VITALS PRO announced launch of Medical Grade Heart Health Monitoring wearable device which can Alert users hours before a Heart Attack, Stroke or a Cardiac Arrest

VITALS PRO happily announced the launch of their product which is a wearable device which can alert users before a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke. This device method can help a lot in the prevention of such cardiovascular diseases.

The company has said that it is the first device inside the healthcare industry which can provide real-time clinical grade heart health insights and it could save millions of lives every year from stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest.

This product has been named VITALS PRO which is now available as a smartwatch and a wristband. This product is now completed research and the first prototype ready. As of now, clinical trial, as well as web application development, is going on. The product is available for pre-order on their website and should be shipping to medical professionals by May 2017.

Vitals Pro is offering the effortless way of monitoring cardiac health which fits the modern lifestyle. This is the globe’s first wearable device which is available as a wristband and smartwatch which can give medical grade real-time overall clinical grade cardiac health insights anywhere and anytime. VITALS PRO remains passionate regarding helping cardiac patients and people across the world to enhance their cardiac health and then prevent critical cardiovascular diseases through early detection, positive recommendations, and clinical grade monitoring. This company cares about the safety and welfare of everyone, especially those who are sick with any cardiovascular ailment that can attack anytime and anywhere, leading the patient to suffer and worst, death. VITALS PRO is guaranteed easy to use and is made using the latest technology, making it easy to use. It comes with great features that every customer will surely love. The company assures everyone that VITALS PRO will always work efficiently, giving them and their loved one’s peace of mind.

VITALS PRO is now inviting medical professionals, cardiologists, and heart patients to visit their official website to learn more, pre-order and review the quality and accuracy of Vitals Pro’s clinical grade bio-sensing features around the world. VITALS PRO is a revolutionary device that helps monitor the cardiac health of a person. It sends automatic alert signals if there is a possibility of a heart attack, stroke or hypertension. A product of the newest technology, VITALS PRO is claimed to be the first of its kind.

VITALS PRO is a start-up company headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company’s research and development team was led by V. Pathak, well known IT engineer and inventor, and VITALS PRO is the first product of this series and company is passionate to bring new updated version of VITALS PRO with new features in coming years. Learn more at to Launch the Facebook promotion services

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RunningTek Introduces Its New Facebook Brand Page

Ty Harris, the public relations manager for RunningTek, announced its social media presence on the popular site, Facebook, with its new brand page – RunningTek. The outdoor fitness product company has already begun building its audience there and plans to grow its presence by providing meaningful content and engaging posts. The RunningTek brand page will be used, not only to build its existing audience but also as a means to inform followers of announcements and offerings of its products. Discounts on future purchases are a common sight to their supporters.

RunningTek’s primary audience consists of runners of all kinds – marathoners, obstacle course racers, trail runners, or just casual joggers who are trying to get in a little better shape. It also includes others who incorporate outdoor exercise into their lives – cyclists, triathletes, mountain climbers, motor cyclers, etc.

The brand page is another in their continued efforts to communicate their brand and mission to the fitness world. RunningTek’s mission is to provide products specifically designed for the needs of outdoor athletes of all types, from beginners to the elite.

In keeping with that mission, RunningTek’s first product launch was the Reflective Running Vest, already available on This safety vest provides high visibility for runners, cyclists, or even motorcyclers by incorporating reflective strips on all sides of the jacket. Many runners and bikers prefer to exercise early or late in the day, during times of lowlight. Having proper reflective wear is critical, especially for those athletes that choose to work out on passable roads. The reflective safety vest is made of a mesh material keeping it lightweight, very breathable, and minimalist in design. The vest is bright yellow making the wearer highly visible during daylight and is intended for men and women. It is offered in three sizes (small, medium, and large) which are themselves adjustable.

The company plans to grow its online presence through other social media outlets as well, including Pinterest and Twitter. RunningTek also continues to provide active outreach to its customers (and potential customers) through its website at

About RunningTek

RunningTek was started by a small group of sports and fitness enthusiasts. They are providers of sports and outdoor specialty products specifically made for outdoor athletes, from beginners to the elite. The Reflective Running Vest is an example of a product specifically catered to runners who work out during non-daylight hours and require safety apparel to suit their needs.

Contact Information:
Ty Harris
Tel: 719-445-1114

Top Celebrity Beauty Master Nadia Afanaseva Celebrates Success on Instagram Showing off her World Class Eyelash and Eye Brow Work

While there are many beauticians, the number of world class beauticians is a much smaller number. NYC based, international award winning Nadia Afanaseva is that in every sense of the word. In exciting news, she’s also quickly become one of the top beauty bloggers for follow on Instagram, sharing amazing photos of her work and deep insight on the beauty world.

February 4th, 2017

Nadia Afanaseva is a very rare individual have earned her status as a top celebrity beauty master both in her native Russia and across the world in one most highly competitive spaces for the industry New York City. Owner and lead technician at her two NYC Eye Design New York acclaimed beauty salons, Nadia recently celebrated her achievement of becoming one of the top beauty bloggers to follow. Her Instagram becomes more popular every day, showcasing her salon’s stunning work, and it’s clear her status as being one of the top Instagram beauty bloggers has been very well earned.

“I’m passionate about beauty, and so are all the women who work for me,” commented Nadia about her two salons. “It’s wonderful my Instagram has become so popular it’s a nice way to stay connected with our customers and help inspire new ideas in a wide range of different beauty areas.”

According to Nadia, despite her reputation as a top celebrity beauty master, and one of the top beauty bloggers for following, she and her fellow experts at Eye Design New York, show just as much interest and attention to their regular clients as they do the stars. Everyone who comes through their doors is considered a valued client and can expect the best in service.

A skilled teacher, Nadia often holds professional training programs, on subjects like six methods of volume application; the microblogging standard technique; 12 eyelash extension effects; and the shadow permanent makeup process.

Nadia Afanaseva’s Instagram has been met with very enthusiastic feedback.

Christine C., from Brooklyn, recently said, “I’ve been going to Nadia for my eyelash extensions after seeing her beautiful work on Instagram. Five stars all the way!”

For more information be sure to visit


Qualovefy Dating Site Sets New Standards

February 7, 2017 – Rock Hill, South Carolina – All matchmaking sites work the same way—until now. At, users can build their own
matches from head to toe, a one-time process that takes about five minutes.

Most dating sites allow users to browse profiles or look for pictures that are attractive. Others leave it up to the Website to find compatible matches.
New startup Qualovefy, LLP, set out to do things differently. The owners and algorithms do not presume to know who might be the best match for each member
. Instead, the company believes users should set their own standards then design their own dates.

Finding Internet love is now socially acceptable, even to those who still have their reasons for avoiding the process. Qualovefy co-owner Kevin Douglas,
46, asks, “What’s not to like about having the power to create the ideal match?”

While some dating sites use questionnaires, eliminates the process with clickable options. Other easy-to-use features include photo uploading, cropping, and rotation; blocking and reporting site violators; instant messaging, sending Q-Love, or blocking contacts based on subpar match scores. The dashboard page has a link to a video that demonstrates the site’s major features.

At Qualovefy, a member must first build a profile. Clicking the Lifestyle button brings up other options for selecting things like education, strong
areas, heart & mind, stability, etc. Then, touch a sexy mannequin to begin building a physical profile. For example, touch the Head & Face area then choose brown eyes, green eyes, medium lips, etc. Touch any part of the body to build that area of the profile.

Creating a date works the same as creating a profile, but here the site gets more interesting. Click any option until it turns green to make it a
qualifying, necessary element. In other words, “Think of any personal niche for this site,” says Douglas. “Qualovefy becomes every dating site, but none of them can do everything that Qualovefy does.”

More important, member discovery is only possible when a date is built, and a match is found based on specified standards or options. Membership is permanently free (no credit card requests) for those who sign up before Valentine’s Day, and this includes the use of all site features.


Contact: Billy Sims




The most accurate documentary ever made in the Bible




Mt 12:34 All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; without a parable spake he not unto them: 35 That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things kept secret from the foundation of the world.

Mk. 4:9 And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. 10 And when he was alone, they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable. 11 And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in Parables: 12 That seeing they may see, and not perceive, and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. 13 And he said unto them, Know ye not this Parable? And how then will ye know all Parables?

Contact: Rick Schmidt 503-329-9641

“BORSTAL” Official Artwork and Trailer Drop!

The film follows the True Story of Kris Gray, who in 1971, after a petty conviction, is sent to a brutal Borstal for boys and must deal with beatings, racism, discrimination, nasty screws and cows! Will his passion for music and his elicit encounters with the beautiful Sally, wife of a screw, see him through his sentence?

The film is released through 101 Films Monday 6th March 2017 and will be on DVD in UK retailers and on Digital download in iTunes, Sky Store, Amazon Instant.

Steven M. Smith said, “We are so excited to release the Official Trailer and artwork for BORSTAL and cannot wait to show the film to everyone.”

Please feel free to share the trailer at:

BORSTAL Official International Trailer #1

Greenway Entertainment has produced feature films for 10 years and has a track record of great indie films with full structured worldwide distribution deals in place.

Steven M. Smith – Greenway Entertainment, UK


Greenway Entertainment Limited

12 The Greenway


Essex SS11 7NU

French Nerds Presents Beauty Line Featuring Duo Cleanser, Brushes and Wipes

There appear to be endless choices when it comes to the wide-ranging and expanding market of cosmetics; Making finding a brand that works for the ever-evolving lifestyles of the average consumer can be daunting. For example, the choice to establish and maintain a vegan lifestyle is a preference many customers are quite passionate about. The guarantee that one’s cosmetic brand is vegan can be difficult and a bit tedious. The Growing brand French Nerds has chosen to tackle this important niche market and has made it their priority to present consumers with vegan-friendly products. Their vegan-friendly Brush Cleanser Duo Kit is one of their cornerstone products that demonstrates this goal.

The French Nerds’ Brush Cleanser Duo Kit is a specialized vegan-friendly cosmetic cleanser that contains multiple items. The brush cleanser contains a fresh scent and utilizes ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, jojoba. Just a drop or two of this cleanser allows any makeup brush to be revitalized and maintain its soft bristles after numerous uses. The Duo Kit also contains a cosmetic brush egg which absolves the need for one to use a complicated brush cleaner kit for brushes. Fitting snugly on two fingers, the brushed egg helps remove all residue and keeps your brush collection spotless. The brush egg is perfect for use at home or while traveling and was designed to outlast make brush cleaners such as mat products and sponges.

The French Nerds Cleanser found in the Duo Kit features a 2 oz. Bottle while the Brush Egg allows the makeup cleaning process to be effortless. The Duo Kit is available for purchase on Amazon and is backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

French Nerds is a vegan-friendly business created to help unify beauty, eco-consciousness, and pop-trends into the safety of one cosmetic brand.

French Nerds


Our Products are easily found at your local makeup boutique and

Motrac Motorcycles Announces American Launch Offering Street Legal 125cc Motorcycles and a Very Customer Friendly Business Model

Insiders agree the interest in 125cc motorcycles is impossible to deny. One of the leading forces in the space in Europe and Asia, Motrac Motorcycles have stepped onto the American scene to a large amount of excitement. Built to the highest standards, all of their 125cc motorcycles are fully street legal, set at attractive price points and backed up by a warranty that protects a customer’s interests.

January 21, 2017

There’s no doubt at all for many people’s lifestyles, sense of comfort, choice in style and budget, nothing beats a 125cc motorcycle. Enthusiasts for this style of the motorcycle have a excellent reason to be happy, with one of Europe and Asia’s leading manufacturers of 125cc motorcycles now emerging on the American scene, Motrac Motorcycles. With their headquarters based in Florida, Motrac Motorcycles recently announced their American launch and are bringing the same level of quality and customer service that have made them a fast success in Europe and Asia to the American arm of their business.

“With our online and showroom business model, we are revolutionizing the industry by not working as a conventional dealer,” commented Roberto Giusti, CEO. “This has allowed us to provide a more personalized after sales service to our customers. With this service called Motrac & You, we will provide at your home services, something that has never been done before.”

According to the company, at launch, their American line features five 125cc motorcycle models, with one likely to meet most customer’s needs. All built to the highest standards; the line currently consists of the Motrac MX, Motrac M6, Motrac M5, Motrac M-OX Extended and Motrac MOX. All are available in different colors, to help a rider make the motorcycle truly his or her own. Additions to the line are expected, as the company grows, with 500cc and 800cc Supersport models coming later this year.

An area where Motrac Motorcycles truly sets themselves apart from competitors is in the way they have structured their business to be as customer friendly as possible. The company call this the “Motrac 7 Advantages”, which include: confidence in their workmanship to the degree they provide a 3 year warranty; price points that are between 30% and 40% less than competing brands; loans at 0% interest if paid within 24 months; no down payments required; always free shipping; home delivery in seven days; and a commitment to the highest level of customer service.

Motrac Motorcycles are available directly from the company online or at one of their Florida showrooms in Dadeland Mall located in Kendall or Town Center at Boca Raton. The company plans to expand in America at a steady pace, with plans to open 40 service centers, and 240 showrooms in the most prestigious malls in the United States within the next three years, eventually having a presence in 50 American states.

For more information or to order be sure to visit or call 844-668-7228.


Breast Plastic Surgery or Three Paths to Perfections

Feminine beauty is surprisingly diverse and does not depend on your body type. We know that beauty is beyond standards and we should learn to appreciate our individual features, be it narrow or wide hips, round face or sharp cheekbones, a small nose or an aquiline profile. Still, “irregular” breasts are something that is hard to accept even for the most confident women. Modern plastic surgery allows fixing various aesthetic defects (asymmetry, ptosis, tubular shape) and increasing the size of mammary glands.

Today we’ll discuss why it is a bad idea to turn your breasts into melons, whether the implant rupture is indeed dangerous and whether fake breasts can serve as airbags in a road accident (yes, there have been cases of that), why is breast gel injection is hazardous and how safe is lipo-filling with the plastic surgeon, Andrey Andrievsky, M.D.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Your Boobs into Melons

Some women believe the bigger their breasts are, the better. Plastic surgeon Andrey Andrievsky, on the other hand, judges from his vast experience and claims that the bigger the breasts are, the higher the complications risk is. Even the celebrities known for their giant breasts weren’t able to avoid the associated aesthetic problems. Sharon Osborne faced back pains and found out one of her breasts was leaking. One of the reasons for Queen Latifah’s breast reduction was that she encountered certain cosmetic issues. Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson had enough of the implants and eventually underwent breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Andrievsky states that “If a patient wants to increase her breasts to reach size 6, for instance, I will refuse to perform such a surgery. First of all, such huge breasts don’t look natural. The implants are not only felt but are seen, i.e. their contour is visible. The breasts become apparently deform, and this can be fixed during a repeat surgery with considerable difficulties. Moreover, after inserting large implants, the breasts will sag faster, and back pains occur frequently”.

Some plastic surgeons insert overly large implants when performing a breast lift to avoid having vertical scars. However, Dr. Andrievsky believes that even in this case it is possible to do without large stents.

The doctor explains: “If you visit my web-site to view the results of my surgeries, you will see that I rarely resort to the round breast shape as I tend to opt for anatomically-shaped implants. I am an advocate of the natural breast look which is proportionate and symmetrical. Many surgeons insert 360 ml or bigger implants. As for me, I try my best not to use large-volume implants. In most cases, 245-300 ml are enough”.

Is Implant Rupture Dangerous?

People often associate breast implant damage with a catastrophe ranging from the total body intoxication to cancer development. Perhaps, this myth has spread because of the harmful polyacrylamide gel which was used to pump lips, buttocks, and breasts back in the 1990s. The procedure was quick and fast so that no one could imagine the terrors of the delayed effect. With time this gel began to “slide down,” migrate, cause inflammation and tissue deformation. Today this toxic gel is no longer used in plastic surgery, but its victims are obliged to contend with the aesthetic defects.

“I had to remove some polyacrylamide gel which a woman had injected over 15 years ago, – Dr. Andrievsky illustrates. – The breasts were severely deformed due to the spreading of the gel. If you look at the picture, you’ll see that the gel inside the right breast has migrated to the center, so we had to perform a two-stage surgery: first, we removed the gel, and after six months new implants were inserted.

Unlike the polyacrylamide gel, the silicone that the implants contain is inert, i.e. it does not enter into any chemical reaction and does not affect the human body. It is tough to damage the shell of a silicone implant, as numerous videos where people attempt to rip, hit or even run over the implants with a sports car – all in vain – can be found on the Internet to attest their firmness. Still, even if you cut an implant with scissors, as Dr. Andrievsky did once when broadcast, the silicone won’t spill inside your body tissues simply because there is no liquid whatsoever inside the implant. Underneath the shell there is a soft elastic material that has shape memory, i.e. it will regain its shape even if you attempt to squeeze it out of the capsule.

“Implant rupture can occur due to an accident or a serious injury. There have been cases when the implants served as airbags during road accidents and saved women from severe injuries. If you suffer from a breast implant rupture (that is visible on the ultrasound), of course, a repeat surgery can be done. But if the rupture does not bother you and the shape hasn’t changed, it is not necessary to replace the damaged implant. Nothing awful will happen” – claims Dr. Andrievsky.

Last but not least, the result of mammoplasty directly depends on the quality of the implants. According to Dr. Andrievsky, only well-known manufacturers are trustworthy as each implant should come with a warranty certificate: “I use only premium-class implants in my medical practice: EUROSILICONE (France), ARION (France), Polytech (Germany), Natrelle McGhan (USA). They all have a lifetime warranty.

Do you want to have beautiful natural breasts?

Many women are familiar with the feeling of regret when their body gains weight in all the wrong places. Lipofilling is perfect for those who want to make their body more harmonious as it ensures liposuction and migration of fat from problem areas to breasts.

“The main advantage of lipo-filling is that your own fat from your body that 100% matches your genotype is injected into your breasts. With lipo-filling, this fat grows in and becomes a part of you. It is crucial that no allergies or rejections occur.”

But in general, Dr. Andrievsky is convinced that it is not necessary to undergo a dangerous operation for a slight increase in breast size. If by nature the breasts have a beautiful shape, no plastic surgery is needed.

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