsova 831

Sobeslav 39201, Czech Republic

Contact person: Jan Srubar


1 46 47 48
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