Katia Lund Directs Re-Imagining Rio de Janeiro Documentary Series

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – March 9, 2016 – Rise Up & Care announces the most ambitious documentary project ever for a single city, the Cariocando/Re-Imagining Rio series of four documentaries by the acclaimed Brazilian director Katia Lund. Rise Up & Care is teaming with Katia Lund and Jabuti Films to produce four one-hour documentary films in 12 months to showcase the powerful and inspirational unknown stories of transformation and leadership taking place in the favelas (marginalized communities) of Rio de Janeiro.

Lund is the award-winning co-director of such films as City of God, News of a Particular War and All the Invisible Children. “There is simply no other filmmaker that matches Katia’s experience, expertise, and vision in telling the real and authentic stories of amazing leaders and individuals that are transforming their communities in Rio de Janeiro,” notes Jon Wilcox, Rise Up & Care director.

The four films of the Cariocando/Re-Imagining Rio series include Bad’ & the Birdieman about the leaders and individuals of Miratus Badminton Association in Chacrinha (Jacarepaguá), Gira & the Circus of Life focused on Crescer e Viver in Praza Onze, Campinho Show & Vidigal Soaring that tells the story of Guti Fraga and Nós do Morro in Vidigal, and Jongo & the Rhythm of Serrinha that brings to life the story of community and jongo music/dance in Madureira.

“All of the news coming out of Brazil right now is negative from Zika to corruption to recession. However, at the ground level there is a lot of great news in Rio de Janeiro such as an expanding civil society and some of the most impressive local social organizations and courageous leaders that we have ever encountered.” said Kirk Bowman, Rise Up & Care Co-founder. “We challenged Katia to re-imagine Rio from the ground up and tell the unknown stories of adversity and triumph. She has succeeded far beyond our highest expectations,” Bowman added.

All of these films will be featured in the Katia Lund and Rise-Up & Care ‘Tamos Juntos/Together We Are Limitless Pop-Up Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro in August of 2016.

About City Rise Up & Care

Rise Up & Care is a 501c3 non-profit that identifies and invests in successful local organizations in developing communities that use high-level performance to transform the lives of young people and their communities. Rise Up & Care uses film and media to inspire the world through the transformational stories of its local partners.

For more information about Rise Up & Care and their local partners in Rio de Janeiro please visit: http://www.riseup.care or contact Kirk Bowman at kirk@riseup.care.


Moso Art Advisory is pleased to announce the unveiling of “Symbiosis”, a symphony of dimensional rhythm and transformational relationships with nature, the newest of internationally acclaimed artist Yuroz’s masterpieces.

In becoming fascinated by the stark splendor and metaphorical significance of the forces of trees, each alone and in the forest as a whole, Yuroz began a visual documentary of his personal transformational relationship with nature. In the new “Symbiosis” Collection, the artist demonstrates perspectives with a dimensional rhythm and invites viewers to follow each branch of the trees, read into each layer and each shade. This visual exploration attempts to deliver viewers in accord with nature’s order of peace and harmony.


Renowned art critic, Bruce Helander, describes the magic of Yuroz’s “Symbiosis”:

“Yuroz, who has a sharp perspective on the history of art and a deep appreciation and respect for all the artists who have come and gone even before he was born, has developed an affinity for and continues to be motivated by the inherent allure of the tree. …a powerhouse of complicated ongoing visual experiments that seem to gather all his experiences and tie them up as a multifaceted bundle of shapes and textures, including swaying branches and intriguing backgrounds that have become a recognizable signature of the artist’s repertoire.”

Of Yuroz as an artist, Helander continues:

“Yuroz is comfortable in combining every possible incarnation of color and structure, which leads to a seemingly endless creative atmosphere that can be exceedingly rich with the changing hues of autumn or the striking reflections of a brilliant sunrise…”

Please join us at the opening night on March 17th from 6 to 8 pm on the eve of the public unveiling for a special VIP preview of select works from Yuroz’s “Symbiosis” museum collection. The collection will be featured by the Coral Springs Museum of Art from March 12th to May 28th, 2016. RSVP is required as seating is limited. Go to https://mosoart.com/event/yuroz-exhibition-at-coral-springs-museum-of-art-fl/ to reserve your place.

# # #

More about Yuroz in Coral Springs Museum of Art

Visit https://mosoart.com/event/yuroz-exhibition-at-coral-springs-museum-of-art-fl/

About the “Symbiosis” Collection

Visit https://mosoart.com/collection/symbiosis-collection/

About Yuroz

Visit www.yurozart.net/about-yuroz

About Moso Art:

Visit www.mosoart.com/about

Young Democrats Vote to Endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton

This week we asked our members who they believed was the best candidate to be President of the United States. The answer was clear. Secretary Clinton is the candidate our members believe will be the best person to lead our country and move America forward. It is our honor to formally endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination for President. During our voting process, we asked members to tell us why they voted for the candidate they chose, there were more than enough reasons cited for Hillary Clinton that it could fill an entire book. We’d like to share a few of the main reasons our members decided to go with Secretary Clinton.

“She’s fighting for us!” – Shaun G.

Hillary Clinton is on the front lines of many issues facing Americans today. She has helped give a strong, supportive voice to those who need it. During her career she has pushed for education reform, for decades she’s been a strong supporter of students and teachers, pushing to ensure everyone gets the chance to have a good education, regardless of race, income, or disabilities. Secretary Clinton has also fought for health care reform for decades, she wants to take the accomplishments of President Obama on the Affordable Care Act and work towards improving it, rather than scrapping the whole system in a time where it is extremely unlikely to create a “medicare for all” system and millions of families unable to wait, they need help now.

“She may not have been the first to evolve, but she has become one of the strongest advocates since.” – Alex S.

Secretary Clinton wasn’t the first person to evolve on LGBT Equality, many Democrats didn’t support it just a few years ago. It’s been a long fight for equality that organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, who have also endorsed Hillary Clinton, have been fighting for decades. Since publicly affirming support for LGBT Equality, not just in marriage, but the workplace, housing, schools, and more, coming out of harmful “conversion therapy” — she’s been extremely vocal in her support of the community, more so than any other Presidential candidate on either side.

“She is a champion for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or economics.” – Jamie B.

From voting rights to criminal justice reform, Hillary is campaigning strongly to ensure the well-being of those oppressed in society. Her record of fighting for civil rights goes back to 1972 when she went undercover in the Deep South to expose racist admissions practices in tax-exempt private schools. For her entire career, Hillary Clinton has also been a champion for women. She’s worked to promote women’s healthcare at home and abroad and pushed for equal pay for equal work regardless of gender or race, as well as to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. Secretary Clinton is pushing for immigration reform to improve the system rather than shut it down with a wall, specifically calling out the oppressive rhetoric of the Republicans towards Latinos and those of different faiths. She has introduced policies to help every community, especially those in most need today.

“I’m a progressive who likes to get things done” – Secretary Clinton

That quote summarizes why most of our members support Secretary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. She has the experience and detailed plans to achieve the goals she’s laid out throughout this campaign. She will fight to improve the lives of everyone, like she said she wants to be “the president for the struggling, the striving, and the successful” and we believe she has the skills and experience necessary to be that. We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton and can’t wait to start getting to help elect her!


About YoungDem.com

Our organization has been around in one form or another since 2005, it was started due to the continued fracturing of the Young Democrat organizations, many of the chapters and organizations representing young democrats split into smaller groups, only focused on their local area or state, very rarely worked together. Our goal was to change that. We set out to unite chapters and organizations, rather than replace the organizations we wanted to push for more unity among them. In 2015 we decided to create one centralized site to be a gathering place for young democrats to be able to discuss and debate politics as well as form a community with those across the country, we merged several of our democratic websites together to give it a quicker starting point. Today we have over 113,000 members, most of which are on college campuses or local chapters across the country. We don’t take over the chapters, instead, we push for greater communication between them and to make it easier to help campaign for democratic candidates nationwide.

Endorsement Vote

In December, we asked our members if they thought we should publicly endorse a candidate based on the voting of our members. Out of those who voted, nearly 97% decided in favor of endorsing a candidate during the primary and gave us their detailed view on who they support so far, why they support them, and what they would like to see answered by the other candidates. This week we opened the vote up to our members, having all those that previously registered sent an email ballot and all newly registered members to vote directly on our site. Since the vote we had a total of 12,746 new members, a sizable portion of which came from a subreddit in support of Senator Sanders, even though they had not been part of the community beforehand, since we are Democrats and believe the process is better served when more people are involved in the political process we allowed them to vote in the endorsement poll.

Since our vote was online based, we wanted to add extra measures to ensure we could prevent voter fraud. We limited each email and IP (except on college campuses) to one vote each. We also ensured the votes were from US-based IP’s and other fraud prevention measures using services like MaxMind. During the vote we only encountered one large case of voter fraud, one individual created over 2,200 accounts using Amazon Web Services and a single domain name. It was very easy to track due to it only using a few IP addresses all leading back to AWS and with the same domain name it was a simple query in the database to remove those votes. The individual proudly announced his intent on Reddit.

Gladly the moderators took care of the individual and called out that sort of activity shortly after. The vast majority of supporters on all sides were passionate but also polite and followed the voting rules. The options during the vote were Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, or No Endorsement, it really came down to Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders. In total, 59,298 votes were cast. The breakdown was:

Hillary Clinton – 30,988 (52.25%)
Bernie Sanders – 28,109 (47.4%)
Other – 201 (0.33%)

It got much closer during the end when the endorsement vote made it to the front page of Reddit for several hours, but in the end, Secretary Clinton finished ahead with the majority of the votes cast so we have officially endorsed her for the Democratic nomination and will be pushing to help inform voters about her and helping get voters out across the country. While we have endorsed her for the primary, regardless of who the Democratic nominee is afterward, we will support the party’s choice once it has been made.

Contact information:

Site Related Questions: admin@youngdem.com
Press Related Questions: press@youngdem.com
Partnership & Organizational Questions: yds@youngdem.com

The Safe Way to Enjoy Hookah

Here at Hookah Stands, we take pride in creating smart design solutions for the problems our customers already know they have, as well as solutions for the problems they don’t know they have. We believe that smoking a Hookah should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience every time. When a hookah falls over, however, that time can be ruined quickly. Your hookah can become damaged, your rugs or furniture can get burned or, even worse, you or someone you love can be injured.

Hookah Stand Update

That’s not good, and that’s why we created something that nobody else offers; our unique Hookah Stands. Built to keep practically any hookah from falling over (and ruining everyone’s good times), our Hookah Stands are made from thick, clear and attractive Lucite. They’re extremely easy to use, keep your hookah safe and stable, and can be easily moved around the room on their rolling caster wheels. In short, our Hookah Stands are functional, elegant, attractive and, best of all, they keep your hookah from falling over and making a big mess. In a world that’s pretty hectic and stressful, we think that’s important. We hope you do too, and that you use our Hookah Stands with pride.

Hookah Stands are available at amazon.com, order yours now.

Visit www.hookahstands.com to know more about our product

Medical School Application Tracker by Learn From Apps – An Easy Way to Organ

Rohit Gosain, M.D. and Rahul Gosain, M.D., co-founders of Learn From Apps, have announced the release of their new Medical School Application Tracker app for future doctors.

Baltimore, MD – March. 15, 2016 – The new Medical School tracking app is specially designed for students who are pursuing a career in medicine and are applying for medical schools. Medical School Application Tracker provides individuals with a multi-faceted platform to track offers and map schools to which they want to apply.

“Our new app is a resource with a comprehensive tracking method for medical students to help keep their applications organized,” stated Dr. Rahul Gosain during our conversation.

Medical School Application Tracker allows students to access the program list to which they’ve applied, a track which one has sent them an interview request and set their interview schedule dates. It also provides assistance for creating and organizing a database of related information. The new app provides users with the school name, address and Dean’s name, along with the available degree that is offered to assist students in selecting the best medical institution for their specific needs.

“One of the best features of the app is, the ability for the future physicia1ns to access information such as a number of applicants a school is accepting, average GPA and MCAT scores of a particular school. They also have the ability to know in-state and out-of-state tuition for each institution” said Dr. Rohit Gosain.

Statistics indicate that on an average, the medical student will typically apply to 17 schools. Applying to medical schools can be a cumbersome process and monitoring the sheer volume of related data can be overwhelming. A simple spreadsheet program is not sufficient for the wide variety of information today’s students need to compile and monitor. Medical School Application Tracker eliminates that problem by providing individuals with a comprehensive platform for tracking and scheduling interviews and maintaining essential school-related data.

The recent launch of Medical School Application Tracker app by Learn From Apps provides an easy and convenient means for medical school students to organize interviews with medical schools from anywhere in the world. The app is equally applicable for international students who want to broaden their horizons in overseas schools located in United States of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

About Learn From Apps

Learn from Apps was co-founded by Rohit Gosain, M.D. and Rahul Gosain, M.D. Dr. Rohit Gosain is the CEO of the company and is currently finishing his Internal Medicine residency after completing a computer engineering degree from Waterloo University and working as a software project manager for companies such as Barclays Capital and Infusion Development. Dr. Rahul Gosain is the President of Learn From Apps and has completed his training in Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University – Sinai Hospital. He is currently doing his Hematology and Medical Oncology fellowship at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. The other core team members include medical students, fellows, and academic physicians from all around the country. With the development of their innovative apps, Learn From Apps is seeking to narrow the gap between medicine and technology. Learn From Apps continues to maintain a very active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Historic jail now offering ghost tours

Historic jail in South Georgia is now offering weekend paranormal and ghost hunting tours

ASHBURN, GA – The Crime & Punishment Museum, the historic jail in Turner County, GA, has added paranormal and ghost hunting tours to the regular tour experience.

Ghost hunting tours are available on Friday and Saturday nights. They are conducted by the Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia (PSMG).

“The old jail in downtown Ashburn has plenty of activity. We’ve done many investigations and even our worst night saw some pretty amazing activity,” said Jeffery Vaughan, leader of the PSMG. “We’ve had a few nights with almost nonstop activity.”

The old museum was ranked No. 2 in a top 5 most haunted and most-accessible list of places to investigate by another paranormal group from the Central Georgia region. Mr. Vaughan said he certainly understands why.

“For one, it is an old jail. It was built in 1906. It was a wormuseum_for_PRking jail until the mid-90s. Two people were executed in the death chamber,” he said. “If you know much about the history of jails, then you can imagine what went on inside those walls. We’re certain other people died within those cells. Was it natural causes or were they murdered? We just don’t know.”

As for the access, he said that’s a major point in the jail’s favor too.

“If you can’t manage stairs, then yes, you will have a problem. The cells are on the second floor. But we have found plenty of things on the first floor. Other groups have reported activity, including an attack and a brick being thrown in the basement. We’ve not experienced any violent encounters, but we do have some audio recordings of threats,” Mr. Vaughan said. “Except for the second floor and basement steps, it’s very easy to maneuver in the building.”

The jail is in three basic sections. The first floor has been remodeled to resemble a small courtroom in one room, a sitting room with period furniture in another, a dining area and a small kitchen. The upstairs, except for repainting and an HVAC system, is pretty much like it was when the last inmate moved out. The cell door locks have been disabled to keep people from being accidentally locked in.

Graffiti in the cells was recreated by a local artist. The original graffiti was too obscene to show to children. The Chamber of Commerce across the street does have archives of the original art for those who want to study the images.

The basement has a dirt floor and a few items of storage. Otherwise, it is the same as when the jail was closed.

The old jail has been a museum since 2002. In that time, nearly 40 paranormal groups have toured the jail. Ben Baker, one of the museum directors, said every group has reported activity.

“A lot of people ask me if I believe the place is haunted. I don’t know. I have never seen anything there I can’t explain,” he said. “Doesn’t mean there is paranormal activity there. Doesn’t mean there is no paranormal activity.”

Mr. Vaughn said he got the idea for offering tours after investigating the old jail a few times. He approached the museum’s directors and they gave an enthusiastic yes, he said.

“Could not ask for a better working relationship,” he said. “The directors love the idea of ghost tours and love the idea of PSMG handling the tours.”

Tour fees are split between the PSMG and the museum. All money collected by the museum goes toward maintenance and upkeep.

To schedule your ghost hunt, please call 478-508-2645 or visit https://www.facebook.com/Ghost-Hunts-at-the-Crime-Punishment-Museum-1697766460504029/. For more information about the museum, visit TurnerChamber.com . Paranormal groups wishing to schedule an independent investigation should call 229-567-3655.

ABOUT THE JAIL MUSEUM – The original Turner County Jail doubled as a home for the sheriff on the first floor and in later years house offices for the next door courthouse.Inmates were housed upstairs. These days the jail no longer keeps inmates. It’s operated as a museum, open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays and weekends by appointment by the Ashburn Historic Preservation Commission.

Chris Case partners with Bang Productions & CVLT Studios

NEW YORK, NY; March 19, 2015, A-list Creator, Writer and Executive Producer Chris Case partners with John Edmonds-Kozma, his company Bang Productions and CVLT Studios. Bang will run operations out of CVLT’s New York and Los Angeles Studios and Case will oversee all creative decisions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chris Case to build this amazing entertainment entity,” said Edmonds-Kozma. “It creates instant value to be able to work with a talent like Chris. We want to utilize his talents in all areas of digital, unscripted television, scripted television, and film”

The case is currently writing and executive producing an edgy comedy pilot green-lit at FOX about an inter-racial family starring Becki Newton and Bill Bellamy. He is the Co-Creator and Executive Producer for the basketball-themed“Sin City Saints” for Yahoo, Executive Producer on FX’s“Legit”, Writer on ABC’s “Malibu Country,” Creator and Executive Producer for TV Land’s “Retired at 35,” Executive Producer and Writer for ABC Family’s “Roommates,” WB’s “Reba,” and FOX’s “Titus” to name a few.



CVLT has a 360-integrated studio that offers clients like Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Atlantic Records, Rolex and other leading brands access to top-tier creative production, CGI, animation, editorial, color grading, and high-end post production services. They’ve produced digital ad campaigns for Johnny Depp and Katie Holmes.

As founder of Bang Productions, Edmonds-Kozma has positioned the company to deliver a high-end production. He will continue to expand the company’s footprint in all content and production areas, through partnerships, joint ventures, and producer deals.



Film Funding Event From FilmFundingLA.com Helps Indie Filmmakers Get Minimum Guarantees from Distributors

On April 20, 2016, FilmFundingLA will present “How to Get Minimum Guarantees from Distributors Prior to Producing Your Film”. This event will cover what independent film producers need to know about minimum guarantees, media distribution, and film funding.

Those interested in attending this free event can RSVP at www.filmfundingla.com/upcoming-events.

Michael Praver, founder of JW Harding a financial services company since 2008, launched FilmFundingLA.com in 2015. He says “I frequently run into filmmakers who have produced several films without having had a single profitable release. This event is designed to help filmmakers learn what they need to know in order to ensure every film they make is financially successful.”
FilmFundingLAcom50k250KMichael Praver, founder of JW Harding a financial services company since 2008, launched FilmFundingLA.com in 2015. He says “I frequently run into filmmakers who have produced several films without having had a single profitable release. This event is designed to help filmmakers learn what they need to know in order to ensure every film they make is financially successful.”

FilmFundingLA.com brings business finance to the film industry, offering Film Producers, Web Series Producers, and other Media Makers $50K-$250K in development funding for their projects.

Ray Ellingsen, producer at Motion Pictures Media Group says, “If your film is correctly packaged, and you have the right team on board, a good distributor will agree to release your film. The minimum guarantee they offer you can be used to secure funding from lenders and from investors.”

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 8, 2011 - Hollywood sign on Santa Monica mountains in Los Angeles October 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, USA. It was originally created as an advertisement for local real estate development in 1923.

Mr. Ellingsen began his film career in 1987 as a writer. He has since gone on to pursue numerous aspects of filmmaking, from directing and producing, to supervising post-production of feature films, documentaries, and commercials.

Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton, acting as event moderator, adds “The more expensive a film is, the more important it becomes that there be a paying market waiting for it. When a distributor commits to a moving by offering a minimum guarantee, the risk involved in producing the film falls dramatically.”

For full details on this event, visit www.filmfundingla.com/upcoming-events.

About Us

Michael Praver, CEO of JW Harding, a Financial Services Company since 2008, founded FilmFundingLA.com in 2015 specifically to provide business finance to the film industry. They offer $50K-$250K development funding to media makers in Los Angeles and across the United States. For full details visit www.FilmFundingLA.com

MidiaMobi content marketing platform is launched and help agencies to optimize 200 client campaigns

The volume of files and e-mails exchanged by marketing teams and agencies is huge among briefing, preparation, approval and posting.

To organize all these steps into a single platform and speed up to 50% effort. MidiaMobi, a content marketing platform has just been launched.

Working on the segment of the agencies, the professionals log in into the system, choose a project and select the content, including text, video and image – that will be directed to Facebook or Twitter. For example, at the same time the account coordinator shares with the staff assigned to the work which can interact with comments and changes. When the content is ready people can easily share with clients that will approve or reprove with a single click, taking alway a lot of emails and spreadsheets.

“When the customer approves, it is done the automatic scheduling of publication and everyone can follow the calendar at what stage is the creation of the material “says Martius Haberfeld, one of the MidiaMobi founders. The platform also provides tools to save relevant feeds enabling follow the content of the competitors.

The Agency Ginga already tried a few years ago for a solution that could streamline your job and increase productivity. “We found a platform for approval, but all the scheduling was done with another tool. MidiaMobi was able to solve this problem and both internal staff and customers liked a lot of technology for its usability, “says Rafael Wanaga, social media coordinator of Ginga.


To Wanaga, the solution decreased the constant exchange of messages and spreadsheets among all professionals involved which sometimes got lost in the middle of so much information. “We increased our productivity by 50% because the tool brings all these resources in one place,” he explains. Today, the agency serves clients such as Telefonica which already make use of MidiaMobi.

The idea of creating the platform was born from Martius experience and his partner Joao Gonzalez in the development of software’s for agencies in digital campaigns. Realizing the niche social media was growing and closely observe the problems faced by the sector in terms of technology, the entrepreneurs decided to invest in create a solution to automate the workflow of production and approval of content on social media.

Launched in November 2015. Currently, MidiaMobi is already used by 15 agencies which totals about 200 clients served by the platform. “The goal is to end the year with 100 agencies using the system,” adds Martius.

About MidiaMobi

A Content Marketing Platform for digital agencies and brands. Launched in late 2015, the technology focus to increase productivity, reduce costs and connect marketing teams at all stages of production of content for social media from the briefing to publish. Created by entrepreneurs Martius Haberfeld and Joao Gonzalez. www.midia.mobi

Nancy Fulton Presents 9 Swift/Cheap Merchandising & Monetization Partners for Writers & Filmmakers

On April 9 in Santa Monica, Nancy Fulton will present “9 Swift/Cheap Merchandising & Monetization Partners for Writers & Filmmakers”, a lecture designed to help independent media creators earn more from their stories, books, documentaries, and films. For complete details on this and other upcoming events delivered face-to-face and online, visit www.NoBetterFriend.com.

Santa Monica Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton current supports 10,000+ writers, screenwriters, actors, filmmakers, and other creative pros through friendly, informative, face-to-face and online events offered weekly.

On April 9, in Santa Monica, Nancy Fulton will present “9 Swift/Cheap Merchandising & Monetization Partners for Writers & Filmmakers”, a lecture designed to help independent media creators earn more, sooner, from their stories, books, documentaries, and films.

Nancy Fulton says, “It has never been easier or cheaper to create products based on an idea, image, story, book, character, film or documentary. This event covers 9 companies writers and filmmakers can work with immediately to swiftly create products and sell them to customers. In some cases it takes under 24 hours to create a sellable product through these partners and as a rule there are no upfront costs. These products can be released at any stage of an artist’s creative process, and they represent a practical, no-hassle, way for most independent media pros to earn a lot more from their work. ”

Notes and resources on past events on film funding, profitable publishing, media distribution and other topics, can be found on www.NoBetterFriend.com.

Some comments on recent events include:

“ Awesome! ” — Raphael on Jan 15, 2016.

“ This is the best Meetup! Nancy does an excellent job each time we have an event! ” — Ericka on Mar 3, 2016.

“ We have the most interesting and action filled fact and method meetings!” — Constance on Sep 19, 2015.

“ It’s like what I tell the waiter when he asks how my meal was. I just show him my clean plate. I left with a clean plate today. I’ll be back. ” — Saul on Sep 5, 2015.

To start attending friendly, supportive, informative events for creatives in person, online, or via conference call, visit www.nobetterfriend.com. If you have questions about the events, or have any trouble figuring out how to attend, please email info@nobetterfriend.com.


Nancy Fulton is a prolific writer/producer living and working in Santa Monica currently providing support to more than 10,000+ writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, actors and other creative professional in Los Angeles and nationwide. To learn more about her work visit and www.NoBetterFriend.com.

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