EMS training with AQ8 devices: the Fitness of future, today

From elite athletes like Usain Bolt or Roger Federer to actors and celebrities like Madonna, Liz Hurley or Heidi Klum, everyone today can benefit from the electric suit that shocks you slim: the new, high-tech EMS training exercise regime with AQ8 System®.


20 minutes per week is all it takes to a healthier and stronger body. Individual adjustment of intensity, duration, and frequency help achieve personal training goals quickly, efficiently and consistently – no matter whether it’s increasing maximum strength or improving endurance and overall fitness levels: with EMS training you gain rapid force in a shorter period.

Depending on the intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive. Your muscles naturally become more efficient.

AQ8 System® activates the muscular and connective tissue in its entirety which leads to better circulation and the reduction of extra fat cells and cellulite. The result is a firmer, tighter body!


Media Contact: Mr. Alexander Pérez Roldán. CEO.

Website: http://aq8system.com/

Company name: Lexter Microelectronic Engineering Systems S.L.P.

Address: Larrano, 7. S.L.Escorial,28200. Madrid. Spain

Telephone. (+34) 911646183 / (+34) 660 253 250

Kargo Essentials Makes the School Year Easier for Parents and Kids with the Release of Premium Activity Kit

Kargo Essentials releases new, high-quality activity kit for the school year and just in time for the holiday season!

Known for their superior products and ingenious ideas, Kargo Essentials continues the trend with their latest product; an all in one activity kit. The kit includes two vinyl blackboard rolls over six feet long that can be customized for multiple users along with chalk, labels, and a wipe cloth. The product is made of durable and reusable materials, making it perfect for school projects. Parents can equally use the kit to post schedules, chore reminders, or just to share inspirational messages. Right now the company is offering a bonus that includes three liquid chalk markers along with high quality 6 mm reversible ends. Each chalk marker included is also non-toxic and non-allergenic.


The product sticks to any flat and smooth surface easily, including walls, mirrors, wood and plastic, and can easily be moved to any other similar surface. It also offers a cutting grid which makes measuring cuts extremely easy. Convenient enough to make parents’ lives easier but durable enough to withstand what children may put it through, this comprehensive kit is a must-have for parents this school year.

The company had this to say about their launch, “Kargo Essentials is excited to announce the launch of the Vinyl Blackboard Write & Erase, an Everything U Need Activity Kit, finally available in one product, and just in time for Christmas shopping!”

Another major benefit to this all-purpose kit is the easy cleanup. Parents know just how messy school projects can get. The six-foot black vinyl surface can easily keep things organized and prevent unnecessary accidents on floors and walls. A dampened cloth completely removes the liquid chalk, making cleanup a breeze.

Whether you plan to use this tool for kid’s rooms, the kitchen or dining area, or simply for school projects, Kargo Essentials is now taking orders through their Amazon listings. (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DV4RAEK)

“Kargo Essentials” offers this product under the brand “Koloring Essentials.” Email them at koloring@kargoessentials.com for more information or product details.

Are ready to Abdicate Your Humanity? If not, read “Technology vs. Humanity”

Zurich / Switzerland November 14, 2106, Futurist Gerd Leonhard

When was the last time you drove anywhere without the aid of your GPS, Google Maps or Waze? Would you consider the time spent navigating by your wits a waste of consciousness – or vital for remaining human?

Many of us might be increasingly willing to do more important things such as finding our future mate with the help of technology, but what happens when technology gets in the way of our subsequent relationship, as we increasingly build relationships with screens rather than with people?


Will we ultimately prefer interactions with machines and robots over those with other humans, because it’s infinitely more convenient? Will we enjoy augmented and virtual reality simulations so much that ‘plain truth’ actually becomes a let-down? Will software start cheating the world (not just ‘eat it’ as Marc Andreessen famously put it 2011), and once artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence will we completely outsource our thinking to algorithms? With apps and (soon) intelligent digital assistants (IDAs) for practically everything, what would be the point in maintaining numeracy, literacy, bilingualism, or even hand-writing and driving skills?

In his breakthrough new manifesto ‘Technology vs. Humanity’ (Amazon, direct orders, website) Futurist Gerd Leonhard articulates for the first time the thousand unvoiced doubts and misgivings humanity is feeling as the physical environment around us is becoming ever more knowing, if not yet know-all.

How far away is technology from becoming that ubiquitous global brain? It already knows people that bought this book also bought these and that guy like you usually like this activity or that product, or that these people like these kinds of songs during that time of day. Big Tech and Big Internet is already observing, tracking, remembering and recording us in ways that make many of us feel like a little lifestyle, a jumble of hormones – or fancy code – pretending to be an individual.


Technology vs. Humanity parses the sequence as one from Automation to Abdication to – potentially – Aberration, from magic to manic to toxic. When a cyborg Friday accumulates enough personal code to mimic Robinson Crusoe, who will rule our islands? Without taking a reductionist line or going neo-Luddite, Leonhard outlines the urgent need for a code of Digital Ethics and, finally, some accountability by the Alphabets, the Apples, the Alibaba and all the other triple-A big beasts of the new Jurassic digisphere.

A world-renowned futurist with a unique background in technology as well as in Humanities and the Arts, Gerd Leonhard gathers perspectives and insights from a plethora of cultures, industries, and individuals. These delicious ingredients make Technology vs. Humanity far more than a single monograph. As the Information Age recedes into a sepia-toned photograph album, we may well enter a new historical space where living an organic biological life as a human will become an option rather than a necessity.

Technology vs. Humanity is the biggest conversation on the planet. Consume it as a physical book or virtual experience before the brain you’re using is annexed by a publicly-traded ecosystem.

Contact the author directly here.



With their stop the violence campaign

LUCY LIU, an Emmy award winner Actress and Star of the Hit Television Series Elementary; stars in Nómadas a compelling movie drama in which she plays the role of Susan (Lucy Liu), a female filmmaker struggling with her father’s suicide. Due to recent events, she decides to take up the issue of subway suicides as the subject of her next film, and maybe find some closure for her own recent and tragic loss.


As she digs deeper into the research for her film project, she begins to unearth more questions about herself, her family, her emotions, and her other relationships. Her investigations immerse her in the lifestyles of some undocumented workers living and working illegally in New York City and longing to experience the American Dream. This filmmaker’s journey raises questions about what the American Dream means, for each of us.

We are utilizing the film Nómadas, starring Lucy Liu, as one of the perks for our Indiegogo campaign. With the must polarizing election in History almost over, we want everyone to vote, but we also want everyone to find alternatives to fighting or committing acts of violence after the vote counts are in.

We all can use some stress release and relief, and with your help to back McGee Media LLC’s campaign, you can do just that. Only buy Nómadas for $20.00 on DVD through the Indiegogo campaign and receive special feature, the President Street Fight Video Game app for free. Then, you can have fun and take out your frustration out on either candidate long after the election is over – in the virtual world and not the real world.


“No need for name calling leading to fist-to-cuffs, when you have this virtual game!”


(NATIONAL – JULY 13, 2016) – Between the Republican and Democratic National Conventions leading to the election Gamers so caught up in the 2016 Presidential Election they want to take out their aggression on someone. NOW is the chance to release their latent and blatant anger on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton with a new phone App called – PRESIDENT STREET FIGHT.”

Created at the beginning of the Presidential Primary Season, professional animator and graphic design artist Tim McGee of Holyoke, MA anticipated the knock-down-drag-out a contest for being the next Leader of the Free World would be between Presumptive Republican Nominee Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.



“There has so much controversy and violence surrounding this political season, I felt it was important to help people exhibit some anger management by playing my game,” said Tim McGee, founder, and owner of McGee Media of Holyoke. This app will be an excellent way to pass the time – particularly during the hot button debates that get people in an emotional tizzy to the point where they need to find an alternative. Instead of showing their anger, using their thumbs on a virtual screen may do the trick.” Gamers who want PRESIDENT STREET FIGHT may have it for free by buying a $20 Trump or Clinton T-shirt to Original Artwork from the project ranging in prices or prints and DVD on dehumanizing experience of immigration titled Nomads starring Lucy Liu all on Indiegogo

“As the debate continues to run hot in Washington DC over immigration, thanks in part to Donald Trump and his wall of dreams, this riveting and powerful family drama is sure to become a must-see movie.”


If you are not into buying the film, itself, we also have available some Election 2016-themed T-shirts, created by McGee Media LLC’s founder, for $20.00. Please join our campaign today!


Plus the bonus game in development. “Deflate Gate Tailgate” Join Tom Brady as he fights his way through some levels to meet the Commissioner in the parking lot to end the Deflate Gate debate.

With your purchase, you will help me to complete the two games fully, with one that is in Beta, for Gamers, to regular voters that can now take out their frustrations over the most controversial Presidential Campaign in American history to the controversial decision in sports. As we all continue to be frustrations after this election cycle ends with all their broken promises year round.

Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stop-the-violence-president-street-fight-app–2/x/14014195#/

Finding todays most popular Tech Toys and Electronic Gadgets Just Got Easy

California, USA (Month 01, 2016) – Locating today’s most popular tech toys, gaming products, and electronic gadgets just got easier with TechPlusGaming.com. This easy to use website offers the latest best-selling tech products at the most affordable and competitive prices. All products are well displayed, easy to browse and have been conveniently sorted by “Price (low to high)” which aligns perfectly with any budget.

This is the place where one could locate today’s hottest selling tech products such as RC drones, video games, electronic gadgets and e-bikes, just to name a few. This website also provides special offers on many products which almost ensures getting the best deals available.


A buyer who enjoys more advanced tech toys (catered more toward grown-ups) would find this website to be one of the easiest places to shop online. And being that the store is ultimately a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, buyers can be assured that they are receiving the safest and most trusted service possible on all products and purchases. No need to worry about having to create an account to make purchases. Just locate products, add them to the shopping cart and check out fast and easy.

This website’s browsing experience makes shopping extremely easy by providing well-placed navigation links and buttons which quickly takes the shopper on a seamless tour of the entire site. In fact, all shipping and product information displayed on this site eliminate any of the guesswork that is most commonly found in other online stores. No more having to dig through irrelevant products such as children toys or product accessories to find the actual products of interest.

About TechPlusGaming.com

TechPlusGaming.com is an online shopping portal designed for locating a huge variety of today’s most popular tech toys, video games, and electronic gadgets. It is one of the best solutions for finding the latest tech products available. It also makes the perfect gift finder.

For more information, please Visit http://www.techplusgaming.com/

New OTC Joint Cream is Giving People Their Lives Back

From coast to coast, people across America are getting back to the activities and lifestyle they love thanks to 4Jointz®—a brand new osteoarthritis and joint pain cream based on nature and backed by robust science.

Tuesday’s launch represents a decade’s development work:

  • A product that’s natural with extensive clinical testing (Stanford, Oklahoma State, Menzies Institute)
  • A biotech startup, Arthritis Relief Plus, led by a female entrepreneur, Persis Anderson
  • International recognition and the support of the Australian government
  • A new US headquarters at the RocketSpace innovation ecosystem (Uber, Spotify)
  • A catch-fire level of grassroots supports stoked by real people who’ve tried it

This support from people who’ve used it can be seen on 4Jointz.com and social media; testimonials include words like “fantastic,” “comfortable,” “positive,” “such a difference.”


“I never expected to have my starting-to-go-crooked finger go straight again,” said Bobbi Dobbs when explaining her experience. “It was a pleasant surprise that went along with the pain being gone. I love 4Jointz. I’m a woman; my hand’s matter to me.”

Acteev®, the patented technology in 4Jointz, combines allantoin from comfrey, eucalyptus oil, and tannic acid. It’s fast acting, easy to use and doesn’t have the downside effects of NSAIDs. There’s no cooling (menthol) or heating (capsaicin) effect.

Users lightly massage the cream into the affected area three times a day and start experiencing changes in the first few days.

With consistent use, people have experienced:

  • A long-lasting reduction in pain and inflammation
  • A significant increase in mobility and leg muscle strength
  • A meaningful decrease in painkiller intake, and
  • An overall improvement in quality of life

Doctors whose patients have tried 4Jointz have been encouraged.

“People have said right away that they feel less pain,” said Marin County chiropractic doctor Jesper Lundbaek, who shared samples with his patients. “I like to have a product that’s natural. That helps the patient with confidence. They don’t have to worry about side effects, and I don’t have to worry about their side effects either.”

“The individuals that were experiencing success were extremely, extremely grateful,” said Oklahoma State University Professor Bert Jacobson, Ph.D. “They almost wanted to kiss us, because they’ve been in such pain, and such misery for so long.”

“There are a lot of things out there that say they work,” said Tulsa chiropractic doctor Brad Hayes, “but they don’t work. This is something that works.”

The product’s launch comes just in time for millions of U.S. arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis affects more than one in five American adults, 52.5 million in all, according to the Center for Disease Control. It’s among six chronic health problems the CDC calls “the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems.” One in two U.S. adults will develop knee osteoarthritis by age 85, studies show.

4Jointz has been covered in media including Inverse, Drug Store News, Chiropractic Economics, Australian TV news programs, CIO Australia, Nightwire Magazine, Pain-Free Living, Lower Extremity Review, best You, New Spirit Journal and Digital Journal.

“I have personally used this product and can honestly say it did help reduce the pain, stiffness and swelling in my knee,” one editor wrote. “It’s a great product.”

“This product works,” another journalist wrote. “It works on my pain and I hope it does for you.”

Early orders on Indiegogo.com will receive exclusive discounts and shipping in December; find out more at 4jointz.com.


Singer Montana Tucker Returns to Spotlight After Hiatus With Black Friday Music Fest Performance and New Music Release Scheduled

Montana Tucker is no stranger to the entertainment world, making her debut as a singer, dancer, and actress at the age of eight. Now 23, the star returns after a brief hiatus recharged and energized to the fullest, announcing she will be coming home and appearing at the much anticipated Black Friday Music Fest on Nov. 25th, in her hometown of Boca Raton with DJ Khaled and the other main stars. New original music is also set to be released soon.

October 31, 2016

Many experts and insiders would say stars are as much born as they are made. Singer, songwriter, model, actress and award-winning dancer Montana Tucker fits that description to the fullest, first emerging as a star at just eight years old and spending her entire childhood supporting A-list performers like Ashanti, Ashley Simpson, and starring alongside Ariana Grande. Returning after a short hiatus, the star is now 23 and more passionate and talented than ever. As a locally born and raised a girl from Boca Raton, exciting news developed for her fans as Montana recently announced she would be performing live at the Black Friday Music Fest in Boca Raton, on November 25th, with DJ Khaled and a handful of other stars on the rise. Also set to drop soon are two new original songs from Montana, “Rich & Famous” and “Remember Us,” both getting rave reviews from listeners who were able to hear advance copies.


“I’m beyond happy and excited to be coming home to perform,” commented Montana. “Music is my passion, and this is my life. I can’t wait to rock the stage with everyone back home and show them what’s coming .”

According to Montana Tucker’s team, her studio work is being crafted alongside multi-platinum song writers and producers in Los Angeles, who have praised the star for both her ability and her work ethic. Past performances have seen Montana alongside Flo Rida and Chris Brown, so she’s also no stranger to performing to the highest standards. Fans can expect 2017 to include many shows across the nation supporting her studio work and reintroducing her to old and new fans alike.

Tickets for the Black Friday Music Fest can be ordered at http://blackfridaymusicfest.com.

For more information on Montana Tucker be sure to visit www.Montanatucker.com

And follow her on social media @MontanaTucker

For management contact:



ANNASTASIA ONYINYECHUKWUKA ORAEGBUNEM is a Nigeria-born Canadian R&B/soul singer. She holds M. ED−University of Toronto and B.S.Ed.−University of Nigeria.


Though, Annastasia began her singing journey as a child chorister in a block rosary group in her country but, she officially joined entertainment industry since 2009 by recording songs in the study, attending shows and making videos.

Meanwhile, as a student and a mother, she created out time to nurture her singing hobby and talent as a professional career while in school. Thus, releasing over 25 tracks and two albums.

In October 2016 Annastasia decided to establish record label / e-commerce company in Canada by name “Anydos” and intend to expand her territory in the industry as time permits.

Here are links to connect with Anydos below:












A proposal for all celebrities that want to leave the country

Proposal for Celebrities That Said Would Leave the Country When Trump Elected

Serial entrepreneur and real estate developer James Rick Stinson has a plan for all the celebrities that said they wanted to abandon the country if Donald Trump was elected president: to join his eco-community project in Costa Rica.

“We are creating an alternative system. And there’s no better time than now with Trump being elected President.” Says Stinson. ” I invite all of those celebrities that were looking for a place to go to come join us in Costa Rica.” This list includes Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Ne-Yo, Spike Lee, Natasha Lyonne, Zosia Mamet, Amber Rose, Neve Campbell, Cher, Stephen King, Barbara Streisand, Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer, Whoopi Goldberg, Keegan-Michael Key, George Lopez, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who all said they would leave the country if Trump were elected president.

“If they all take me up on it, it will make for an exciting neighborhood.” Laughs Stinson. “Instead of Hollywood Hills, we will have Hollywood Jungle.”


Already a resident of Costa Rica and investor in a retreat center, James now plans on creating entirely sustainable eco-village in Costa Rica complete with organic farms, community centers, school, hospital.. they will even their local bank and currency that will be usable in other villages that have a similar philosophy of independence and sustainability.

In today’s age of unpredictability, the best form of insurance is real land, real food, real water, off the grid electricity, real resources. The financial system, the political system, the educational system, the government, virtually every major social system seems broken, and we need to start creating some new working alternatives from the ground up, with an emphasis on sustainability starting from the very real and tangible ground we live on.

James has chosen Costa Rica as the site for his first major EcoVillage Development due to its pleasant year-round temperatures, an abundance of rainwater, sunshine, fertile soil, stable eco-friendly government. ” it’s the perfect place to create a sustainable utopia.” Later he hopes to expand his vision to sights all around the equator where predictable warm weather helps to keep construction costs extremely low.. We have several eco-friendly designs that can keep starter housing costs under $20 k .. the lower the costs. The lower the barrier to entry, the more people we can help make a move.

Not that finances should be a top concern for the list of celebrities that James is inviting to join him. “We can give them more advanced housing options, or maybe they would like the adventure of not being put on a pedestal.. get their hands dirty and be more in touch with the Earth. Can you imagine if we were all in the garden picking out some fresh kale? I bet many of them would be happier.” Says Stinson

Even if you are not a celebrity James is inviting you to make a move with him, he can be reached at james@jamesrick.com or on Facebook he is known as MR. FULL POTENTIAL . “The time to make a move is when you are feeling uncomfortable. Otherwise, you begin to accept what was at first unacceptable.” Says Stinson


Media Contact:

James Rick Stinson
302 233 7116

Float your Phone or Tablet in Mid-air! with SkyFloat!!

SkyFloat lets you float your tablet or phone in mid-air!


It’s the world’s first revolutionary, portable, magnetic, ceiling-mounted device holder. It adjusts to any height or angle. Use it in bed, in the kitchen, bathtub, at work, even at the gym. See more at Skyfloatx.com.

SkyFloat is simplicity at its finest. It’s crazy no one has invented this until now, but here it is. A magnetic ceiling-mounted device that floats your phone or tablet right in front of you.

What’s so cool is that it’s portable. You can stick it anywhere, watch your stuff, read, or even record your YouTube videos. Anywhere. As Featured in:

Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/skyfloat-hands-free-adjustable-mount-phone-tabletmagnetic-hangs-ceiling-2016-11
Viral Thread https://www.facebook.com/viralthread/videos/590702267769127/
Gadget Flow http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/skyfloat-first-magnetic-ceiling-arm-watching-moviesbed/
Soon to be featured in GQ



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