Indian Film Music Composer SAM D Raj has just released his 2nd World Music Album titled Musickantra

Indian Film Music composer and Independent Music producer Sam D Raj has released a new Chillout Fusion album titled MUSICKANTRA this week. After the successful hit of his first Album titled Lounge Mahal, which was his first Lounge Album Released in Jan 2015, this new album titled MUSICKANTRA is expected to hit the FM stations and music stores worldwide. This new album is already available in Itunes and Google Music.

Sam D Raj has a unique style of mixing Asian music with his style which gives a unique sound of Chillout music with an Asian touch. The composer has a vast experience performing with various Indian, Arabic, European and Latin musicians in his early age. Musickantra is a feel good album for all music lovers who are open to exploring music from various parts of the World. The music is somewhat similar to the styles of Yanni, Kitaro, and Enigma, but with the new sounds of this century. The quality of sound and the variations in mixing and blending is absorbing. India is a place where Music Composers compelled to follow the rules of traditional Indian film industry.

Music Composer like Sam D Raj balances their creativity between the Independent music scenario and the Indian Film industry. Even though the writer is working on few movie projects, he is planning to release at least two world music albums in a year. He also has his State of the Art recording studio in Chennai, India. Hope to hear more and more from this young and talented Indian Music Composer Sam D Raj ( ( ( (


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Pharmacist publishes book on health

Most heard health and healthy living and immediately assume a massive tome that will cover several hundred pages on only a few topics. Each subject will be filled with various information, tips and often, jargon from the medical field.

Hesham Elsayed is a pharmacist and professional. He grew tired of the many different books and ebooks that promised solid information but failed to deliver. Instead, he created his own.

Pharmacist publishes book on health

The health eBook: A Guide to Better Health is one of complete aides available to anyone looking to get healthy, remain healthy or fight off possible health situations before they begin.

The ebook covers over 20 different topics of health. It is also 34 pages long.

“Many people were baffled when I told them about my book, topic and the length. They did not think it was possible to create something comprehensive in that few pages. I proved them wrong,” said Elsayed.

The topics covered in the book are relevant and necessary for the best possible healthy living choices. Elsayed covers some of the more common issues such as smoking, but there is much more to it that many will never consider.

“Folic acid is essential during pregnancy, but most women never learn why. I go into detail on this,” said Elsayed.

The ebook is available for the Kindle eReader from Visit the site for additional information or to download:


Rising Pop Singer/Songwriter Gavin Haley Announces Release of Debut Single “Fades Away” recorded in Los Angeles, CA

“Fades Away,” the debut single from Los Angeles pop singer Gavin Haley launched today to a large amount of anticipation. Showcasing his positive emotionally charged approach to the genre and his ability not just as a singer, but also a songwriter and producer, interest in “Fades Away” is high and rising, supported by a very compelling back story.

Rising Pop Singer/Songwriter Gavin Haley Announces Release of Debut Single “Fades Away” recorded in Los Angeles, CA

December 8th, 2016 – Music insiders agree, to gain momentum in the pop music world requires a natural ability, skill in performance and songwriting, but perhaps most of all an extra special “something” that’s quite difficult to put into words, but certainly exists. 19-year-old Los Angeles-based pop star on the rise Gavin Haley has all of this in droves. In exciting news, the charismatic and talented singer/songwriter recently announced the release of his debut “Fades Away,” already being praised for its emotionally compelling, touching content. The single was written and produced by Gavin, with additional production done by The Ohm Team, with the track being recorded at Los Angeles’ The Ohm House recording studio.

“I put my heart and soul into ‘Fades Away, ‘ and the whole process was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” commented Gavin about recording his debut. “I know there will be much more records to come, but this is a very special experience and a dream I’ve had my whole life come true.”

Listening to “Fades Away” makes it clear why Gavin Halley is rising so quickly in popularity both with fans and the music press. Clearly sincere lyrics, dripping with emotion that touches hearts, with songwriting skill far beyond his 19 years. Some are comparing Gavin to One Direction’s Zayn Malik, others to Ed Sheeran and even Shawn Mendes, but never doubting his originality.

Interestingly, Gavin, in addition to his music pedigree, is also a passionate and former professional athlete in Cyclocross, a mix between mountain and road biking. This rare combination of ability in two very diverse areas, according to the star, has helped each grow stronger, complimenting each other.

Gavin remarked, “Music has helped me calm down and decompress, but still has the drive of hard training and high-pressure competition, so I know how much value it can deliver in making us a complete people. I hope my songs can inspire positive emotions and bring a little more happiness into the world. I would consider that a job well done.”

You can find Gavin Haley’s single on iTunes & SoundCloud.
Instagram – @gavinhaley
Contact –
For more information be sure to visit –

Electrical Testing Services Begins Charity Partnership with Alzheimer Scotland

Electrical Testing Services Limited (ETS), one of Scotland’s leading electrical testing and installation companies, has selected Alzheimer Scotland as one of their two new Charity Partners of the Year for 2017.

The one-year partnership begins in January 2017 and will see the company also support the Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA). The two charity partners will receive a donation from ETS Testing when customers select ETS Testing for electrical jobs. The charity partners will share a £5 donation for every new electrical job up the value of £500 and will share a £10 donation for every job over £500.

Electrical Testing Services Begins Charity Partnership with Alzheimer ScotlandManaging Director of ETS Testing, Euan Hall, is passionate about supporting Alzheimer Scotland, Euan commented: “We work with business owners, managers, and directors, landlords, facilities managers, health, and safety staff across Scotland to undertake safe electrical testing, maintenance and installation. We want to change the face of our industry by focusing on customer care, being reliable, professional, showing integrity and delivering excellence at every stage of the project.

“We wanted to support a charity with the same core values of care, passion and commitment and which offers essential services to people in Scotland. After much deliberation, we chose Alzheimer Scotland as one of our two charity partners for 2017. We hope that together with our new customers, we can help them to achieve even more great things.”

Fiona Lewis, Corporate Fundraiser at Alzheimer Scotland, added: “It is incredible to have the support Electrical Testing Services’ staff and clients going forward into 2017 and we thank everyone who will help us over the coming year.

Electrical Testing Services Begins Charity Partnership with Alzheimer Scotland

“It is Alzheimer Scotland’s mission to challenge dementia once and for all by working with our supporters and partners to increase awareness of the condition and raise vital funds to support our services. The generous support of ETS will make a big difference in helping us to ensure that no one faces dementia alone.”

All monies raised during the charity partnership will help transform the lives of thousands of people living with dementia in Scotland and will be invested back to support our community services across the country, including; Dementia Advisors, reminiscence groups, and Dementia Cafés.

Dementia is the biggest health and social care challenge faced by society today. There are over 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland and around 3,200 are under the age of 65. By the year 2020, there will be more than 1 million people living with dementia in the UK. Alzheimer Scotland is passionate that nobody should face dementia alone.

If you have any questions about dementia and of the services available in your area call Alzheimer Scotland’s 24 Helpline on 0808 808 3000 or visit the website at


For further information about Alzheimer Scotland, please contact Elaine Nixon, PR Manager, Email: Mobile: 07812078326.

For further information about Electrical Testing Services Limited (ETS), please contact, Tracy Cross, ETS Testing Services, Telephone 0131 467 7920

MIRAFX Announces Launch of MockupUI to Bring High-Fidelity UI Prototyping to the Desktop Software Industry

MockupUI, a user interface prototyping software built on Qt technology, today announced that it had launched its desktop UI mockup tool for developers. The new MockupUI software provides tools for drawing desktop GUI mockups with unmatched fidelity. Individual developers and companies are now welcome to integrate MockupUI in their software development workflow.

MockupUI ($173) enables users to draw both desktop UI mockups and wireframes, and it’s among the few available tools on the market that produce high fidelity mockups for Windows desktop environments.

MIRAFX Announces Launch of MockupUI to Bring High-Fidelity UI Prototyping to the Desktop Software Industry

The MockupUI team has developed a tool based on Qt technology which for the first time can be used by software designers and developers with no programming knowledge to create and share digital UI mockups for everything from business, engineering or educational software to entertainment applications for the desktop. With the launch of the software, individual developers and enterprises are now welcome to use the tool to create high-fidelity UI mockups or wireframes and integrate them into functional or design specifications.

“We are very excited about the potential for MockupUI’s design tool to speed-up the process of prototyping desktop user interfaces,” says Eugen Fernea, developer of MockupUI. “MockupUI has made the task of creating and data populating of UI prototypes accessible to anyone involved in software product development, from UI designers to business analysts and product managers.”

The benefits of using MockupUI are endless. It makes it easier to prototype user interfaces with no programming involved, helps to communicate and evaluating UI design concepts, elaborate requirements, illustrates use case scenarios and eventually be more convincing in front of stakeholders and clients.

The MockupUI editor comes equipped with some design tools ranging from standard desktop widgets to tables, trees, and graphic shapes and allows users to switch from wireframe to native visual styles in one click. It makes it easy to add data to widgets and designs can be annotated with descriptions and notes.

Integrating mockups into specification documents is as simple as copying and pasting them into Word, PowerPoint or other document formats. MockupUI also offers the possibility to compile designs and annotations into specification documents and to directly print or export them to Word, HTML or PDF files.

About MockupUI

MockupUI is a user interface mockup and wireframing tool for developers and enterprises providing a straightforward and easy to integrate solution for designing desktop user interfaces. The tool is built on Qt technology, the modern multi-platform framework. MockupUI is available now and can be downloaded from It is compatible with any PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Available versions of the software include 32 bit and 64 bit.


Notes to editors

Media files, product description, examples, screenshots, and logos can be downloaded from



Eugen Fernea, +32-476862863

EMS training with AQ8 devices: the Fitness of future, today

From elite athletes like Usain Bolt or Roger Federer to actors and celebrities like Madonna, Liz Hurley or Heidi Klum, everyone today can benefit from the electric suit that shocks you slim: the new, high-tech EMS training exercise regime with AQ8 System®.


20 minutes per week is all it takes to a healthier and stronger body. Individual adjustment of intensity, duration, and frequency help achieve personal training goals quickly, efficiently and consistently – no matter whether it’s increasing maximum strength or improving endurance and overall fitness levels: with EMS training you gain rapid force in a shorter period.

Depending on the intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive. Your muscles naturally become more efficient.

AQ8 System® activates the muscular and connective tissue in its entirety which leads to better circulation and the reduction of extra fat cells and cellulite. The result is a firmer, tighter body!


Media Contact: Mr. Alexander Pérez Roldán. CEO.


Company name: Lexter Microelectronic Engineering Systems S.L.P.

Address: Larrano, 7. S.L.Escorial,28200. Madrid. Spain

Telephone. (+34) 911646183 / (+34) 660 253 250

Kargo Essentials Makes the School Year Easier for Parents and Kids with the Release of Premium Activity Kit

Kargo Essentials releases new, high-quality activity kit for the school year and just in time for the holiday season!

Known for their superior products and ingenious ideas, Kargo Essentials continues the trend with their latest product; an all in one activity kit. The kit includes two vinyl blackboard rolls over six feet long that can be customized for multiple users along with chalk, labels, and a wipe cloth. The product is made of durable and reusable materials, making it perfect for school projects. Parents can equally use the kit to post schedules, chore reminders, or just to share inspirational messages. Right now the company is offering a bonus that includes three liquid chalk markers along with high quality 6 mm reversible ends. Each chalk marker included is also non-toxic and non-allergenic.


The product sticks to any flat and smooth surface easily, including walls, mirrors, wood and plastic, and can easily be moved to any other similar surface. It also offers a cutting grid which makes measuring cuts extremely easy. Convenient enough to make parents’ lives easier but durable enough to withstand what children may put it through, this comprehensive kit is a must-have for parents this school year.

The company had this to say about their launch, “Kargo Essentials is excited to announce the launch of the Vinyl Blackboard Write & Erase, an Everything U Need Activity Kit, finally available in one product, and just in time for Christmas shopping!”

Another major benefit to this all-purpose kit is the easy cleanup. Parents know just how messy school projects can get. The six-foot black vinyl surface can easily keep things organized and prevent unnecessary accidents on floors and walls. A dampened cloth completely removes the liquid chalk, making cleanup a breeze.

Whether you plan to use this tool for kid’s rooms, the kitchen or dining area, or simply for school projects, Kargo Essentials is now taking orders through their Amazon listings. (

“Kargo Essentials” offers this product under the brand “Koloring Essentials.” Email them at for more information or product details.

Are ready to Abdicate Your Humanity? If not, read “Technology vs. Humanity”

Zurich / Switzerland November 14, 2106, Futurist Gerd Leonhard

When was the last time you drove anywhere without the aid of your GPS, Google Maps or Waze? Would you consider the time spent navigating by your wits a waste of consciousness – or vital for remaining human?

Many of us might be increasingly willing to do more important things such as finding our future mate with the help of technology, but what happens when technology gets in the way of our subsequent relationship, as we increasingly build relationships with screens rather than with people?


Will we ultimately prefer interactions with machines and robots over those with other humans, because it’s infinitely more convenient? Will we enjoy augmented and virtual reality simulations so much that ‘plain truth’ actually becomes a let-down? Will software start cheating the world (not just ‘eat it’ as Marc Andreessen famously put it 2011), and once artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence will we completely outsource our thinking to algorithms? With apps and (soon) intelligent digital assistants (IDAs) for practically everything, what would be the point in maintaining numeracy, literacy, bilingualism, or even hand-writing and driving skills?

In his breakthrough new manifesto ‘Technology vs. Humanity’ (Amazon, direct orders, website) Futurist Gerd Leonhard articulates for the first time the thousand unvoiced doubts and misgivings humanity is feeling as the physical environment around us is becoming ever more knowing, if not yet know-all.

How far away is technology from becoming that ubiquitous global brain? It already knows people that bought this book also bought these and that guy like you usually like this activity or that product, or that these people like these kinds of songs during that time of day. Big Tech and Big Internet is already observing, tracking, remembering and recording us in ways that make many of us feel like a little lifestyle, a jumble of hormones – or fancy code – pretending to be an individual.


Technology vs. Humanity parses the sequence as one from Automation to Abdication to – potentially – Aberration, from magic to manic to toxic. When a cyborg Friday accumulates enough personal code to mimic Robinson Crusoe, who will rule our islands? Without taking a reductionist line or going neo-Luddite, Leonhard outlines the urgent need for a code of Digital Ethics and, finally, some accountability by the Alphabets, the Apples, the Alibaba and all the other triple-A big beasts of the new Jurassic digisphere.

A world-renowned futurist with a unique background in technology as well as in Humanities and the Arts, Gerd Leonhard gathers perspectives and insights from a plethora of cultures, industries, and individuals. These delicious ingredients make Technology vs. Humanity far more than a single monograph. As the Information Age recedes into a sepia-toned photograph album, we may well enter a new historical space where living an organic biological life as a human will become an option rather than a necessity.

Technology vs. Humanity is the biggest conversation on the planet. Consume it as a physical book or virtual experience before the brain you’re using is annexed by a publicly-traded ecosystem.

Contact the author directly here.



With their stop the violence campaign

LUCY LIU, an Emmy award winner Actress and Star of the Hit Television Series Elementary; stars in Nómadas a compelling movie drama in which she plays the role of Susan (Lucy Liu), a female filmmaker struggling with her father’s suicide. Due to recent events, she decides to take up the issue of subway suicides as the subject of her next film, and maybe find some closure for her own recent and tragic loss.


As she digs deeper into the research for her film project, she begins to unearth more questions about herself, her family, her emotions, and her other relationships. Her investigations immerse her in the lifestyles of some undocumented workers living and working illegally in New York City and longing to experience the American Dream. This filmmaker’s journey raises questions about what the American Dream means, for each of us.

We are utilizing the film Nómadas, starring Lucy Liu, as one of the perks for our Indiegogo campaign. With the must polarizing election in History almost over, we want everyone to vote, but we also want everyone to find alternatives to fighting or committing acts of violence after the vote counts are in.

We all can use some stress release and relief, and with your help to back McGee Media LLC’s campaign, you can do just that. Only buy Nómadas for $20.00 on DVD through the Indiegogo campaign and receive special feature, the President Street Fight Video Game app for free. Then, you can have fun and take out your frustration out on either candidate long after the election is over – in the virtual world and not the real world.


“No need for name calling leading to fist-to-cuffs, when you have this virtual game!”


(NATIONAL – JULY 13, 2016) – Between the Republican and Democratic National Conventions leading to the election Gamers so caught up in the 2016 Presidential Election they want to take out their aggression on someone. NOW is the chance to release their latent and blatant anger on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton with a new phone App called – PRESIDENT STREET FIGHT.”

Created at the beginning of the Presidential Primary Season, professional animator and graphic design artist Tim McGee of Holyoke, MA anticipated the knock-down-drag-out a contest for being the next Leader of the Free World would be between Presumptive Republican Nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.



“There has so much controversy and violence surrounding this political season, I felt it was important to help people exhibit some anger management by playing my game,” said Tim McGee, founder, and owner of McGee Media of Holyoke. This app will be an excellent way to pass the time – particularly during the hot button debates that get people in an emotional tizzy to the point where they need to find an alternative. Instead of showing their anger, using their thumbs on a virtual screen may do the trick.” Gamers who want PRESIDENT STREET FIGHT may have it for free by buying a $20 Trump or Clinton T-shirt to Original Artwork from the project ranging in prices or prints and DVD on dehumanizing experience of immigration titled Nomads starring Lucy Liu all on Indiegogo

“As the debate continues to run hot in Washington DC over immigration, thanks in part to Donald Trump and his wall of dreams, this riveting and powerful family drama is sure to become a must-see movie.”


If you are not into buying the film, itself, we also have available some Election 2016-themed T-shirts, created by McGee Media LLC’s founder, for $20.00. Please join our campaign today!


Plus the bonus game in development. “Deflate Gate Tailgate” Join Tom Brady as he fights his way through some levels to meet the Commissioner in the parking lot to end the Deflate Gate debate.

With your purchase, you will help me to complete the two games fully, with one that is in Beta, for Gamers, to regular voters that can now take out their frustrations over the most controversial Presidential Campaign in American history to the controversial decision in sports. As we all continue to be frustrations after this election cycle ends with all their broken promises year round.


Finding todays most popular Tech Toys and Electronic Gadgets Just Got Easy

California, USA (Month 01, 2016) – Locating today’s most popular tech toys, gaming products, and electronic gadgets just got easier with This easy to use website offers the latest best-selling tech products at the most affordable and competitive prices. All products are well displayed, easy to browse and have been conveniently sorted by “Price (low to high)” which aligns perfectly with any budget.

This is the place where one could locate today’s hottest selling tech products such as RC drones, video games, electronic gadgets and e-bikes, just to name a few. This website also provides special offers on many products which almost ensures getting the best deals available.


A buyer who enjoys more advanced tech toys (catered more toward grown-ups) would find this website to be one of the easiest places to shop online. And being that the store is ultimately a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, buyers can be assured that they are receiving the safest and most trusted service possible on all products and purchases. No need to worry about having to create an account to make purchases. Just locate products, add them to the shopping cart and check out fast and easy.

This website’s browsing experience makes shopping extremely easy by providing well-placed navigation links and buttons which quickly takes the shopper on a seamless tour of the entire site. In fact, all shipping and product information displayed on this site eliminate any of the guesswork that is most commonly found in other online stores. No more having to dig through irrelevant products such as children toys or product accessories to find the actual products of interest.

About is an online shopping portal designed for locating a huge variety of today’s most popular tech toys, video games, and electronic gadgets. It is one of the best solutions for finding the latest tech products available. It also makes the perfect gift finder.

For more information, please Visit

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