Gloucester-based GOGOBET.UK website launch receives fantastic reception; offers public an easy way to beat bookies at their own game

Recently, after months of development and testing, Gloucester-based GOGOBET.UK opened its website to the public. So far it’s been a huge success with over 150 people registering in 24 hours.

We’d like to thank those new members and offer our services to anyone looking to make some extra cash in the run up to Christmas.

We’re delighted with the reception and we’re working hard to add new features every day.

We’ve heard stories from our new members telling us how well the service is working for them and that they’re looking forward to using their extra income, especially in the (expensive) run up to Christmas.


GOGOBET’s service finds bookmaker offers then works out how you can make a guaranteed profit by working through all the maths related to an offer. Every month there are hundreds of offers to new and existing bookmaker customers.

You try out the service for free. When you sign up to the trial offer should return around £13.00 for literally a few minutes of your time. We’re so confident that should you sign up to the subscription service and you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll refund your subscription no questions asked.

The Gloucester-based GoGoBET team are on hand to help. There are lots of videos and training material on the website, a special member only forum and hundreds of offers all with a guaranteed profit.


About GoGoBET Ltd

GoGoBET offers an assisted Matched Betting (also known as back/lay betting or double betting) service. Matched Betting is a technique used to profit from free bets offered by bookmakers. It is considered risk free because of the application of mathematical equation rather than chance. A typical return on around 85%+ of the free bet amount. For example, if the bookmaker is offering a £25 free bet – the return (profit) should be around £21

The website was founded by a best friend team of technology experts based in Gloucester.

For more information visit or contact the team on 0870 0686114

Starter company has new hockey equipment alternative to sock tape

Hockey players and parents know how quickly sock tape can is used and is, therefore, expensive. Those who play or have children who are playing several times a week, know that everything needs to stay in place throughout the game. Often, this means buying several roles of the tape during the season every year.

Jeff Bousquet and Brad Alder are long time hockey players and fans. They spent countless hours on the ice and countless more dollars in the sporting goods stores and pro shops buying sock tape. “Mostly, I’d buy tape for myself, but often, a lot of the roll would go to teammates who would conveniently be out of tape… again,” said Bousquet.

“It’s a real hassle having to always buy more tape, borrow tape or share tape with others. This is why we eventually took up the idea ourselves, and we created and patented SH SokStraps®,” said Alder.


SokStraps® are three sets of straps that cover every part of a hockey player’s lower leg. Each strap set is designed with the key ideals of functionality, durability, and support in mind. This way, users of SokStraps® do not have to worry about anything moving that isn’t supposed to during the game.

Each strap is attached with a heavy duty, low profile clip, and a high strength Velcro system. Users can quickly and easily adjust the system to the desired tension on the fly.

SokStraps® also have an added benefit that standard tape cannot offer. SokStraps® can be customized with a team name and logo.

“The customization portion of the straps is something we decided to do as a part of our Kickstarter campaign. It will ultimately help us get the project off the ground and running entirely,” said Alder.

Alder is referring to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. Crowdfunding offers inventors a chance to get necessary capital for their projects, and those who back the project get an opportunity to earn special deals and products from the project.


“We are not 100 percent ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign, but it is on the way. We are estimating mid to late November 2016. We encourage interested hockey players, parents, and coaches, to check out our website in the meantime,” said Bousquet.

SokStraps® is also keen on helping make the world a better place, and they have teamed with the One Tree Planted organization. Each dollar the organization receives plants one tree somewhere in the world. SokStraps® will be donating a portion of each sale to this organization.

“This is a win/win for all involved. Hockey players get some great gear, parents save money, and the earth gets another tree,” said Alder.
SH SokStraps® updates are available on the website. Visit


Superior Hockey Inc.
Jeff Bousquet. President

Brad Alder CEO



OLLALA presents the world’s first truly natural heated dildo which boasts the ability to give you the most intense sexual experience of your life.

Capitalising on the growing consumer need for realistic sex toys, the Ollala heated dildo brings revolutionary new design and technology to a classic sex toy fusing together essential elements such as realistic shape and flexibility with a commonly left out, yet highly important, element – natural warmth.


Designed to take your pleasure to the next level, the iconic Ollala comes in three different shapes and colours made for optimal comfort and intense pleasure. The natural look and heat brings you to the peak of sexual fulfilment and can enhance even the most dormant of sex lives.

What sets the Ollala aside from other heated dildos on the market is its natural warmth, feel and its incredible durability. Unlike electrical models or hard container types which need to be filled with hot water the Ollala uses a medically certified quality silicone which, once warmed up to a human like a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius, can retain its heat for as long as you can.

When it comes to picking the ultimate sex toy, the Ollala dildo certainly stands out from the crowd. Get it now, starting at only €83.00 exclusively at


 An odourless dildo
 Temperature of 37 – 38 degrees Celsius
 Temperature maintenance for between 30 – 60 minutes
 Lifelong use
 Realistic shape
 No need for electrical outlets, cables or batteries
 Hermetically sealed
 Available in three colours and styles

Merchant Service announces Referral Program for Users and Affiliates

Merchant Service announces its Referral Program where users and affiliates can use to their advantage. Merchant Service’s Referral Programs pays $100 for every business referral. The company has over 30 referral partners, and a majority of these referral partners offer this in full-time. Average affiliate partners refer at least five businesses per day and earn a minimum of $500 every day. Apply your first business referral today!

With the Referral Program of Merchant Service, you can be one of the everyday earners of $1000. They are also providing low cost and high-end credit card processing solution for businesses. If you know, firms that are eligible for your referral do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 373-2107 for your business referrals. You can also visit to fill out and submit the referral form.

At Merchant Service, they pride themselves when it comes to providing excellent customer service. With their Referral Program, they would want to provide and offer you with an existing merchant solution for your businesses, with minimal risk and expense. There is 100% guarantee that the referral program is fast, effective, and most of all, secure. This affiliate program allows you as partners to promote businesses where they can significantly earn for at least, 50% for every referral you make.


This program is the solution for you to submit merchant leads, which aim to deepen loyalty, earn and save money. Regardless of what type of industry, they primarily provide quality services equally. Turning to Merchant Service gives you more support and help the business grow and obtain profits. By just referring businesses or companies to them, you can easily earn $100 day plus giving your business referrals higher chances of improving its brand and market presence.

Users, as well as affiliates, can surely take advantage of this Referral Program because Merchant can strengthen and grow businesses through strategic partnerships. Just give them a call, and you can instantly start profiting today without having any difficulty. Whether your referrals are new to electronic payments or have been processing for many years, the company can definitely offer the best possible processing rates on Credit cards, Debit cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Electronic check conversion, Merchant cash advance and business loans, Electronic benefits transfer (EBT), E-Commerce transactions, Mobile payments and Gateway Products with 98% approval rate.

About Merchant Service

Merchant Service is a premiere consolidated payment provider that mainly offers very affordable rates and superior customer support. The company has been one of the leaders in processing payments for years, leveraging the best technologies for its valued clients. They extend excellent payment solutions for all types of payments and processing environments. They deliver secure, flexible and innovative solutions and drives significant growth for clients and affiliates by enabling accessible worldwide commerce. Visit for more information about Merchant Service or call (800) 373-2107. Give your business the advantage to succeed and take one step closer to accepting credit cards.


iProud has launched its first product in the United States of America, the “iProudAmerican”.

On 4th November 2016, in a private event, iProud launched the “iProudAmerican” line, dedicated to the US market. Different from other initiatives, the “iProudAmerican” is more than branding products and selling. The “iProudAmerican” is an initiative to spread ideas and values in a country that is divided by the Presidential Election Campaign.

“The “iProudAmerican” offers to all of us the opportunity to confirm our beliefs in the essential fundamental value: FREEDOM. This is a core value associated with USA society, and the initiative will help us all, Americans and citizens of the free world. Remember this!” said the CEO of iProud.

In his speech at the private launch event, the CEO of iProud stated:

“We are all busy. People hurry to work. Everybody worries about tomorrow. We don’t hear each other. We don’t take enough time to understand each other. Still, we speak the same language but hear different words. We keep our heads down, spending hours a day. It’s like a fog in front of our eyes. But we can change this. We may have lost fights, but we’ve never lost our heart.


If you follow your heart, you’ll always find a way forward. We cannot be knocked down with just a single punch. Hit us once; we’ll get up. Beat us twice; we’ll get up stronger.

We’ll come from behind; we’ll put ourselves together to move on. Some may say we don’t have a long history, but how great is our history. How inspiring to others.

We are born to look forward, to the future. We’ve gone through tough times, but we’ve always found a way out. We’re made to help each other. There’s no room for hate. We’re made to love, to win.

Our soldiers fight for our rights. Our rights to be free, to think free. No one tells us what to think. We invent, we create, we conquer.

Democracy, Liberty, Unity starts here.

We knock down walls. We build bridges. We understand FREEDOM!

We give power to the people!

I’m black or white, I’m Christian or Muslim, I’m Cuban or Mexican, and I’m straight or gay. No one cares, I’m OK. I’m an American!

And that makes me proud!

Do you know why I pledge my allegiance when the National Anthem resounds? Because I trust it! And I want to show this to everybody.

They must know who am I.

I feel proud to wear the Star – Spangled Banner: those red and white stripes, those inspiring stars. My coffee deserves a cup with the national colors on it and even when I hold my phone, I hold my American flag.

iProudAmerican makes me feel great again!

CONTACT: The “iProudAmerican” will be available on different products starting with November 8th, on However, there is also an option to create your product by purchasing the franchise. Investors may want to contact us at


Producer Vignesh Sharma of oxiigen motion pictures is set to Make Bollywood History

Mumbai, INDIA, OCT 30, 2016 – When the world is in peril, many are called upon to save the day. Everyone is familiar with the stories. If asked most could tell about the likes of Kal-El who came down from the planet Krypton to right wrongs under the disguise of Superman. Or the tales of billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, who travels the night dressed in a bat suit fighting criminal syndicates taking over Gotham City known as Batman. Often these heroes who feel the call to fight crime and take back their cities all have one thing in common – United States citizenship. Many are called, but few are chosen, and now a new superhero is about to rise and take his place as the chosen. His name – MAHAM!


Unlike the previously mentioned superheroes, Maham has been chosen by Lord SHIVA to assume his duties and save the world. Born and raised in the nation of India, the film will contain no mythological elements and will take place entirely in contemporary world settings. While many might expect a high established lead actor from Bollywood industry but, all of these extraordinary leading men are a package the public is already familiar with and full of pre-conceived expectations based on past work. In helping this film to capture contemporary public interest, long time business man and first-time producer Vignesh Sharma have an exciting and invigorating new face to introduce to the world through this role. Additionally, the film will be shot in London, Goa, and Delhi as well as being filmed in the Hindi and English languages.

Sharma, a successful businessman and now founder of Bollywood’s newly minted Oxyiigen Motion Pictures is offering a product on a level with any Hollywood hero.
“We all know that every Big Hollywood movie and franchise series gets their visual effects (Post production) done in India,” states Sharma, “including Life of Pi and Game of Thrones. So, why can’t we make a movie of Hollywood standards?” Maham will be of those Hollywood standards, and we will make sure this movie and character “Maham” will travel to Hollywood.

Many Big names from the Bollywood industry are associated with this project. The Cast and crew announcements will be revealed later in a grand way. Pre-production of the movie is going on, and the first look of Maham, and a Teaser will be released in 2 months time. For regular updates stay tuned at


An artisan handcrafted heart shaped Himalayan Salt lamp available to improve air quality

The modern rustic and hand carved Heart Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps designed to naturally improve the quality of the air while producing a soothing amber light and premier home ambiance ideal for a sense of wellbeing and a good Feng Shui decor, have been launched on Amazon.

More information is available at

Research has shown lighting in a room plays a significant role in the general mood of people in that chamber. These studies suggest soft warm lighting helps create a caressing and calm environment, especially in the bedroom where creating a mood for quality sleep is so important. The newly released Himalayan salt lamps use light fixtures that spread warm yellowish light instead of the less calming cold white light. These amber glowing Himalayan salt crystal lamps with their visually appealing design also integrate into the design of a bedroom more harmoniously. The simple, efficient and natural air purifier doubling as an attractive source of light and a home ambiance piece was developed by the prominent Useful Innovation, a company committed to introducing a variety of high quality, unique and natural air purifiers for home use that combine premier functionality with unique artistry and elegance.

An artisan handcrafted heart shaped Himalayan Salt lamp available to improve air quality

The company has now announced that its highly popular Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps releasing negatively charged ions to help clear allergens, dust, pollen or other impurities and naturally improve indoor air quality for a sense of wellbeing while also producing a calming amber colored source of light with a dimmer switch to adjust between a night light and medium intensity light, is now available on Amazon at

The eco-friendly and air purifying salt lamps by Useful Innovation are ideal as a romantic, imaginative and practical gifts or a rustic, organic, and unique home décor and ambiance piece for good Feng Shui. This Himalayan pink salt lamp is hand carved into a unique heart shape from select Himalayan salt rock to ensure a slightly different and individual work of art each time, mounted on an attractive and durable Neem wood base and lighted by an internally placed 10 watts light bulb.

Useful Innovation explains that “we believe the lamps we offer go beyond merely being an interesting conversation piece, which puts negative ions into the air, naturally improves air quality, produces a calming amber light, and creates a feeling of wellbeing. Our lamps will look in place in any setting, and each one is handcrafted to ensure a slightly different work of art. They are an appropriate décor piece for a well-balanced and excellent home with the smart lighting and good quality of air that are the very basics of good Feng Shui”. Click to buy on Amazon at n-Purifier-Carved-Romantic-Eco-Friendly/DP/B017QPJQ4W

Custom leather jackets from world-renowned leather company

Custom leather jackets from a world famous jacket company are now being sold directly to consumers.

Valeriano Romano Leather Company, based in Turkey, is one of the world’s premiere leather garment companies. Now the same leather that goes into the jackets worn by the world’s rich and famous is available direct to consumers everywhere.

Custom leather jackets from world-renowned leather company

“Nothing else wears like leather. Nothing else feels like leather. Nothing else has the timeless elegance of leather,” said Ömer Sağlam, owner of “Leather is the only clothing material in the world that ages with grace. Fading, scratches and other small marks just add a sense of deep character to a leather jacket.”

In fact, many people who get a leather jack will intentionally scruff it up some to give it a distressed look. That worn look is highly prized. Worn leathers are often a symbol of rebels, those who prefer to stand out and make their way in the world.

“Leather jackets are synonymous with being an individual. James Dean wore leather and has inspired generations to don leather and seek their way in a world that demands conformity,” Sağlam said.

Much like Dean, leather garments are part and parcel of the biker culture. Sağlam said bikers are the world’s last remaining “bad boys” who are admired across cultures and economies. He admitted that sometimes this admiration is done in secret because of the reputation some bikers have.

“Regardless, leather makes a bold fashion statement. It says you don’t care what the world thinks and you are ready to take on whatever it can dish out,” Sağlam said.

Even elegant evening wear leather jackets make a bold statement, he said.

Custom leather jackets from world-renowned leather company

Now this high-quality leather is being made into custom-fit jackets for the general public. Sağlam said his company had considered this kind of work for some time. Now is the time to act, he said.

“We have jackets you can order in our virtual showroom. Or, you can contact us. We’ll tell you how to get measured for a custom fit leather jacket. Then, you can pick the color, cut, and accessories for your jacket,” he said. “If a leather jacket says ‘I am an individual’ then BE an individual. Have your jacket custom cut to fit you.”

You can go their “Made to Measure Leather Jacket” live project on KICKSTARTER :

For more information visit or call 902125105003

The Konvertible is the World’s Most Versatile Laptop Case, Providing 3 Screens for Maximum Productivity

November 1, 2016, Miami, FL– The Konvertible, the revolutionary new laptop case that gives users the options to use up to 3 screens, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Konvertible is the World’s Most Versatile Laptop Case, Providing 3 Screens for Maximum Productivity

The Konvertible is the world’s most innovative and exciting new laptop case capable of allowing up to 3 screens for portable laptop use on the go. The multiple screens allow for the ultimate efficiency and enhance the laptop experience.

“We believe that having extra monitors “on the go” can make an individual more organized and productive. That’s why we invented The Konvertible. The first multi-screen laptop case to house more monitors for your laptop,” says founder and CEO Andy Richter. “In today’s ever-growing world, we are constantly on the go and have millions of projects going on at one time. With the Konvertible, you can hop around with three monitors as if you were working on your desktop! It’s the perfect solution for multi-tasking and has the convenience of easily being packed up!”

Other options on the market such as secondary monitor stands, attachments, and other products to increase your workspace never seem to do the trick because they are too bulky, heavy and require two hands to carry. The Konvertible is slick and portable, which allows you to carry all your screens in one case, and takes up half the space. The case works and eliminates all unnecessary features resulting in beautiful and elegantly simple design. Each case will be custom designed by the Konvertible engineering team to ensure each laptop fits perfectly. Also, the case is also available in multiple colors.

The Konvertible case is the definitive portable laptop solution for all lifestyles. Gamers, college students, traveling for business, stockbrokers, medical professionals, and more can all benefit from the added screen real estate to maximize their ability and efficiency.

The Konvertible is the World’s Most Versatile Laptop Case, Providing 3 Screens for Maximum Productivity

About The Konvertible

We are an impressive new product design startup with the aim of providing simple solutions to everyday problems. The driving force behind us is to revolutionize our interaction with the computer. We feel it our duty to introduce significant innovations into our world to make life more comfortable and efficient.

The Konvertible 3-Screen Laptop is currently live and available now at:

Add us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for updates!

Vyu360® Celebrates the Start of the Exciting Age of VR Personal Recording and The Rise of 360 Action Cameras

The traditional old fashioned action cameras vs the all new 4K VR Action Cameras. It’s an interesting question and clash developing that has tech enthusiasts at the edge of their seats with anticipation. Vyu360® 4K VR Action Camera might mark the end of an era and the beginning of something new and its successful Kickstarter campaign an early sign that change might come sooner than expected.

Vyu360® Celebrates the Start of the Exciting Age of VR Personal Recording and The Rise of 360 Action Cameras.

Miami, October 29, 2016 – The impact traditional action cameras have had since their introduction in 2002 can’t be overstated. For over 14 years they’ve captured adventures of all kinds on video, helped people tell their stories in engaging ways and left the world entertained like never before. But Tech certainly doesn’t stand still, and in 2016, insiders are pointing towards a new trend that is about to unravel. It is the beginning of the mainstream acceptance and use of a new technology that has been slowly catching up to and now blowing past the old action camera one.

It is important to consider that just a few months back on YouTube no 4K 360 videos could be found. Today more 4K 360 videos are present, most of which have been published by professionals. According to Vyu360® the number of VR experiences available will soon increase exponentially, and technology like the one they developed might be key to that.


“One of the reasons why VR360 recording is not replacing old video formats just yet is that the public doesn’t quite understand what it is being offered to them,” commented Alexis Fernandez, Co-Founder of Vyu360®. “Most people don’t know the advantages of a 360 VR Camera.

Now that the awareness of what the product offers is rising the demand is going through the ceiling. It’s not a shock our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was fully funded in two days, and the excitement just continues to grow around the product.”

Vyu360® developed a WiFi 4K 360 action camera and companion application that enables most smartphones to quickly capture and share 360° media, both video, and pictures. The captured media is compiled by the application, making it easy to preview and share across multiple social media platforms.


Vyu360® proprietary technology offers a unique and practical solution for average consumers with little to no technical experience to record and share High-Res 360° media directly from their mobile devices.

According to Vyu360® highlights of what makes their technology closer to consumers and unprecedented include:

  • the ability to record 360 media in 4K resolution, delivering an immersive experience that viewers feel like they are re-living rather than watching;
  • the ease of use, comparing to traditional footage that requires mixing angles and editing, 360 videos are recorded at a glance and do not need timely postproduction to portrait an experience;
  • the ease of sharing, Vyu360® developed an App that facilitates sharing by compiling & uploading media in one shot in most social media network, saving people time and trouble;
  • the practical aspect of not requiring recorded media to be download to a PC before sharing;
  • the IP9K ratings that give the ability to be safely submerged in up to 30 meters of water and withstand any outdoor activity;
  • the strong and expandable capacity with SD memory cards and long lasting battery for extended usage.


Vyu360® 4K IP9K Action Camera Overview

Vyu360® brings you best in class 4K VR Action Camera that is compact and easy to use. Featuring real immersive 360×360 and live VR 2160p recording capabilities; A long lasting 1800 mA battery with extended 90 minutes recording time; IP9K rated protective case that enables camera to be safely submerged in up to 30 meters of water; Action Mounts to attach camera to helmets, snorkeling mask and more; and finally an attractive price tag on a remarkable piece of tech hardware like no others.


Image Sensors: 8MP (dual lens)
Lenses: 220° each , F2.0mm , f1.1mm
LCD Size: 0.96″
Memory: Internal 8MB, External 32GB included ( Micro SD Class6-10 )
Connection: USB – Micro USB
Battery: 1800mA, 90 min at 960p30fps
Formats: True 360° ( 360°x360°) Movie H264 2160p 30fps, Pictures JPG 3840×2160
Accessories: IP9K Underwater Case ( 30 meters ), Tripod, Camera Mount.
Optional: Stylish VR Viewfinder

The Vyu360® 4K Action Cam MSRP is $299. The early bird cheapest deal of $179 on Kickstarter is long gone, but there is still one last special priced pledge at $219 that bundles the camera with a VR stylish viewer.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign if you like to pledge and reserve yours for a holiday. A limited quantity is available with the delivery schedule in November.

Vyu360® Celebrates the Start of the Exciting Age of VR Personal Recording and The Rise of 360 Action Cameras.

The Vyu360® App Featuring Easy Share

Vyu360® developed an APP that is available for both IOs and Android devices and helps capture and share videos and pictures directly from your smartphone. The APP features a one click compiler that uploads recorded media on a wide variety of social media networks. The App will become available for download last week of November on Google Play and Apple App Store.

The Company

Vyu360® is a South Florida company with the objective to develop hardware and software technologies that aim at making immersive 360 degree & virtual reality media accessible to the masses. Offering solutions across most mobile brands on the market and expanding compatibility with existing capturing devices, Vyu360® aims to position its proprietary software as the universal platform for 360 degree and virtual reality media sharing.

Stay tuned for more information visit:
Kickstarter Page:

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